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Chapter 29: Coming To You (4)

Ji Qingying was a little depressed, “Okay”

She thought it was such a shame but she still said, “Forget it.”

After a moment of silence, Ji Qingying suppressed the feeling of loss to the bottom of her heart and tried to clear her mood.

She looked up and stated lightly, “Then Ill be going back.”

Fu Yanzhi: “……”

He nodded his head.

The corner of Ji Qingyings lips curved up, “You rest early.”

She was not embarrassed.

It was almost too late, Fu Yanzhi still had to go to work.

Even if Ji Qingying wanted to stay with him for a while longer, she would check to see if the time would fit.

After the person left.

The house was quiet.

Fu Yanzhi stood in the balcony for a few minutes before turning around and going inside.

Pulling the balcony glass door closed, he smelled the fragrance floating in the room.

The smell of jasmine as well as marigold.

It was from the perfume that Ji Qingying occasionally used.

Fu Yanzhi halted for a moment then went straight to his room.

Just as he entered his room he received a call from Mrs.



Without looking at the screen he answered in a cold tone.


Fu froze and glanced at the number she dialed.

Seeing that it was correct her eyebrows rose in question, “Fu Yanzhi, are you in a bad mood”


Fu Yanzhi looked out the window and stared at the night view.

His voice sounded low-spirited, “I didnt see the call.

Mom, what are you looking for me so late”


Fu grunted in reply, “I was busy the other day and didnt have time to look for you, but today I suddenly remembered something and called you to confirm something.”

“Go on.”


Fu had a smile on her face and took a sip of the warm water that Fu Zheng brought over to her and asked, “Did you go to Taoling last week”

Fu Yanzhi said, “Yes”


Fus eyes lit up and she asked curiously, “That girl, is she the senior sister Ji that Zhenzhen was talking about”

Only then did Fu Yanzhi realise that his mother was trying to worm the details out of him.

“Who did you hear that from”



Fu sneered, “I saw it with my own eyes.

Such a good son, you didnt even see that your mother was right next to you.”

Fu Yanzhi: “……”


Fu teased him a few times then quickly changed the subject, “Tell me quickly, is she your girlfriend”


“If not then why did you accompany her to Peach Mountain.” Mrs.

Fu was unconvinced.

Fu Yanzhi did not say more.

He lazily asked, “What else is going on”


Fu felt as if she was choked and powerless, “Okay, since shes not your girlfriend, then youre definitely not interested in her affairs, and Im not going to waste my breath telling you.”


Fu said very ruthlessly, “Im hanging up.”

Fu Yanzhi: “……”

He looked at the hung up phone for a long time, quite helpless.


The third round was coming up.

Ji Qingying was in high spirits, and for two consecutive days, she didnt have much contact with Fu Yanzhi.

Every day she stayed nestled in her apartment reading books and checking information.

She still had to make time for her customers orders.

The afternoon before she left, she held her chin and sent a message to Fu Yanzhi to distract herself.

Ji Qingying:[Dr.

Fu, what time do you get off work today]

Fu Yanzhi replied to the message only in the evening with two brief and concise words: [On duty.]

Ji Qingying:[Tonights your All-night shift]

Fu Yanzhi:[Mmm.]

Ji Qingying:[Doctor Xu is not back yet]

Fu Yanzhi:[Youre that concerned about him]

Inexplicably, Ji Qingying felt that these words were sent out of nowhere.

She stared at the five (1) words for a moment then pressed her lips and typed:[I was just asking casually.]

(1)TL/N: Four in chinese (很關心他)

Fu Yanzhi did not respond to the message.

Ji Qingying didnt quite understand what was wrong.

She stared at the wordsthe other party is typing, didnt take offen and sent the screenshot to Chen Xinyu.

Ji Qingying:[He asked me this.

You say, isnt this a bit strange]

Chen xinyu: [Jealous.]

Ji qingying: []

Chen Xinyu: [You are stupid.]

Ji Qingying: [……]

She felt her intelligence had been attacked.

It wasnt that Fu Yanzhi didnt intend on replying to Ji Qingyings message.

Just that, after he sent that sentence, Zhao Yidong had come over and knocked on the door.

“Doctor Fu, Xiao Mengs parents want to talk to you.”

Fu Yanzhi nodded his head and said softly, “Okay, let them in.”

He slipped the phone back into the drawer.

When he looked at his phone again after the consultation, he saw that he had received several messages on WeChat.

He opened the app.

Ji Qingying: [Dr.

Fu, dont you think those words you just said are a little bit odd]

Ji Qingying: [Are you perhaps…… jealous]

Ji Qingying: [Angry]

Ji Qingying: [I asked Dr.

Xu that if you are alone on duty tonight, can I go to the hospital to see you.

Can I really]


Ji Qingying: [Dr.

Fu, do you know how hard it is to wait, especially for a young lady expecting for spring The days are like years.]

Behind the screen, Fu Yanzhi could imagine the look on her face as she typed these words.

He smiled helplessly and directly called back.

As soon as he got through, he could hear the pout in Ji Qingyings voice coming from the other side, “Dr.

Fu, look how many years have passed now.”

She said, “I almost spent my last years all alone you know”

Fu Yanzhi: “……Not busy tonight”

Ji Qingying replied seriously only for one second, “Not busy, Im going to the competition tomorrow, so Ill give my mind a rest.”

Fu Yanzhi said “hmm” and looked down at the time, “Dinner”


Ji Qingyings laugh came from the other end and slowly she said, “I would like to let Dr.

Fu treat me for a meal, I am poor at this age.”


Fu Yanzhi could not help but be amused by her.

The heaviness of the conversation he had had with the patients family earlier was instantly beaten back and vanished.

Hearing the sound of laughter coming from the other end of the call, Ji Qingyings ears went soft and uncontrollably went a bit numb.

She steadied her mind, pressed on the corners of her mouth that were lifting up and said, “Forget it, youd better not invite me to dinner and then laugh at me.

Instead, how about I invite you to dinner and you smile at me later”

Fu Yanzhi: “……”

He suppressed the smile within his eyes and asked in a low voice, “Why”

Ji Qingying touched her hot cheeks and said in earnest, “Because I feel that your smile is worth more than the meal.”

Fu Yanzhi was speechless.

After a quiet moment, Ji Qingying asked, “So shall I come to you”

Fu Yanzhi answered, ” Get a taxi and send me a message.”


Ji Qingying took her bag and went out.

When she had finally gone downstairs to wait for a cab, her phone jolted.

It was Fu Yanzhi who sent two red envelopes.

She froze, a bit confused.

Ji Qingying: [?]

Fu Yanzhi: [Aged and you have no money.]

Fu Yanzhi: [Dinner and taxi.]

Ji Qingying did not hide the smile on her face.

She stood by the side of the road and stared at her phone with a smile that seemed to overflow from even her eyes.

She turned her head and looked at the shadow reflected on the window of the car next to her.

Her eyes were arched.

So much that they were too obvious and clear to hide.

Ji Qingying thought, such a Fu Yanzhi, even if she waited until she was old, she would still keep waiting until her next life till she meets him again.

She pursed her lips and tried to keep her fast-beating heart under control then typed one word at a time:[I dont dare take it.


A reply from Fu Yanzhi was sent quickly with a question mark.

Ji Qingying:[If I do, I wont be able to see your smile anymore.]

Ji Qingying: [I want to see you smile more than red envelopes.

You look so beautiful when you smile.


Fu Yanzhi: [Claimed.]

Ji Qingying, who was not satisfied with small gains, replied: [That …………]

Fu Yanzhi: [Yes, so Ill be coming to you.]


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