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Chapter 30: His Smile Worth A Thousand Dollars (1)

The driver sitting up front frequently looked back at her, only to feel weird.

There was no such thing as a person who was going to the hospital while smiling that happily.

Ji Qingying suppressed the rising corners of her lips, and while avoiding the curious gaze of the driver, lowered her eyes to type: [Dr.

Fu, people have taken me for a psychopath, you have to be responsible.]

Fu Yanzhi: [Huh]

From the screen, Ji Qingying could imagine the tone of his voice when he said that.

The pitch must have been on the low side, with the sound trailing, flowing out from his throat, and so teasing for others with the person in question totally being unaware of it.

She bumped her head on the cars window glass and continued to blame her perverse behavior on him.

Ji Qingying: [I got on the cab and reported the address of the hospital.

I have been grinning since then.

The driver then looked at me with horror in his eyes for a couple of moments.

He must have been thinking that I might be mentally unstable, for me to be going to the hospital so happily.]

Fu Yanzhi: [……]

Ji Qingying: [Dont you think you are responsible for this]

Fu Yanzhi: [Then stop smiling.]

Ji Qingying:[No, I cant do that.]

Fu Yanzhi:[]

Ji Qingying was still holding on to her phone, completely like a lovesick girl.

She had all of her thoughts written on her face, and her joy was evident.

She looked down and typed:[I am going to see you now, how can I not be happy]

‘Seeing you.

Is something that could make me crazy with joy, how can I hide my emotions just like that

Even if I wanted to, my eyes couldnt deceive people.

Fu Yanzhi looked down at the message on the phone, the empty space in his heart felt like it was overflowing with something.

It was brimming with these unfamiliar things.

Like a beekeeper harvesting honey, the thing was harvested so much that it would end up bursting.

He lowered his eyes and looked at the message as he let this feeling permeate in his heart for a moment, and only then he lowered his head and replied: [Hmm.]

As if she could notice that Fu Yanzhi was at a loss for words, Ji Qingying also did not urge him on.

She changed the topic and talked to him about the delicious cuisine available near the hospital.

From her house to the hospital, it took at most twenty minutes by cab.

When the cab arrived at the hospital entrance, Fu Yanzhi could already be seen standing there.

Under the hazy night, the mans silhouette was sketched out.

The light flickered from time to time making him less and less visible.

But nevertheless her eyes had been captivated by his figure at the first glance.

Sensing her gaze, Fu Yanzhi raised his eyes and looked over.

Ji Qingying pushed open the car door, when he happened to be close to it.

“Have you been waiting for a long time”


Fu Yanzhi swept a glance, the cab driver was still looking at the two.

Receiving a cold look from the man, the driver stepped on the throttle and instantly disappeared in front of the two.

Fu Yanzhi lowered his eyes to look at her and said in a low voice, “Lets go.”

“Wont there be any problems since you just came out like this”


Fu Yanzhi lightly added, “If something happens, they will give me a call.”

“…… Oh.”

Ji Qingying curled her lips silently and said, “What about going that way”

Fu Yanzhi nodded his head.

The hospital vicinity was just as lively.

No matter what the time of day it was, it was still as crowded as ever.

The bustle of people, the crowdedness of small stores, all of which complemented each other.

Ji Qingying chose a store with a good rating nearby.

It happened to be the peak of the dinner hour, when the two went in, the seats were almost full.

Outside the window, the lights and shadows of the two of them could be seen vaguely.

Ji Qinying stared at the floor-to-ceiling glass for a moment, before settling her gaze on the man opposite.

“Are you on duty alone tonight”


The voice wrapped in the night became much lower as Fu Yanzhi poured her a glass of water.

“There are other colleagues.”

During the night shift, the number of people arranged for the in-patient side would not be too small.

While it may not be the same office as Fu Yanzhis the department was basically the same.

Let alone the fact that it was dinner time at this point.

Ji Qingying understood.

When she held the cup and sipped the water, the waiter brought up the meal for both of them.

At first, Ji Qingying was not that hungry, but then she smelled the appetizing aroma that came to her nose which made her hungry.

Other than the crisp sound of clashing chopsticks, the two people ate quietly.

All that remained was the sound of Ji Qingyings talking.

Her voice was soft, sounding particularly soothing.

Fu Yanzhi raised his eyes and looked at the person across the table with a bright glow in the corner of her eyes, he smiled silently.

It doesnt seem so bad to spend some time out to eat a meal.


After eating.

The two people walked back leisurely to the hospital.

When they were about to arrive, Ji Qingying turned her head and looked at the street stalls.

During the night, the regulation was relatively loose, especially in this area.

There were quite a few vendors who set up stalls in front of the entrance, and as long as they did not affect peoples basic needs, most people would not have an opinion about it.

Fu Yanzhi followed her line of sight and walked straight over.

“Do you want something”

Ji Qingying blinked and stared down at the stuff on the counter, “This will not be inconvenient, right”

She touched the tip of her nose and said, “Well, I was just looking around.”

Fu Yanzhi didnt say anything about whether it was or wasnt inconvenient.

He focused his eyes, staring at the things on the stall for a while, and asked with a sideways glance, “Which one do you like”

In the stall, there were kites for sale.

There were many styles and colors, made lifelike, just like the real thing.

TL/N: Chinese kites often come in all sorts of shapes like butterflies, pandas and even demon masks and the like and not just dragons.

Jiang Ran is describing the similarities of these kites to what they were made to look after.

Ji Qingying was stunned and turned her head to look at him.

“I cant go and fly it even if I do buy it.”

“Next time.”


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