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Chapter 30: His Smile Worth A Thousand Dollars (2)

Fu Yanzhis tone was calm, completely unaware that he was making promises to her one at a time, and now he was promising to go out and play with her once again.

Ji Qingying was bewildered, her mind screaming with a certain unlikely thought.

She stood next to Fu Yanzhi and tilted her head to look at him, “……So is this a reward”


Fu Yanzhi didnt hear clearly, tilting his body towards her side and asking in a low voice, “What”

Ji Qingying pursed her lips, tilted her head to his ear and asked, “I said, is this a reward for the last time”

The wet and moist breath brushed against his ear.

Fu Yanzhi paused for a moment, narrowing his dark ink-like eyes, as his Adams apple slid up and down, his voice lowered, “Do you want this as a reward”

Ji Qingying nodded before shaking her head again.

“I want to go and fly a kite, but I dont want to take this as a reward.”

She somehow felt that she could have gone a little bit further.

Fu Yanzhi suddenly smiled and answered, “Choose one.”

Ji Qingyings eyes lit up and looked straight at him.

He glanced at Ji Qingyings brimming pupils and whispered, “The bonus is another one.”

When he said to choose, Ji Qingying asked for a butterfly kite.

The boss looked at the two people in front of him and enthusiastically tried selling his products, “Just one These are also beautiful.”


But this one is the best.” Ji Qingying said.

The owner looked at the two of them and didnt force them any more.

After buying the kites, they continued on.

When they passed by an uncle selling Chinese sugar gourds, Fu Yanzhi looked back at her.

Ji Qingying followed and looked across, deliberately teasing him, “……You want to eat sugar gourd”

Fu Yanzhi raised his eyebrows.

Ji Qingying laughed and didnt tell the true story that she didnt actually want to eat sugar gourd when she was on the set that day.

But now, the sugar gourd was being illuminated by the light under the streetlamp.

The color was vivid, which was wrapped in hawthorn syrup, like percolating red honey, enticing her to take it.

She consciously walked over and asked casually as she bought it, “Is Nurse Zhao on duty today”

Fu Yanzhi nodded his head.

“Then lets buy a few more skewers.”

Fu Yanzhi didnt say anything, and when she took enough, he naturally paid the bill.

By the time they reached the hospital lobby, Fu Yanzhi was called by someone.

Ji Qingying looked through the blinking white lights, the one who called Fu Yanzhi, seemed to be the mother of the little girl.

Fu Yanzhi answered and looked at her sideways, “Why dont you go up first”

Ji Qingying nodded, “Well, you guys can talk.”

She didnt dare to delay and took the elevator straight to the upper floor.

When she was on the floor of Fu Yanzhis department, as soon as Ji Qingying walked in, she saw Zhao Yidong who was sitting on the side of the lobby.

Hearing the noise, Zhao Yidong stood up at once and spontaneously asked, “Hello, do you need any……”

Before finishing her words, and upon seeing it was Ji Qingying, Zhao Yidong said in surprise, “Qingying, what brings you here”

Ji Qingying curled her lips and smiled, handing her the candy cane she was holding, “I came to see you.”

Zhao Yidong accepted it and shot her a look, “Youre here to see Dr.

Fu, right”

She tilted her head and looked towards Fu Yanzhis office, whose lights were dim.

“But Dr.

Fu went out and hasnt come back yet.”

“I know.”

Zhao Yidong froze.

It suddenly occurred to her that the look on Fu Yanzhis face before he left was of a rare relaxed kind.

While it wasnt apparent, those who were familiar with him could spot it.

At the thought of that, her eyes lit up and seemed to burst out with her gossippy nature.


Fu and you had dinner together, right”

Ji Qingying made a “Hmm” sound and pointed out, “This sugar gourd was for you guys to eat, Dr.

Fus treat.”

Zhao Yidong chuckled lightly.

She said, “That must be because of you.”

Ji Qingying did not dare to admit it.

Zhao Yidong grinned and said, “Really, it must have been you who said it before Dr.

Fu would buy them, Dr.

Fu used to treat guests but never bought these.”

At that, Ji Qingying was very curious, “Then what does he usually buy”

Zhao Yidong pondered for a moment, “We have a tradition in our department to send gifts on birthdays, and the gift should be simple but sincere.”


Zhao Yidong thought about it, smiling silently, “Dr.

Xu as well as other doctors and nurses have sent gifts to each other, except Dr.

Fu……from beginning to end, no matter whose birthday, he gave red envelopes.”

Ji Qingying: “……”

Come to think of it, it was quite in line with Fu Yanzhis character.

“Arent red packets just as good”

Zhao Yidong nodded, “Although its good, but some colleagues feel that Dr.

Fu lacks affection and is too cold.”

Ji Qingying smiled and did not say anything.

“I guess hes afraid that people wont like what he bought, I suppose”

Zhao Yidong nodded repeatedly, “I also think so, and Dr.

Fu is actually super warm.”

She was stunned, “How come”

Zhao Yidong smiled bitterly and whispered, “Do you know Little Meng”


Zhao Yidong sighed, “Little Meng should probably be discharged from the hospital soon.”

Ji Qingying stared blankly, “Shes getting better”

“Thats not it.”

Zhao Yidong continued, “But there are various tests in the hospital, and the expenses for staying in the hospital are not something that an average family can afford, so her parents want her to be discharged.”

Ji Qingyings lips opened and closed before asking in a low voice, “Then do you guys approve”

Zhao Yidong shook her head.


Fu was the first to disagree, but theres nothing we can do despite not agreeing to it.”

She continued, “There are so many patients coming and going, we cant possibly cover all the expenses of the patients, we can only try to persuade them and give them our utmost support.”

Ji Qingying did not make a sound.

It occurred to her that just now, the look on Fu Yanzhis face was indeed a bit abnormal.

After a moment of silence, Ji Qingying reached out and patted Zhao Yidongs shoulder and said softly, “Youre doing your best, dont think too much of it.”

Zhao Yidong nodded, “I know.”

She then said, “Im fine—but Dr.

Fu and Meng have a strong bond, such a sweet little girl, I wonder what her future holds.”

Ji Qingying stood transfixed.

“Little Mengs heart, is it going to be transplanted”


Zhao Yidong nodded, “But not yet.”

Ji Qingying didnt ask any more questions.

After remaining quiet for a while, she looked at Zhao Yidong, “Eat something sweet, Ill go downstairs to see Fu Yanzhi.”


When Ji Qingying found Fu Yanzhi, he was standing under a tree outside the lobby.

The figure was standing under the moonlight, hidden in the shadows, making it impossible to see his expression at the moment.

Yet inexplicably, Ji Qingying could feel his distress at the moment.

That kind of enthusiasm filled with energy, which seemed dissipated as if it had been struck by someone.

Not from natural causes, but rather due to man-made.

Ji Qingying stopped walking with the sugar gourd, pondering whether to walk over, or leave some time for Fu Yanzhi to calm down.

However, before she could make up her mind, Fu Yanzhi had noticed her presence first.

In the night, his eyes were as deep as ink.

But the eyes seemed to have a small swirl, attracting her towards them.

“Why did you come down”

Fu Yanzhi walked towards her side and asked in a calm tone.

There seemed to be no difference in the tone of his voice.

Ji Qingying blinked and looked up at him, “I wanted to see who Dr.

Fu was stuck with and why he hadnt come up yet.”

She deliberately poked the screen of her phone pointing at the time and glanced at him discontentedly, “Its been half an hour.”

Fu Yanzhi lowered his eyes and captured her pouting look deep in his eyes.

He let out a “hmm” sound and whispered, “Sorry, lets go up now.”

“…… Oh.”


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