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Chapter 31: Dr.

Fus Encouragement Words (1)

In the end, the person who sent Ji Qingying back was Lin Haoran.

When Fu Yanzhi said he wanted to find someone to take Ji Qingying, his first choice was him as he was also living near the hospital.

After getting into the car, Ji Qingying was very embarrassed as she said, “Im sorry for bothering you, Dr.


Lin Haoran did not really care and waved his hand, with a smile he said: “Its my pleasure to take a beauty home.”

However, he could not tell her that he was really troubled, wasnt he So he could only curse Fu Yanzhi behind his back sneakily.

Cursing him for being interrupted when he was trying to do something bad.

Other than that, he was unhappy that his date was interrupted.

Ji Qingying puffed a smile: “Thanks.”

Lin Haoran looked at her: “Is the life in the hospital very boring”

Ji Qingying thought for a moment, “Its okay.”

She then said, “Its not that boring.”

Lin Haoran smiled and said, “Hey, youre the first person to say that.”

Then he added: “Everyone says you cant find a doctor when youre looking for a date, yet youve come up against it yourself.”

Ji Qingying was stunned, with surprise on her face she said, “Why”

Lin Haoran pondered for a while, before seriously saying: “The profession of doctor, looks very honorable, very impressive.

But only they know the hardships inside.”

He said, “Many family members of doctors say that throughout our lives we contribute not to our families, but to our patients.

We basically dont do anything for our families.”

He smiled: “Thats why I say you are very courageous, Beauty Ji.”

When he said this, he wasnt trying to get Ji Qingying to back off or anything.

Lin Haoran knew Fu Yanzhi very well.

He had already developed an obvious attitude by acquiescing to Ji Qingyings approach.

The reason he said this to Ji Qingying was that he wanted her to know this in advance and that she would give it a clearer picture.

His hope was that when Fu Yanzhi was completely entangled into it, Ji Qingying would suddenly leave him without much hesitation.

No matter as a colleague or a friend for so many years, that was not the situation Lin Haoran wanted to see.

A lot of similar things had happened in the hospital.

There have been cases where other doctors have been pursued and fell in love.

But in the end, it ended in failure.

So he just, in advance, gave Ji Qingying a precautionary shot.

Doctors and soldiers were a choice of spouse that many people would carefully consider.

They believed that it would be easy for their family members and those they like to be wronged, worried and afraid.

Ji Qingying was stunned, but she understood the meaning of Lin Haorans words

There was a moment of silence, after which she suddenly laughed.

“Well, I do know that.”

Lin Haoran looked at her in surprise.

Ji Qingying curved the corners of her lips and asked in return, “So what.”

Each individual has a responsibility and a conviction that lies on his or her shoulders.

She respected everyones choice, even if Fu Yanzhi would neglect herself in the future because of his patients, then so what.

Her love for him was not just because of his appearance, but more than that, it was his inner part of his being.

His faith.

She likes it.

His attitude of saving every life with due diligence, she likes it.

And, She also liked his looks.

At first sight, it was his face that she fell in love with.

Going deeper, it was all about him that she fell in love with.

Whether its good or bad, she wanted it all.

After seeing the seriousness in her eyes, Lin Haoran was relieved.

He smiled: “Sorry for telling you these, I didnt mean to make you give up.”

Ji Qingying understandingly said: “I know what you mean.”

She looked at Lin Haoran curiously, “I thank you for the reminder too, but Im not chasing him on a whim, nor will this be a one-time fling of merry-making.”

Lin Haoran nodded his head.

“Many thanks.”

Ji Qingying smiled: “I didnt expect …… you to say such things to me.”

Lin Haoran raised his eyebrows.

He said jokingly: “Although I sometimes hate Fu Yanzhi, being high and aloof, I must admit that he is one of the few people that I admire.”

College acquaintance.

Lin Haorans attitude towards Fu Yanzhi at the beginning was not that good, feeling that he was too pretentious.

But after knowing each other for a long time, he knew what kind of person Fu Yanzhi was.

Say nothing else and be judged by your peers.

Lin Haoran admitted that he admired only one Fu Yanzhi.

He was a strong and confident person, still, being proud of his life was good.

He felt that Fu Yanzhi would never suffer any severe setbacks.

Although it was unlikely, but Fu Yanzhi was a man who knew almost nothing emotionally after all.

Therefore, it was necessary for Lin Haoran to become his elderly mother to worry and concern about his experience.

Arriving at the entrance of the apartment, Ji Qingying got off.

She looked back at the person who sent her back and said with a smile, “Thanks for your time Dr.


“Youre welcome.”

Ji Qingying smiled and said earnestly, “Doctor Lin.”

Lin Haoran looked at her.

Ji Qingying thought for a moment, “I cant give any assurances right now, but Im sure I like Dr.

Fu a lot, all of him.

No one is sure what the future will be, but at least I am serious about him.

Lin Haoran nodded: “Thank you.”

He smiled and said, “Do your best.”

“Yes, I will.” She said, “Thank you for telling me this too.”

Someone who wasnt genuinely thinking about Fu Yanzhi wouldnt risk the possibility of being yelled at to say these words to her.

She was aware of Lin Haorans worry.

After arriving home, Ji Qingying sent a message to Fu Yanzhi, and then washed up to rest.

She had to get her energy back.

After sending Ji Qingying home, Lin Haoran gave Fu Yanzhi a call.


“Sent back.”

Fu Yanzhi had just finished checking the room and answered in a low voice: “Thanks.”

Lin Haoran snorted: “Youre welcome.”

He wanted to say something but he opted to joke at him: “Still, Im just an old mother.”

Fu Yanzhi raised his eyebrows: “What do you mean.”

Lin Haoran pondered for a moment and said, “I talked to Beauty Ji about something.”

“For example.”

Fu Yanzhi put down the things in his hand and said in a deep voice: “What kind of words”

Lin Haoran was quiet for a few seconds: “Not about your bad comments.”

With a soft laugh, he said seriously, “I think you can consider about Beauty Ji.

She is different from many others before.”

“No need for you to remind me.”

Fu Yanzhi said coldly, “I know.”

Lin Haoran stammered.

“Okay, since you know then I wont say more, Ill hang up.”


After hanging up the phone, Fu Yanzhi looked at the message he received in his phone for a moment and fell into a deep thought.

The night outside the window was hazy.

The wind swayed the branches and leaves and could faintly see something swaying.

Fu Yanzhi stood by the window and looked at it for a long time, sniffing the rare fragrance in the room as his mood relaxed which rarely happened.

He thought about it for a while and called mother Fu.

“What is it.”

His mothers voice sounded rather unhappy over the phone.

Fu Yanzhi: “…… mom.”


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