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Chapter 31: Dr Fus Encouragement Words (2)


Mother Fu was extremely wary: “Do you have something to ask me for help”

Fu Yanzhi:”…”

He was silent for a moment and asked in a low voice, “Did you send me a copy of the information you wanted to send me last night”

“What information”

Mother Fu played dumb and said, “I didnt say I was going to send you any information, ah.”


Fu Yanzhi smiled helplessly, “Will you be busy again tomorrow”


Mother Fu said, “You know Im going to be busy, yet you still call me so late, did you purely intend to let me sleep late”

Fu Yanzhi was speechless.

His mothers ability to turn one into the other was too much for him to handle.


“Thats not what I meant.”

“Then what do you mean.”

Fu Yanzhi was silent.

Mother Fu was amused by him: “Okay, I wont force you, I can t pry the information I want to know out of your mouth.”


Fu Yanzhi simply responded.


Fu said, “Ill have the information sent to your home tomorrow, but not around at this time.”



Fu was silent for a while, then suddenly said, “I wont say much else, youll have your own ideas.”


Mrs.Fu was silent for a while: “Is there anything else Im going to bed.”

Fu Yanzhi smiled lightly: “I want a ticket.”

He continued, “For the day of the competition, I want the front row.”


Fu: “Not satisfied with small gains.

Alright Ill ask someone to send it together there tomorrow.”

“Okay.” he added: “Make it earlier, I am on duty tonight.”


Fu: “…… Why dont I ask my assistant to run now”

“Thats fine.”

“Good idea.”


Fu rebuked him: “My assistant is not your assistant, at best, I will send it to you in the morning.”


Early the next morning.

Ji Qingying got up early.

She had a leisurely breakfast, packed a few books and two sets of clothes, and was going to go out.

She had just finished changing her clothes when the doorbell rang.

Ji Qingying was stunned and hurriedly ran towards the door.

As soon as the door was pulled open, a figure of the person whom she missed was seen reflected in her eyes.

Fu Yanzhi should have just returned from work, still wearing the same set of clothes from last night.

She was slightly stunned and tilted her head to look at him.

“Youre just getting off work now”


Fu Yanzhi looked down at his watch and his voice was a little hoarse: “Going out”


Ji Qingying looked at him in surprise, and just as she wanted to speak, she heard him ask: “Taking a taxi”

Ji Qingying continued to nod her head.

Fu Yanzhi suddenly smiled and looked down at her: “Lets go.”


Ji Qingying looked at him in disbelief.

Fu Yanzhi raised his eyebrows and asked unhurriedly, “You dont want me to send you off”

“I want to, but you hadnt slept all night, Id better take a taxi.”

Thinking is one thing, but reluctant to give up is another.

Between wanting him to send and not wanting him to send, Ji Qingying would prefer him to rest a little longer.

Fu Yanzhi was slightly stunned.

He paused and suddenly looked up and patted her head, his voice a little deep and somewhat dull after not sleeping much all night.

“No need to be so understanding.”

He inclined his head to gesture, “Go get your luggage out.”

The morning breeze blew comfortably.

Ji Qingying had slept well last night, so she was in good spirits.

The road was a bit jammed because it was a weekday.

The main problem lies in the fact that the road ahead was jammed, and she turned her head to look at the person next to her.

Fu Yanzhi had been very calm about the traffic jam.

Not impatient, there was no impression of being hurried on his face, it was very bland.

She stared at the moment, and just as she withdrew her gaze, a mans voice came to her ear: “What are you looking at”

At that, Ji Qingying raised her eyebrows and said, “Looking at you.”

She was not at all ashamed of her words.

Fu Yanzhi: “……”

Ji Qingying was amused by his expression, biting her lip and said, “Is it too blunt”


Fu Yanzhi glanced at her: “Get used to it.”

Ji Qingying smiled.

Its good to get used to it, otherwise she would feel a loss.

The car was quiet.

Both of them did not speak, but there was a special atmosphere lingering.

Making them both feel comfortable.

Ji Qingyings phone vibrated, and it was Chen Xinyue and Rongxue who sent her a cheering message in the group.

Chen Xingyu: [Go Go Go! If you win the grand prize, lets go on a Spring Tour.]

Rong Xue: [Ah! Thats called a Summer Tour, Sister Xingyu! Its summer now!

Chen Xingyu: [I dont care, Ill buy a game console for Qingying after I get the prize.]

Rong Xue: […… then I will cook a meal for sister Qingying]

Ji Qingying lost her smile.

She returned a sentence: [Screenshot taken, dont forget your promise.]

After replying, she turned her head to look at Fu Yanzhi.


Ji Qingying pursed her lips and asked in a low voice, “Dont you have any blessings for me”

Fu Yanzhi looked at her sideways, “What blessing”

“Just …… encouraging ah.”

She whispered a reminder, “Last time, you have given me a blessing, youre not going to forget it this time, right”

Fu Yanzhi: “……”

Ji Qingying knew it well.

She was very, very much arrogant and cocky.

But then she felt that actually Fu Yanzhi gave her a pass into such arrogance.

It was as if he had drawn a line and only allowed her to cross the line.

Its not an illusion.

She really felt it.

Fu Yanzhi listened to the voice of the person next to him and looked out of the window with his head.

The car window reflected her appearance.

Somewhat nervous, yet even more wistful.

He somewhat wanted to laugh a little.

But then again, he knew that this was the concession he had made the last time.

Now these behaviors of hers were indeed the result of his indulgence.

Fu Yanzhi made a “Hmm.” sound and asked in a low voice: “What kind of  encouragement do you want this time”

Ji Qingyings eyes lit up, and she said unhurriedly, “Can I have anything I want”

Fu Yanzhi did not say yes or no.

He remained silent.

He retained his silent attitude.

This silence continued, till it reached the entrance of the hotel.

Ji Qingying racked her brain and did not dare to say what she wanted to say.

Getting out of the car, Fu Yanzhi helped her take her luggage down.

Ji Qingying looked up at him.

“Figured it out”

She shook her head and said very honestly, “No.”

Fu Yanzhi stared at the expression on her face and was just about to speak when a strangers voice came from not far away.

“Senior Ji.”

The two people turned their heads.

It was the same person who competed together last time, Yang Wen.

Ji Qingying nodded her head.

Yang Wen smiled and looked at her with burning eyes, “Long time no see.”

Ji Qingying smiled and said lightly, “Hmm.”

Yang Wen pointed out, “Shall we go in together”

Ji Qingying froze, turned his head to look at the person next to him: “Then Ill go in first”

Fu Yanzhi looked bland, glanced at the man opposite eyes, whispered: “Stay for a minute.”

She froze.


Ji Qingying smiled faintly and said to Yang Wen, “You can go in first, Ill be there in a few minutes.”

Yang Wen nodded his head, and did not force.

But before he left, he didnt forget to glance back at them both.

Only when the man had gone far away then Ji Qingying asked, “Do you have something else to say to me”

Fu Yanzhi looked down at her and calmly asked, “Dont you want any encouragement”

Ji Qingying was stunned.

Her lips twitched and she slowly batted her eyes: “To ……”

Before she could finish her sentence, she was embraced into his arms.

The tip of her nose hit his shoulder, her clothes were closely matched, one tall and one short, and their bodies were tightly cuddled together.

In addition, the mans breath was on her ear.

He inclined his head and his warm lips leaned against her ear, “This encouragement, is it okay”

Ji Qingyings heart beat like a drum.


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