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Chapter 32: Too Much Sweetness (1)

From the moment she felt herself being held in his arms, Ji Qingyings breathing seemed to have halted.

She did not have the courage to even breathe out, fearing that everything right now was an illusion.

A warm hand touched the back of her ear.

His breath exhaled as his words fell making her feel a somewhat warm sensation.

This type of warm and gentle feeling made Ji Qingyings ears numb and her legs weak.

She could hear her own heartbeat.

And also…… his heartbeat as well.

It was a very strong beat but not like his usual one.

After not getting a response from her, Fu Yanzhi asked again, this time with more emphasis in his voice, “You okay”

His tone, which made his every word sound like it was being hummed out from his nasal cavity, made Ji Qingyings heart flutter.


She felt it was as if Fu Yanzhi had broken some sort of a rule.

A few seconds passed and Fu Yanzhi was the first to let go of her hand and take a step back.

By this time, Ji Qingying was able to breathe normally again.

She slowly looked up at the man in front of her.

The sun was shining behind him, with his figure blocking the sunlight it felt like he had a subtle halo of light above his head which also gave him a feeling of indescribable warmth at the same time.

He often had an indomitable aura, but currently, it was not as indifferent as it usually would be.

Between the tip of his brow, there was an unspeakable softness.

They stared at each other silently for a while, until an unfamiliar voice spoke up and broke the silence of the moment, and returned them to their senses.

“Ji Qingying.”

Ji Qingying glanced sideways and saw Sun Yijia standing a short distance away.

She was frowning.

Fu Yanzhi followed her line of sight and whispered, “Colleague” he asked.

“Not really.”

Ji Qingying collected her thoughts and looked up at him, “Im all right, you…”

“Me what

Fu Yanzhi suppressed the smile in his eyes.

Ji Qingying turned red and whispered, “I like this type of encouragement very much.”

Fu Yanzhi: “……”

He looked at her blush-stained cheeks and ears and let out a small laugh.

Even if she was embarrassed she still could make an effort to set up another fire.

He paused, then answered in a low voice, “Go for it.”


Ji Qingying looked at him, a gaze full of longing emitted from her sly eyes, “That…… you better not forget that Ill be taking the prize.”

Fu Yanzhi stared at her shining pupils and nodded, “Go.

You can call me if you need something.”


Im leaving.”

Even as she was leaving Ji Qingying turned to look back at him repeatedly after every step.

Fu Yanzhi couldnt help but laugh as he stood still.

Until she entered the hotel, Fu Yanzhi stayed outside to watch over her.

He didnt drive away immediately.

Fu Yanzhi opened the window slightly, allowing the warm summer breeze to flow in.

He only started the car when the wind spread a faint fragrance across the car.

It was Ji Qingyings perfume.

She was fond of jasmine and all of her perfumes seemed to carry a hint of jasmine.

It was mild, not too strong, but still good.

Fu Yanzhi paused, then he suddenly smiled.

He put his elbow against the window and rubbed his forehead slightly.

The weariness of not having slept last night disappeared in a flash.

That embrace just now.

It wasnt exactly an urge.

Fu Yanzhi knew what Ji Qingying wanted, and his series of actions just showed her how to ask for it more frankly.

He was tacitly admitting to indulging everything she had done so far.

Whether she wanted an inch or a mile, or anything else, she would get it.

As Lin Haoran said, they had seen too many departures in the hospital.

He had also witnessed too many people with broken relationships.

Fu Yanzhi had also been pursued by many people.

Yet every time, he would put a stop to the relationship at the beginning itself.

But when it came to Ji Qingying, he could not do anything about it.

Even when he held an indifferent attitude towards her, she always came to him with a gentle smile and a gleeful attitude.

Those eyes.

It was impossible to not be fooled by them.

Because of various such reasons, Fu Yanzhi seemed to have yielded to her from the very beginning.

Its not that he didnt notice this change within him.

On the contrary.

It was very clear.

And because of how clear it was, he became very cautious and calm.

He may feel apologetic to her for a long time due to his profession.

And he might not be able to accompany her many times.

Especially when she needs someone.

Neglect for a momentary period anyone could understand.

But, what about when it goes on for a long time

Fu Yanzhi himself was not sure.

Ji Qingying was considerably more tender and sensitive compared to what he had thought.

So Fu Yanzhi wanted to let her think, let her be prepared and give her enough time to think about whether she really wanted to enter his life.

In his world, in which she wanted to walk in, there was no turning back.

People said that Fu Yanzhi was a domineering and selfish person.

Yet he was just born this way.

As he was thinking that, Fu Yanzhis phone rang.

He subconsciously tapped it to open it and noticed that there were two messages sent by Ji Qingying.

Ji Qingying: [You are agreeing that I am chasing you, right]

Ji Qingying: [Then I can casually ask you out in the future, right In addition, except me, you cant allow anyone else to chase you.]

Fu Yanzhi smiled.

What he did, what he meant, Ji Qingying actually understood.

She was smarter than everyone believed.

Fu Yanzhi stared at the message for a long time before typing a reply: [ Please be relieved.

You are the only one in the competition, there is no one else.]

Ji Qingying held her phone and laughed silently.

She didnt know if Lin Haoran had spoken to Fu Yanzhi about their conversation last night.

But whether he had done so or not.

It didnt affect her feelings for Fu Yanzhi in the slightest.

She understood why Fu Yanzhi was slowly backing off, even allowing her to go to the hospital to find him.

He was giving her a glimpse of his life, of what he did.

It was nothing to write home about.

Dull and busy.

Sometimes he couldnt even return her messages in time.

Such loneliness and isolation could not be endured by ordinary people.

He actually wanted to use this method to let Ji Qingying see this side of him.

Without delving further, one could retreat unconditionally.

But once she chose to move forward, she could not quit halfway through.


Ji Qingying wanted to move forward unconditionally, to intrude into his life, his work, even reside in his heart.

She smiled and replied with her head down: [Good.]


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