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Chapter 32: Too Much Sweetness (2)

Just as she had put her phone away, Sun Yijia came over.

“Who was that just now”

When Sun Yijia had spotted Ji Qingying, the two had already separated.

All she saw were the two of them standing face to face.

Ji Qingying smiled and looked at her, “Is this a problem related to the competition”

Sun Yijia, “No.

Is it not okay to ask”

“It is.”

“But I can choose not to answer,” Ji Qingying replied calmly.


Sun Yijia was stunned by her reply.

She was silent for a moment then smirked, “Are you afraid that someone will snatch something thats yours again”

Ji Qingying didnt even raise her eyes.

Sun Yijia sneered and tried poking her with sharp words, “By the way, I saw He Yuan some time ago, he and Lin Xiaoshuang have broken up.”

Saying so, she looked at Ji Qingying.

Unexpectedly, she looked the same as before.

There were no changes on her face.

After a while, she gave Sun Yijia a look and asked, “And”

Then she pointed out seeing as there was no reply, “Ill go back to my room if youre done.”

And without waiting for Sun Yijia to respond, she took her luggage to the empty elevator.

Sun Yijia looked at her figure that was calmly walking to the elevator, gritted her teeth, and cursed, “Who are you pretending for”

Ji Qingying wasnt really pretending at all.

She really didnt feel anything.

She was already disgusted with the two people Sun Yijia had mentioned back when she was in college, let alone for her to be affected by them now.

She was not someone who would live in the past, not to mention do it for someone who would make her feel disgusted.

She didnt care, nor did she want to let people she didnt like to take over her life.

It didnt take long for her to get to her room before she received the theme for this competition in her email.

It was an evening dress.

To make an evening dress from the fabric in the room.

Each models height, weight, and even circumference were all sent to the participants as well.

Ji Qingying took a look.

The fabric in her room was a sparkling gold-like material made of sequins.

It was a very suitable fabric for evening dresses, but for her, a cheongsam lover, it was not so conventional.

Everyone knew that cheongsams usually use a brocade, primarily silk, occasionally even using cotton and linen

But this kind of glittering sequin-full material was used very rarely.

Ji Qingying squatted in front of the cloth for a long time before she started drawing.

During the time the participants were designing, no one would come over to disturb them unless they had asked for something.

Time had passed by in a flash.

When the dawn came on the third day, Ji Qingying put down her needle and thread.

She pulled the curtains back to let the morning light shine in.

Within the room, a shimmering cheongsam stood.

Her evening dress had been officially completed.

After checking it three times from all sides, Ji Qingying finally put her mind at ease.

[TL: The original chinese text saysput her heart down but it was changed toput her mind at ease for a lack of better words in english.]

The official competition was going to be held at two oclock in the afternoon, but the participants themselves had to go backstage early to prepare.

But since it was this early, Ji Qingying could easily get two hours of sleep and go over again at 10:00 am.

Sanqing company was known in the industry for selecting designers by public competition.

So the people who came to the festivities were not only ones from the industry and even many amateurs would join in.

The production team for the event had come to their conclusions and Rong Xue came over with several interested designers.

Chen Xingyu had also arrived early at the periphery of the show.

“Sister Xingyu!”

As soon as Rongxue had seen someone she ran over with enthusiasm and excitement.

Chen Xingyue smiled and hugged her passionately.

“Its been a long time.”

Rongxue smiled, “I missed you guys so much.”

Chen Xingyu reached out and patted her shoulder, “I thought you couldnt make it.”

Rongxue smiled, “I thought so too, but I learned last night that the designers of our group were coming over too, so I was able to get a ride with them .”

Chen Xingyu patted her head and nodded, “Smart.”

Chen Xinyu looked at the two tickets Ji Qingying left for herself and whispered, “Our tickets are together, it hasnt started yet, lets go get something to eat first.”


After eating, the two of them went back to the venue outside the show, and only then did they check their tickets.

Once inside, Rongxue looked around for a while and asked in a whisper, “Did sister Qingying catch up with Dr.


Chen Xinyu chuckled and pinched her face, “Not yet, but soon.”

Rongxues eyes lit up, “So Dr.

Fu will not come today”

Chen Xingyu shook her head, “Hell probably have work.”

Rongxue, “Oh.”

More and more people started trilling in and even a lot of artists from the entertainment industry had come over.

Chen Xingyu looked around and suddenly she saw a person who looked vaguely familiar.

But by the time she blinked and looked again, the person had disappeared again.

“Sister Xingyu, what are you looking at”

Chen Xingyu frowned and whispered, “I thought I saw someone I know.”

“A colleague”


Chen Xingyu was silent for a while and muttered, “I hope I was mistaken.”

Unlike the lively audience on stage, the atmosphere backstage was quite tense.

After the second round of competition, there were just 12 designers left.

This time, the top three would be selected directly.

With professional judges voting, there would also be some viewers below the stage who would also participate in the voting.

A portion of the audience were university students selected from design schools who had proper ideas and views regarding the concept of specialized design.

There were also those who were artists from the acting circle and some common people.

Ji Qingyings model was a chinese person who was one meter and seven-eight inches tall.

Tall and thin.

Two thin arms that were particularly conspicuous.

But the model was good with communication.

After seeing her evening dress, the model was surprised and asked, “Is this a cheongsam”

“A modified one.”

Ji Qingying smiled, “Come try it on first and see if you like it”

The model nodded without hesitation and whispered, “Yes, I like it very much.”

She looked at Ji Qingying and praised, “You are so impressive.

I never knew that a cheongsam could be so revealing.”

Ji Qingying smiled, “Thank you.”

Almost everybody was behind the stage all in time for the final preparation because if something was not suitable it would have to be changed on the spot.

They had to seize every minute and second.

It was around two oclock.

Fu Yanzhi and Ye Zhenzhen appeared at the entrance of the venue and entered in a low-profile manner.

Once inside Ye Zhenzhen couldnt help but exclaim, “This time the catwalk is designed so beautifully.”

Fu Yanzhi was not interested, but he still followed along.

The venue had been designed by professionals.

The U-shaped formation was open, yet extended to the back and there were many seats so one could see the platform.

Compared to the backstage, the front row had a full view of everything and nothing was blocked.

In order to produce effects for the show, the surrounding windows were covered and the venue was lit only by a single connected warm light.

The stage was rendered in light colors, so when the event started nothing would feel abrupt and the effects would not feel burdensome to the eye or the show.

Ye Zhenzhen was full of enthusiasm and excitement, “Brother, do you think Senior Sister Ji will win”

“I dont know.”


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