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Chapter 32: Too Much Sweetness (3)

Ye Zhenzhen glared at him in disgust, “Cant you think about it a bit more”

Fu Yanzhi glanced at her, ” You want me to think about it for a while


Ye Zhenzhen went on with righteous indignation, “I will pray for sister Ji, she must be the one to win the prize.”

Fu Yanzhi:”…”

Their seats were in the middle and front row in a perfect vantage point.

They sat down and not two minutes later, the host came on stage.

The Sanqing design show had officially begun.

Ji Qingyings model was in the middle, in just the right place.

While the others were flustered, she, on the other hand, was not in much of a panic.

She had done everything right, and the outcome didnt matter anymore and nothing more could be changed.

Ye Zhenzhen majored in design and knew more because she has been influenced since childhood, so she knew more about these kinds of things.

She had comments about everything as soon as she entered.

Fu Yanzhi frowned but didnt tell her to shut up either.

After commenting on several of the designs, she sighed, “Its not good, it doesnt feel as good as sister Jis casuals design.”

Fu Yanzhi: “……”

She had just finished speaking when the host began announcing the name of the next designer.

Ye Zhenzhens eyes lit up as the next to appear was a costume designed by Ji Qingying.

Fu Yanzhi also raised his gaze and looked towards the middle of the stage.

The lights of the show werent too bright, but not too dark either.

The model came out from the back and stood in the middle of the stage; many people followed her every move as they took a breath.

Even the audience, who had been distracted by the various designs, was also paying attention.

Everyone subconsciously looked over and after looking at the design clearly, many peoples eyes lit up.

Ji Qingyings design was not a traditional cheongsam.

Yet it was visually noticeable at a glance that it was a cheongsam.

The shining sequin-decorated cloth had caught everyones eye.

It was the evening dress that was decorated.

The sleeveless, stand-up collar design had a slender neckline that was accented by circular disc buttons of the same fabric.

Upon taking a closer look, a special feature could be seen embedded in the dress.

The skirt was bright and sparkling.

As the model walked, the coiled clasp on the slit was clear and obvious.

And with a little more observation it could be seen the model had long, thin, white, and straight legs.

When she moved, her legs seemed to be hidden, attracting and igniting the audiences imagination.

The hem of her cheongsam dress was not the traditional cheongsam design either.

It was a combination with a fishtail skirt.

A slit fishtail skirt, with dark shimmering sequins, so everyone was surprised.

Overall, it was helpful in highlighting the cheongsams unique slender curves but also oozed a noble and charming aura, with the temptation of an evening gown.

It looked like it was a dress for an evening party.

And the protagonist had come in late and was walking slowly down the spiral staircase.

As soon as the model appeared, she aroused everyones admiration and adoration.

Ye Zhenzhen grasped the arm of Fu Yanzhi, unceasingly excited, “Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah Older brother! This skirt is very beautiful!!! The absolute best!”

Not only were the few acquaintances of Ye Zhenzhen agitated, but most of the audience at the scene were attracted by the exclusive design of the evening dress.

Even the well-known female artists in the circle could not move their eyes.


All twelve designers works had been displayed.

Then the designers and models came out together to introduce their works, and after that the judges and other people directly gave their score and voted.

Ji Qingying thought that Fu Yanzhi would not come.

Whether the models were out alone or together, she was very calm.

That was until, while she was introducing her work and she saw a person near the stage.

She froze and locked eyes with Fu Yanzhi.

She was stunned.

Fu Yanzhi looked at her dumbfounded expression and chuckled soundlessly.

Ji Qingying blinked and hurriedly moved her gaze away and continued her own explanation.

She has always believed that a Cheongsam could be very versatile.

It was not old-fashioned, nor was it constrictive.

She was representing an eastern womans aspiration.

Yet it was not limited to eastern women only.

Ji Qingyings design philosophy and inspiration were clear and unambiguous.

She always shone in the areas which she excelled in.

By the time she had finished, the voting had started.

Chen Xingyu and Rongxue were nervous to the core, “Sister Xingyu, the waiting process is so torturous.”

Chen Xingyu smiled and patted her arm whispering, “Dont worry, you saw the reaction on stage.

Qingying will definitely be in the top three.”


The voting results were announced directly and with great care and transparency.


The model next to Ji Qingying asked.

Ji Qingying smiled lightly and replied in a shallow voice, “A little now.”

She looked downstage, her eyes emboldened with amusement.

Fu Yanzhi came to see her participating in the competition for the first time.

How could she not be nervous

The three judges votes counted for five points from each of them and they could give these 5 points in whatever ways they saw fit.

After that, the total number of votes was 75 and so the votes of 75 members from the audience were chosen.

When the host got the results on stage, there was a smile on his face, “Lets see, what is the number of votes that designer Ji Qingying got this round”

The host glanced sideways and looked to the other side of the big screen, “Lets see the audiences votes first, how about it”

As their words fell.

The big screen showed the data.

Audience, 70 votes.

Everyone was shocked and surprised but felt that it was well deserved.

The host exclaimed, “Thats outstanding! This is the design with the highest audience vote so far!”

He turned to the judges, “Now lets see the judges score, do the three judges like it”

One of them was the design director of Sanqing, Chief Cheng, who had previously called Ji Qingying.

One was the president of the Design Association, and the other…… was Sun Yijia.

The first to vote was Cheng.

She took the microphone in front of her and didnt hide her praise at all, “You were excellent, this work, Ill give it five points.”



The president smiled and said in a shallow voice, “Im glad that there are still people who still focus on cheongsams and developing our history and culture.

I give it five points.”

The more Sun Yijia listened the more her face was bloodless and as pale as an egg.

She looked down and re-wrote the score for the designer.

Five points.

When Ji Qingying saw the five points, there was no complacency in her eyes.

Her mood was still light.

But the less emotional she was, the more humiliating it was for Sun Yijia.

The winner was decided without a doubt.

Ji Qingying.


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