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Chapter 33: Drunk Night (2)

When Fu Yanzhi arrived at the door of his house, there was no new news on his phone except that message from Ji Qingying a few hours ago.

It was not quite like her.

When he entered his password to his apartment, he subconsciously turned his head and looked at the neighboring houses door.

There was light coming through the door which meant she hadnt slept yet.

Fu Yanzhi thought for a while, but went into his house anyway.

As soon as he switched on the light and opened the floor-to-ceiling glass door to the balcony, he heard sounds coming through the balcony next door.

Was it a song Or more precisely a tone-deaf song

Immediately afterward the first voice was joined by a voice familiar to him, but it didnt sound like what he was used to hearing every day.

Fu Yanzhis eyelids twitched.

He took his phone to send a message to Ji Qingying.

Fu Yanzhi: [What are you doing]

It had been sent for quite a while, but no one responded.

Fu Yanzhi stared at the phone for a moment, then turned back to his room.

When he came out of the shower, he heard a clear sounding knock on the door.

His brows raised in question he walked to the door.

As soon as the door opened, he saw a drunk ghost.


Rongxue didnt understand why Ji Qingying, who was obviously drunk and sitting quietly, suddenly went to knock with such persistence.

She also said that she and Fu Yanzhi had a heart to heart connection therefore she knew that Fu Yanzhi must have come home.

Try as she might, Rongxue couldnt persuade her otherwise.

“Sister Qingying, Doctor Fu is definitely not back yet.

Lets go back home.”

“No way.”

Ji Qingying murmured, reaching out and tapping the door.

“I think hes back.”

Rong Xue said, “…I think if you do this again, we will definitely be reported to the security office.”

As soon as she said those words, Rong Xue heard the door being opened.

She was taken aback and subconsciously raised her head.

“Doctor Fu”

Fu Yanzhi nodded, and set his eyes on Ji Qingying, with the smell of wine assailing his nostrils.

“You guys were drinking”

Ji Qingying didnt speak.

Rongxue nodded even as she trembled.

“…Sister Qingying has probably drunk a few cups already.”

And as soon as she said that, the two noticed that Ji Qingying had gone under Fu Yanzhis hand.

And entered the house.

Rong Xue stared wide-eyed, not being able to stop her in time.

She moved her lips and looked at Fu Yanzhi a little embarrassedly.

“Doctor Fu, my sister Qingying…”

Fu Yanzhi turned his head and glanced at the person who consciously looked for the sofa to lie down and smiled helplessly.

“I will take care of her.”

He raised his head and said with a serious expression.

“Dont worry.”

Rongxue nodded quickly.

“Okay, then I will have to trouble Doctor Fu.”

She pointed.

“Then, I will go back first.”


After closing the door Fu Yanzhi went to the kitchen to get a glass of honey water.

Ji Qingying laid quietly on the sofa, her cheeks red, her eyelashes closed.

Overall she looked like a very well behaved person.

As soon as Fu Yanzhi approached, he smelled the strong scent of wine.

It wasnt pungent.

It didnt even make him feel unhappy.

Fu Yanzhi didnt like to drink.

At most, he took a sip whenever he went to a bar with Chen Lunan and the others.

And even if he was in a bar, he often ordered drinks without alcohol.

Chen Lulan and the others also knew about it and were used to it.

They never forced him, and they wouldnt drink too much in front of him.

He didnt like to smell alcohol on others.

Except this person in front of him.

Fu Yanzhi stared at her for a while then suddenly smiled.

It seemed that everything that he couldnt accept, he was slowly getting used to instead.

He stretched out his hand and squeezed her face.

“Ji Qingying.”


After hearing the familiar voice, Ji Qingying reluctantly opened her eyes.

After seeing the dangling shadow in front of her pupils, she blinked and asked in a low voice, “Am I dreaming”

Fu Yanzhi: “…”


“Yeah!” Ji Qingying nodded very seriously.

She got up from the sofa and leaned forward towards Fu Yanzhi.

A beautiful and delicate face had become magnified in Fu Yanzhis eyes.

It was white and delicate, translucent and rosy.

Those fox shaped eyes were bright and seemed to be decorated with stars.

He paused for a while, and as soon as he drew a little distance between them Ji Qingying leaned forward again.

“Fu Yanzhi.”

She murmured, “Why are you hiding from me even in my dream”

Fu Yanzhi was startled.

He looked down at her and his voice softened a lot, “When did I avoid you”

“A lot.”

Ji Qingying blinked and thought.

“So many times.”

She said, “Every time I go to find you, you always hide from me.”

“I have not.”

Fu Yanzhi reached out and touched her head.

“I didnt avoid you.”

He explained, “That was because I was busy.”


Ji Qingying nodded her head drunkenly with half-understanding and asked, “Really”


“Then you pinky swear.”

Ji Qingying raised her hand in front of him and said word by word, “Do a pinky swear then Ill believe you.”

Fu Yanzhi laughed, staring at her with a deep gaze for a long time, and silently agreed, “Okay.”

Looking at his curved little finger, Ji Qingying hooked her own pinky with his.

She shook their pinkies, smiled, and said, “Okay, you wont avoid me anymore.”

As soon as Fu Yanzhi was about to agree, he heard her mumble, “But it is not necessary.”

Her words were very light, falling onto his ears like feathers.

“Mom also hooked her pinky finger with mine, but she still disappeared.”

Fu Yanzhi had to restrain himself to not let his abrupt feeling appear in his eyes and looked at her aggrieved expression.

Those words that had been spoken felt like painful lumps in his throat.

He had accidentally heard her secret, but he was helpless.

The room was quiet for a moment.

Fu Yanzhi stared at her for a long time before he promised in a low voice, “I will not.”

He stretched out his hand, rubbed her scattered long hair like a child, and said softly, “I will not disappear.”

Hearing this, Ji Qingying smiled brightly and looked at him with her head tilted.

“I know.”

She said, “I trust you.”

Fu Yanzhi saw her become energetic instantly and let out a laugh.

“Drink some water”


He handed her the cup but Ji Qingying didnt grab it.

Fu Yanzhi didnt understand what she wanted to do so he looked at her.

“Dont want to drink”

He saw Ji Qingying was looking straight at him.

Her beautiful pupils were full of longing.

“I want you to feed me.”

She said, “Whenever I didnt drink water, my mother would feed me.”


Fu Yanzhi was defeated.

He stretched out his hand and held her head back to feed her.

It was his first time taking care of a drunk person like this so he was very unskilled and as a result Ji Qingying drank from the small cup and halfway through got the collar of her clothes wet.

It was damp and became uncomfortable to wear.

Subconsciously, Ji Qingying frowned and reached out to pull at her clothes.


The water with honey that had flown from her neck down was sticky.

The sensation was like she had something dirty stuck on her and it felt particularly unbearable.

Fu Yanzhis eyelids jerked and he quickly grabbed her hand.

“Dont move.”

Sensing that Fu Yanzhi was quite serious, Ji Qingying couldnt help but voice her feelings aggrievedly, “Dirty.”

Fu Yanzhi felt a headache coming on.

He closed his eyes, took a deep breath and said, “I will take you to the bathroom so you can wipe it off there.”


Fu Yanzhi took her to the bathroom.

Ji Qingyings brain was intoxicated, but her body was not.

She followed Fu Yanzhi into the bathroom who took a clean towel, wrung it, and handed it over to her.

Ji Qingying stared at him with wide eyes which seemed to ask, “What is this for”


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