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Chapter 34: Bad Mood (2)

Even if the meal for lunch had been finished, it was still early.

Ji Qingying looked sideways at the guy who stood up and wanted to pull the blinds.

She only felt that every small gesture he made could make her captivated.

“Do you want to rest”

Fu Yanzhi looked at her, “Dont you want to nap”

Ji Qingying was stunned for a moment before she finally reacted and she looked straight at him.

“I want to.”

There were 2 hospital beds.

Ji Qingying slept on the one that she had slept on before.

Actually, this bed was very uncomfortable.

She looked sideways at the person resting on the other side and with a little curiosity she asked, “When do you guys have night duty, do you guys sleepover here”

Fu Yanzhi said, “Yes, normally we do.”

“If the situation is not normal then it means you guys are busy, right”


Fu Yanzhi opened his eyes to look at her and said lightly, “Sometimes it can get very hectic.”

Ji Qingying said, “Oh, I know.”

She pulled the small quilt over to cover herself which was full of Fu Yanzhis scent.

After a few yawns, Ji Qingying closed her eyes and said seriously, “I am not a kid, if I cant find you, I will find something else to do to kill the time.”


It was a torment for many people.

But if you are waiting for the person you like, then every minute and every second was full of hope.

She can feel very happy even if she was waiting.

Whats more, the thing she is good at was waiting.

The room suddenly fell silent.

Behind the blue curtain, the light and noise outside were cut off.

Actually, Ji Qingying was not feeling sleepy.

But after she closed her eyes, she slowly fell asleep again.

Fu Yanzhi also closed his eyes and rested for half an hour.

When he woke up, he stood up beside Ji Qingyings bed and looked at her for a moment.

He bent over and tucked her in the quilt, brushed her cheeks with his fingers, then opened the curtain and walked away.


After waking up, she saw that Fu Yanzhi was no longer in the office.

She looked sideways at the neatly stacked quilt, picked up her phone, and looked at it.

It was already 3 p.m.

She stretched out her hand, rubbed her eyes, and unlocked her phone.

She had received several messages.

There were ones from Chen Xinyu and Rongxue and even Ye Zhenzhen.

Not expecting the last persons message, Ji Qingyings eyebrow rose in question and she opened it.

Ye Zhenzhen: [Sister Ji! Are you free today]

Ye Zhenzhen: [Sister Ji, today can I go and find you to play]

Ye Zhenzhen: [Hey, where did my Sister Ji go]

Ji Qingying chuckled.

Speaking honestly, it was a bit hard to believe that Fu Yanzhi had such a lively and cute cousin.

She looked at the latest message.

It was sent 10 minutes ago.

Ji Qingying: [Sure, I just woke up.

Where are you now, do you want me to pick you up]

Ye Zhenzhen: [I am currently in the mall, then can I come over now]

Ji Qingying: [Okay.]

Putting away her phone, Ji Qingying lifted up the quilt to get up.

She tidied up the small bed as she was about to leave.

Yet the moment she got out of Fu Yanzhis office, Ji Qingying met the lady that she had met last time.

Su Wanying looked at the lady who got out of the room, her eyes full of shock.

This kind of shock.

It was degrees higher than seeing Fu Yanzhi at the entrance of the movie theater and him taking that lady to the cafeteria for dinner.

These days, Su Wanying had been thinking about what could make Fu Yanzhi look at this woman other than her having good looks and an attractive figure.

She had been thinking for a long time but she couldnt find the answer.

Their close colleagues had once said that Fu Yanzhi was also an ordinary man who only looked at someones face and body.

It must be that he was with the lady in front of her because he was feeling lonely.

After all, he has been single for so many years now and it was normal to have some fun.

Su Wanying thought about it the same way just like she had in the past.

But now she was uncertain.

Fu Yanzhi was strict at work and rarely took personal matters and his family matters to the hospital.

Although it was allowed during rest periods, he never did it before.

But now—

Su Wanying looked at the woman who had a trace of having messy hair and was almost certain.

She had taken a rest in Fu Yanzhis office in the afternoon.

It was even possible that she slept on Fu Yanzhis bed.

Once she thought of this Su Wanying felt the sourness in her heart bursting with no limit.

She felt as if she lost all control and wanted to be an evil lady.

“This young lady.”

She raised her eyes and looked at Ji Qingying.

“Are you a family member of a doctor”

Ji Qingying paused and shook her head.

“I am not.”

Su Wanying nodded then smiled and said, “If I am not mistaken, you just got out from Doctor Fu Yanzhis office”


Ji Qingying looked at her.

“Is there a problem”

“There is.”

Su Wanying kept staring at her with a smile on and said, “Are you Doctor Fus girlfriend”

Ji Qingying looked at her for a moment then replied in a calm tone.


At least for now, not yet.

The moment she heard those words, there seemed to be a light like a sign appearing in front of Su Wanyings eyes again.

Not a girlfriend.

This also means that what her colleagues had said might be true.

Fu Yanzhi was really feeling lonely and just wanted to have some fun.

Thinking about it that way, Su Wanyings confidence started to build up again.

She smiled and said, “Then you should come to the hospital less often in the future.”

She said, “A hospital is not a good place.”

She paused for a moment, looked at Ji Qingying then said, “You coming here will disturb many people.”

Ji Qingying paused and asked lightly, “I will disturb many people by visiting”


Su Wanying looked at her.

“You often come here to find Doctor Fu, which has caused complications for many others.”

Without feeling guilty she went on, “The hospital is not an appropriate place for dating and besides you are not even Doctor Fus girlfriend.”

Su Wanying looked her straight in the eye, “Doctor Fu had always had a positive image in this hospital.

If the patients find out that there is a lady in his office during working hours, they will definitely doubt his professional ability and even to the extent that they will no longer trust him.”

She directly attacked with words that would poke at Ji Qingyings heart.

“In my opinion, you also dont want this to happen right”

“Of course, if you want to ruin Doctor Fus image, then you can proceed.”

After Ji Qingying heard this, she felt everything was ridiculous.

But she didnt feel like arguing with the lady in front of her.

Su Wanying looked at her smile and frowned, “What are you laughing at”


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