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Chapter 34: Bad Mood (3)

Ji Qingying shook her head.

“Nothing, I didnt think that I would have that much of an impact.”

Su Wanying was furious and angrily continued.

“In short, I hope that you will think a little bit more sensibly.

If you keep visiting Doctor Fus office and while coming out lose very important documents, will you be able to take responsibility”

She tried to drive her words home, “Thats why if there is a next time, I will directly call the security guard.”

The emotion on Ji Qingyings face was plain indifference.

There wasnt any resentment there either.

Nor any other emotions.

She just stared at Su Wanying for a while then suddenly broke into a smile.

“You like Fu Yanzhi, right”

Su Wanying looked as if she was glaring at her.

“It has nothing to do with me liking Doctor Fu or not.”


Ji Qingying nodded.

“Thank you for the reminder, I will pay more attention next time.”

After she finished speaking, she didnt look at Su Wanying any longer and left the hospital straight away.

Not long after she reached home, Ye Zhenzhen came over.

She held two cups of a strawberry drink in her hand but after it had been shaken while on the way it ended up looking a little too worse to the eyes.

[TL/N: The raw says 慘不忍睹 which is an idiom meaningspectacle too horrible to endure.]

“Sister Ji, do you still want to drink this”

Ji Qingying smiled and looked at her with a raised eyebrow, “Can it still be drunk”

“It can.

Just that its not that beautiful anymore.”

Ye Zhenzhen sighed.

“There were much more beautiful ones in the store.”

Ji Qingying smiled, stretched out her hand, and patted her on the head.

“It is okay.”

She stretched out her hand and grabbed it, sipped some, and said, “Its both sour and sweet.

The flavour is not bad.”


Ye Zhenzhens eyes lit up, “This taste is very good, the mango flavour is not bad either.”

Ji Qingying nodded then looked down at her.

“You come here looking for me, is there any problem”

“There is none.”

Ye Zhenzhen smiled and said, “Its the holidays and Im bored.

I cant find anyone who wants to go out and play with me.”

Ji Qingying understood clearly.

She looked down at her and suddenly asked, “Are there any good places nearby”


Ji Qingying repeated the sentence one more time, “Is there any zoo nearby”

Ye Zhenzhen: “…”


Amused by the girls reaction, the corners of her lips bent into a smile.


Ye Zhenzhen shook her head.

“A zoo would be too far, and there definitely arent any around here.”

She looked at Ji Qingying.

“Sister Ji, do you want to go to the zoo”


Ji Qingying smiled, “Where do you want to go and play”

Ye Zhenzhen blinked at first.

Then suddenly her eyes lit up while looking at her Sister Ji, “Will you go out with me”

“I can.”

Ji Qingying said, “Xinyu and Rongxue went out shopping, I am also thinking of relaxing a bit.”

“How about we go to a haunted house to play”

She said while vexed, “My classmates and I went there once, but after that, they didnt want to go with me anymore.”

Ji Qingying: “…”


When Fu Yanzhi saw the messages from Ye Zhenzhen, he had just finished an operation.

He had only arranged for one operation in the afternoon, also deciding to relax.

Ye Zhenzhen: [Brother, Im here to see Miss Ji.]

Ye Zhenzhen: [I feel that Sister Ji isnt feeling happy.

Did something happen to make her sad]

Ye Zhenzhen: [We are planning to go to a haunted house to play, if you get off work on time, come and pick us up.]

Fu Yanzhi became slightly stunned.

On checking notifications again he saw that Ji Qingying had sent him a message.

It said that she had safely reached home after getting back from the hospital.

This was a tacit agreement and understanding they had built out of habit.

But in the past, Ji Qingying never wrote just a sentence.

He frowned as he thought about it for a while and finally decided to give Ji Qingying a call.

Nobody picked up.

Fu Yanzhi pinched his eyebrows and was just about to give Ye Zhenzhen a reply when suddenly Zhao Yidong called for him from outside, “Doctor Fu, there is a patient.”

“I am coming.”

Fu Yanzhi put his phone back into the drawer, put on his mask, and hurriedly went over.

Every day was like he was living on a new battlefield.


Ji Qingying had never been to the haunted house before.

She didnt know what Ye Zhenzhens hobbies were, but looking at the ghastly appearance of the door in front of her, she suddenly wanted to turn around.

But she shouldnt be too impulsive.

Ye Zhenzhen didnt realize that there was something wrong with her, and just tied up her hair saying, “Sister Ji, let me tell you, the ghosts inside here are people who disguise themselves as ghosts and its not that scary at all.”

Ji Qingying: “…Really”


Ye Zhenzhen said, “There is one place that is very scary, but it is too far away.

We can only play here for today.”

Ji Qingying felt a severe headache coming on.

She glanced at the person next to her, not knowing whether she should laugh or cry, and asked, “Do you often visit this haunted house”

Ye Zhenzhen nodded.

“I come here whenever I want to get stimulated.”

Ji Qingying: “…”

This hobby of hers was one that also made other people worried.

The two went in holding hands and the moment they entered, there was a cold wind blowing directly on their faces.

The cold wind made people lose their courage at the beginning itself.

Ji Qingying took a deep breath and tried hard to tell herself,It is fake.

It is fake over and over again.

There was nothing to be scared about.

Both of them continue to walk forward.

After walking around the corner, the sound of someone watching TV suddenly rang in their ears.

Ji Qingying suddenly got goosebumps all over her body and she carefully turned her head.

What caught her attention was a pool of blood on the wall.

Her heart beat faster.

She didnt have the time to react, Ye Zhenzhen suddenly shouted, “Ahhhhh!”


“Sister Ji quickly run! The ghost is about to catch you.”

Ji Qingying: “”


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