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Chapter 36: A Date With Dr.

Fu (1)

His voice, which was neither light nor heavy, fell into her ears.

It made Ji Qingyings heart thump erratic.

She felt that she was going to become crazy.

Even if Fu Yanzhi had only called her name, it made her panic and made her heart hammer even faster.

Ji Qingying couldnt bear it and knocked her head on the coffee table to wake herself up.

“Im here.”

Fu Yanzhi: “…”

He was quiet for a moment, then with a smile in his voice, he said, “ Eat.

I am hanging up.”

Ji Qingying finally got what she wanted, so there was no need for her to force the conversation anymore.


She licked her lower lip and looked at the beautiful jasmine flower in front of her and whispered, “Then let me tell you one more thing.”


Ji Qingying smiled brightly as her smile blossomed through her eyes and showered over the entire room.

“Ive been coaxed, Ji Qingying has been completely coaxed by someone.

She appreciates it.”

Fu Yanzhi smiled, “Go and eat.”


They hung up.

Ji Qingying picked up the jasmine flower on the table and sniffed it, taking in the faint scent.

It smelled good.

And, it was a smell that she liked.

She stood up and looked around for something she could use as a beautiful flower vase before she finally sat down to eat.

Fu Yanzhi had asked someone to bring the meal over in an insulated lunch box, so the food was still hot.

Like it had just been cooked.

The smell was so good that Ji Qingying couldnt find any words to describe it.

She felt that the rice was sweet and so was the soup.

Even the braised pork rib was sweet.

It was like biting into a block of honey and feeling the sugary syrup flowing out.

She was surrounded by sweetness.

Over at the hospital.

Fu Yanzhi stood still after finishing his call for quite some time, trying to suppress the smile that was in his eyes.

Then he put his phone away and began his walk back towards the office.

Su Wanying had been waiting at his door for a while.

After observing Fu Yanzhi who left the cafeteria she got up too and quickly followed him.

Seeing him taking a call on his phone, she kept silent and didnt disturb him.

She knew that Fu Yanzhi didnt like people who were impolite and made an issue out of things for no reason.

So she stood at a distance.

Su Wanying just stared at him, she couldnt clearly see Fu Yanzhis facial expression, but she could faintly feel it.

He seemed to be smiling and in a relaxed mood.

A frown formed on her face showing her feelings of slight unease.

She looked at him with a burning desire and couldnt hide her bright eyes.

It was only after she had waited for a long time that she saw Fu Yanzhi walk over.

Su Wanying quickly stood up.

“Fu Yanzhi.”

She called out to him when he was about to pass by her.

Fu Yanzhi looked at her indifferently.

“Doctor Su.

How can I help you”

Su Wanying pursed her lips.

“There is something I want to discuss with you regarding a patients condition from last time,” she replied enthusiastically.

Fu Yanzhi agreed.

“Lets talk in the office.”


Su Wanying lowered her head, unable to hide the glee in her eyes.

She followed Fu Yanzhi into the office, and was about to shut the door when he uttered “There is no need to close the door.”

Taken aback, she looked at him in surprise.

Fu Yanzhi casually said, “Just let it be open.”


Su Wanying felt something was off but didnt think much about it.

She pulled a chair and sat down.

Fu Yanzhi raised his eyes and asked, “Which patient”

Su Wanying was an anaesthetist and had been on the operating table with Fu Yanzhi.

They had even worked together so many times.

But at this moment, the topic that she had casually brought up as an excuse to talk to him, was about to be exposed.

“The last one.”

Su Wanying calmed herself and racked her brains for even one point she could ask him about.

Fu Yanzhi nodded and expressed his opinion right away.

In less than five minutes, Fu Yanzhi said everything he wanted to and even reminded her about the precautions.

After he finished speaking, he looked towards Su Wanying.

“Is there any problem” he asked.

Su Wanying shook her head.

What Fu Yanzhi meant to say was very obvious, the words and behavior he just used were the ones he used to convince the visitors to leave.

“Oh, by the way, Doctor Fu.”

Fu Yanzhi raised his head.

Su Wanying smiled and asked, “You are not on duty tonight right How about we have a meal together”

Fu Yanzhi immediately refused.

“There is no need, thank you.”

The smile on Su Wanyings face became stiff as she looked at him.

“Is something the matter”

Out of nowhere, Fu Yanzhis phone that was on the desk, buzzed.

He unlocked it and saw that he had received a message from Ji Qingying.

It was a photo.

Ji Qingying: [Finished eating.]

Fu Yanzhis lower lip bent subconsciously and he typed a reply: [En.]

Putting his phone away he looked at Su Wanying.

“Is there anything else”

He was indirectly implying to her to leave.

Su Wanyings face paled.

Her lips moved but she couldnt say a single word.

“There is nothing else…… then Doctor Fu, please take some rest.”

Fu Yanzhi nodded.


Soon after Su Wanying left, Xu Chengli came in with two bottles of yogurt and glanced at him suspiciously.

“What did you just say to Dr.


Fu Yanzhi glanced at him.

Xu Chengli smiled and pointed at his own face.

“Her face wasnt looking good.

Did you, reject her again”

Fu Yanzhi was quiet for a moment, then replied with, “Are you asking me to give her false hope”

Xu Chengli: “…”

He chewed on his lips and let out a sigh, saying,

“Hah, I also dont know whether to feel happy or sad for Dr.


Fu Yanzhi was quiet.

He would cut off most people who showed first signs of friendship from the get-go.

Su Wanying was a little bit different, it was not that she hadnt been cut off, but that they were colleagues.

They often worked together and sometimes some things were hard to point out.

But he could feel it.

So Su Wanying should understand too.


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