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Chapter 36: A Date With Dr.

Fu (2)

Fu Yanzhi didnt think much regarding this matter.

He was a selfish person and rarely used his own space and time for people he considered unimportant.

Two days in a row.

For two days in a row, Fu Yanzhi was so busy that he rarely took a break except for an hour in the afternoons.

Xu Chengli had also been the same.

Ji Qingying hadnt come to the hospital these past two days.

She had told Fu Yanzhi that she had to prepare for the national competition.

So for the time being she couldnt come to the hospital to deliver food.

Fu Yanzhi didnt really care about it too much.

But on the other hand, Ji Qingying had received lunch from the same restaurant in the afternoon for two consecutive days.

It was from Fu Yanzhi, to return politeness with politeness.

The next day, Fu Yanzhi didnt have a night shift.

After he got off from work, he told Xu Chengli everything regarding his patients conditions and what he should pay attention to.

Xu Chengli looked at him all puzzled.

“Why are you so talkative today”

He replied.

“In case there is something you cant handle, you can call me.”

They were on a 24 hours standby these past few days and there had barely been any time for them to rest during those hours.

Fu Yanzhi raised his eyes.

“Just in case.

Because I might not be able to come back in a hurry.” He said lightly.

Xu Chenglis eyebrows rose in slight surprise and he joked.

“Could it be that you are planning on traveling tomorrow”

Fu Yanzhi nodded.

“I have some things planned.”

After hearing this, Xu Chengli didnt care too much.

“Okay.” He replied.

“Dont worry, if any problems do occur, Im still here and the others are too.”


Be that as it may, Fu Yanzhi still added a few more details.

After he finished explaining and took his leave, he arrived at the lift entrance and met Zhao Yidong.

“Doctor Fu, finally got off from work”

Fu Yanzhi nodded.

There were many people in the lift besides them.

Other colleagues that both of them knew.

Zhao Yidong stared at Fu Yanzhi feeling a little complicated.

She couldnt figure out whether she should tell Fu Yanzhi about the gossip that she had heard.

Admittedly, Zhao Yidong too, didnt like Su Wanying, but talking bad about someone behind their back wasnt something she could do.

Although, it didnt seem like it would be that unpleasant of a topic either.

Many people had entered and exited the lift.

As Zhao Yidong kept thinking about it, she had soon reached the underground parking lot.

By then only she, Fu Yanzhi, and another colleague were left in the elevator.

“Xiao Donger, are you planning to freeload in my car to get a ride home”

Zhao Yidong returned to her senses and glared at her colleague.

“What nonsense are you talking about I was only thinking about some things just now.”

The colleagues laughed.

“You are really not going to catch a free ride”

“No need.”

Zhao Yidong looked in the direction where Fu Yanzhi was heading to and after thinking about it some more, she finally called out, “Doctor Fu.”

Fu Yanzhi turned back.

Zhao Yidong pursed her lower lip and trotted over.

“I want to talk about something.”

The morning light was faint.

Ji Qingying had slept well these past two days and so she had woken up early today.

She picked up her phone and glanced through it, there was a message from Fu Yanzhi.

Fu Yanzhi: [Come over here for breakfast at 7:30.]

Curling her lips, Ji Qingying replied: [I am awake.]

Fu Yanzhi was probably busy seeing as he hadnt replied to her message immediately.

Ji Qingying wasnt in a hurry and got up slowly then took a shower to freshen up.

She glanced at the weather.

The forecast said that the temperature was 30 degrees.

Going outside was indeed going to be a big test.She brushed her teeth, washed her face and applied some cleanser then finally make up.

Considering her set of actions, Ji Qingyings speed was quite fast.

After she finished tidying up herself she turned her head to look at the whole row of cheongsam hanging next to her in a daze.

What should I wear

Being at a loss for a few seconds, she sent a short message to Chen Xinyu.

Ji Qingying: [Photo.jpg.]

Ji Qingying: [What should I wear.]

Chen Xinyu directly called her.

“You want to go out on a date with Doctor Fu”

Ji Qingying laughed.

“You can say that.”

“Which one is good” She asked.

Chen Xinyu listened to her tone and replied with aTsk.

“Which one of those that you end up wearing wont look good The point is, do you know where you are going for a date”

Ji Qingying: “…”

She had left everything for Fu Yanzhi to decide and hadnt even asked.

Chen Xinyu seemed to have understood what she had in mind and her eyebrows rose in question.

“You dont know”


“Then you go and ask first then decide.

Just in case that you can figure out if the place you are going is suitable for a cheongsam or not.”

“Youre right.”

Ji Qingying said, “Okay, I will go and have breakfast first then ask him.”

She hung up the phone.

Ji Qingying walked for a bit and saw that Fu Yanzhis house door was open.

Like it was welcoming her.

She raised her eyebrows and knocked politely before looking to enter.

Fu Yanzhi was in the kitchen.

Ji Qingying entered the house and saw his back facing her.

He was still in his house clothes looking casual and relaxed.

He gave off an indescribable sense of gentleness.

After hearing a sound, Fu Yanzhi turned his head and saw who had entered his house.

His gaze stopped on her face for a moment, then slowly he looked away.

“Have a seat first.”


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