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The Vatican was a huge fan of the principle of presumption of guilt!

Agnes burst into anger.

That’s what I’m saying. 


Thesilid’s silence made the garrison nervous.

They seemed to be aware that it was unfair to treat the owner of the Holy Sword like this.


The voice calling for me had subsided a little.

“Yes, Terry.”

At this point, I just wanted Thesilid to quit everything, so I was willing to punch his way out with all my might if he asked for help.


“Can you turn your head”


I turned my head to the side.

Hearing a clanking sound, it seemed that he was being restrained by holding out his hand.

The Captain cleared his throat as if embarrassed.

“Ku-hmm, I thought Sir Thesilid would understand the decision to be fair.

Thank you for sticking to the principles.”


“Then let’s go.”

“Hold on a moment.

May I ask you one thing, Captain”

“Yes, yes.

Please speak.”

“I ask for my companion.

She is a person who has awakened divine power and came to be ordained a priest.”

“I see.

Leave it to me.”

The voice of the leader coming from the back of my head shows a strong sense of rejoicing.

After completing the request, Thesilid was immediately taken away and quietly disappeared.

There were no final greetings because I didn’t want to turn my head.

[‘The World-building God’ criticizes the ‘Strict Order and Goodwill’ denomination, saying that it’s full of deep-rooted evil in many ways.]

I know, right.

It’s a deep-rooted evil that I want to clean up.

“You came to be ordained a priest, right What is your name”

“It’s Ellet Rodellaine.”

Even if it was my voice, I heard a cold tone popping out.

It was only then that I realized that I was feeling pretty low right now.

The Captain of the garrison led me to the place where prospective priests lived.

As we followed in silence, he explained various things.

“Those who have awakened the divine power from the outside will be granted preliminary priesthood qualifications after passing a simple test.

Healing, consecration, and purification abilities are checked under the supervision of an initiate.

You don’t have to worry too much about the test because these are abilities that can be used as soon as you awaken your divine power.”


“However, we need to keep our body and mind in order to take the test.

That is why you are qualified to take the test only after you have been devout in mind and body by eating only bread, wine, and water in solitary confinement.”

What Bread, wine, and water Who controls my diet

That part was the most annoying, but the more important thing was somewhere else.

Yes, this is someone’s ploy to isolate me.

The mood was completely subdued, but the expression on my face steadily faked innocence.

“Thanks for the explanation.

I will faithfully follow the procedure.”


Now that you have arrived, please go to your room.”

I was assigned a small and shabby room for a low-level priest.

Lastly, the Captain disappeared, asking not to go outside unless it is unavoidable.

A room with an old wooden bed, a wooden stool chair, and a small worship platform for prayer.

Agnes looked around and expressed displeasure.


Information was added to reinforce rage.

Yes, it’s better to know and suffer rather than be unaware.

I sat down on a wooden stool.

It was time to take a break and try to control my mood.

Tap tap tap tap tap.

I heard fast, nervous footsteps coming through the wall.

It was clearly getting closer to where I was.

Tok, tok, tok! Clack!

A young paladin broke into my room.

He was a blonde man in his early to mid-twenties, but for some reason, he looked familiar.

As I watched in silence, he set the heavy basket down on the podium with a thud.

“Today’s meal is served.” 

Looking at the black, hard bread and sour wine, I feel bad again.

Then the other person looked at me from top to bottom.

It was a judgmental look.

He pulled one side of his mouth, laughed, and said.

“I came to see because it was a woman brought by Thesilid Argent, but there’s nothing special.

I just wasted my time.”

At this point, I thought I should remember the name at least.

“Who are you”

“Helcion O’Drek.

I am one of those who will be present when you are tested in three days.”

“Ah, Sir Helcion O’Drek.”


With just one family name, all hostility toward me was understood at once.

I smiled brightly, as I preferred things that are exact so I can get a clear distinction between things.

But the reaction of this guy called Helcion was strange.

Suddenly, his face stiffened and he scolded me sternly. 

“Keep the good manners in order.”


“That simpleton fool might have been snatched that way, but this doesn’t make me bat an eye.”

For a moment, I almost established a bad prejudice against the people of this conservative denomination.

Thanks to the laughing Agnes, I was able to keep my calm.

[‘The World-building God’ yells at who is this guy to tell you what to do.]

[‘The Scales that Judges the Soul’ mocks and laugh at the excessive self-consciousness of the ignorant man.]

Helcion began to give a speech.

“Listen carefully.

After the confirmation of your divine power in three days, you will receive catechesis for one month.

Then you must again serve the order for one more month before you can be ordained.

During this service period, you will be taking care of chores along with the Knights of Grace, to whom I belong.”

“As the vice-captain of the Knights of Grace, I will tell you in advance.

I hate incompetent healers.

In particular, I despise those who want to be treated pridefully like healers while boasting of their insignificant healing power.”

Eventually, curses came out of Agnes’ mouth.

“That heal, it would be wise to use it on the strongest among the Paladins.

If you come under me, you’ll behave yourself.

Then I’m done.”

Bang! I stared at the closed door.

[‘The World-building God’ is indignant at the fact that you have to pretend to be under this underhanded show-off bastard.]

[‘The Troubled Architect of the Tower of Trials’ beats his chest in frustration.]

[‘The Spoiler Inspector’ massages the back of his neck.]

[‘The Critic who adjusts the balance’ is disappointed that you didn’t say a single thing back.]

[‘The Scales that Judges the Soul’ watches you without saying a word.]

I reached into the basket.

“Good question, Agnes.”

My hand picked up the wine bottle and opened the lid.



After emptying the bottle, I wiped my lips with the back of my hand.

“I was originally thinking about two plans.

The first plan was to quietly be ordained a priest and, as a healer, follow Thesilid through the dungeons he was going to subdue.”

[‘The World-building God’ is dissatisfied with the plan of being part of the evil denomination.]

“Can’t you say it’s moderate”


[‘The Scales that Judges the Soul’ is looking forward to hot cider.]

My eyes sunk.

“In fact, I feel really bad today.”

I waited for three hours, witnessed the live-action version of the sweet potato in front of my eyes where Thesilid was treated unfairly, and got into a stupid quarrel that was unilaterally raised by a crazy idiot.

Above all, bread, wine, and water.

This church was really bent over in crossing the line.

This time and experience were enough to radicalize my moderate plan. 

I laughed by pulling the corners of my mouth.

[‘The Critic who adjusts the balance’ likes your ‘I’m going to screw-you-all’ smile.]

[‘The Eyes that watch over the chaos of all things’ likes your eyes filled with energy.]

“It’s simple.”

If you conform to the system and discipline as a low-level person, I will explode with frustration.

I felt like I could do something only if I had power.

“I should become a Saint.”

[‘The Critic who adjusts the balance’ expects an unprecedented Heretic Saint.]

[‘The Spoiler Inspector’ is dumbfounded at the signs of you destroying the original work, asking if you are trying to take the heroine position of the Saint.]

[‘The Scales that Judges the Soul’ welcomes the job change optimized for a 19 reverse harem romance.]

[‘The Troubled Architect of the Tower of Trials’ agrees with your plan, saying that the higher the tower and the higher the position, the better.]

As always, the gods encouraged me by making use of their individuality.

Except for the most important one.


[‘The World-building God’ hardens.]

[‘The World-building God’ is shocked and questions whether you are trying to become a Saint of a God who left the house.]

[‘The World-building God’ says this is an act of apostasy and runs away with a broken heart.]

“Ah, my Lord!”


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