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[ The connection with the ‘The World-building God’ has been lost.]

Do-Don’t tell me…was I blocked Ugh, I knew it would be like this.

That’s why I wanted to go with a moderate plan as much as possible.

[‘The Creative Business Manager’ says that ‘The World-building God’ seems to be seriously pissed off.]

As I let out a deep sigh, Agnes, who was quick-witted, asked.

“Yes…First of all, I need to relieve World God’s heart.

I wonder if I can get permission……”

Then a helping hand came down.

[‘The Scales that Judges the Soul’ says that there is a good way to use for that guy.]

“Really What is it Please tell me quickly!”

At my request, Libra immediately started talking about how to relieve World God’s mood.

I listened attentively from beginning to end.

[‘The Scales that Judges the Soul’ smiles happily and asks if you can really do it.]


If it’s for World God, anything.”

[‘The Scales that Judges the Soul’ looks at you with admiration.]

I jumped up and put the satchel bag on my shoulder.

“Agnes, I have something to do!”

“Shopping, I’m going to buy a present.”

When the space transfer was over, an alleyway that I had once visited opened in front of me.

I took familiar steps and entered an occult fortuneteller-like shop at the end of the street.

The VIP point shop I visited after a few months was the same as before.

Owner Grandma, who was on the other side of the store, greeted me with a scented candle smoking pipe.


Long time no see.”


How have you been”

“Hoho, I’m glad that business is doing well these days.

But you don’t look that happy.

Is your boyfriend too clingy”

“As I said, I don’t have a boyfriend.”

After exchanging brief greetings, we started trading right away.

“Do you want to look around or are you looking for something” 

“I want to buy the ‘Holy Grail of Ritual’.”

“That is expensive.

And the price varies widely depending on the options.”

“……Are there any types available within 72,000 points”

I wiped away all the remaining points I had with tears in my eyes.

“Hohohoho, then this would be perfect.”

A huge jewel-encrusted golden chalice appeared in front of me.

Rather than the visuals, I looked at the options.

[ ‘ 6 Holy Grail of Ritual’

It is a holy grail used in sacred ceremonies.

Starting from level 5, options are added with each level of success enhancement.

Current options effect:

( 5 Lv.) Toxic purification of drinks

( 6 Lv.) Improving the flavor of alcohol]

It is a pretty solid option and it would be useful in everyday life too.

I was struggling to rationalize my overspending, but God Grandma called for a mind-blowing price.

“72,000 points.”

“What kind of price is so unreasonable Please give me a little discount.”


“You sold the floppy disk at a high price the other day.

You gave me a second-hand item that was way more than half used.”

“Ku-hum! A deal that has already been completed is not something to negotiate upon.”


After staring at her for a long time without saying a word, the old lady gave way about half a step.

“I can’t give you a discount.

Instead, I’ll give you a fortune as a service.”

“A fortune telling”

It was out of the blue, but not awkward.

The store itself looked like a fortuneteller lair. 


Agnes, who has a girlish taste, encouraged me, so I sat down, although I was not convinced of the results.

God Grandma took out a purple orb and pretended to rub it with both her hands.

“What do you want to see between money luck, love luck, or job luck It’s definitely love luck, right”

“Job luck.

I will be changing jobs soon.”

“Yes, dating is important.

If you have pink hair, you’re a full-on Rofan.”

“It’s job luck.”

“Let’s see.

The most handsome, kind, and clingy guy around you……”

“I won’t watch it unless it’s job luck.”

“……In fact, I can only see love luck.”

I got up from my seat.

“I’ll come back later.”


I stopped at the urgent voice.

God Grandma glared at her orb and earnestly said.

“There is an aura of conspiracy hanging over your handsome guy.

At this rate, he might end up on a rough ride during the upcoming Harvest Festival!”

I responded calmly.

“I know everything because I’m a Transmigrator.”


“Why are you smiling like that”

“There is a man who immediately comes to mind when you hear the word ‘handsome’!”

“……I’m really going, goodbye.”


It doesn’t seem like the time yet.

Keep up the hard work of destroying the original.

I’ll check it again then.”

“Yes, yes.”

After answering half-heartedly, I left the store and came back to reality. 

The feeling of floating disappeared and my body settled into a shabby room in the corner of The Vatican.

I set the glittering chalice on top of the prayer platform.


“Yes, I’ll take off my necklace for a moment.” 

It’s hard to wear relics from other religions during our religious event. 

“If you don’t like it, will you convert”

I thought she would talk back the other way around, but only silence returned.

Hmm, is there room for conversion

Anyway, I prepared for the ceremony. 


I filled the chalice with the remaining wine from the bottle I had drank before.

As soon as it was poured, light flashed for a moment, and the color and scent of the liquor changed.

It seems that the effect of the 6th Lv.

enhancement ‘Improving the flavor of alcohol’ was activated.

[ The ‘Holy Grail of the Ritual’ is filled with alcohol.

Please select a God to whom you will raise your presence  by prayer.]

“The World-building God.”


The inside of the chalice turned pure white and bright as if it contained not alcohol but light.

The ceremony began.

I took a deep breath and spoke reverently.

“World God, please unblock me, my Lord.”

I was anxiously waiting for another connection failure message to appear.

[‘The World-building God’ says that you were never blocked.]

“My Lord!”

I was so happy that I called out in a loud voice without even realizing it.

Uh-hmm, I need to calm down

When I started to think about what to say first.

Unexpectedly, World God was the first to open the door to conversation.

[‘The World-building God’ asks if you want to be a Saint of an evil denomination.]

I don’t know if it was only my assumption, but I felt his will to listen.

Taking a neat upright position, I opened my mouth instead of using my thoughts, because I wanted to have a real conversation. 

“Rather than wanting to do it, I thought I had to.

We can’t just waste time because of the denomination and let the SS-class world you created perish.”

[‘The World-building God’ is solemnly silent.]

“Actually, I am very sorry about this.

Now that the tutorial is over, I have to spread the faith of World God to the world, but I’m being cautious because this is an exclusive monotheistic worldview.”

[‘The World-building God’ say that he does not wish for you to suffer being accused of heresy.]

Starting with that, World God began to reveal his position.

[‘The World-building God’ admits that he was not serious earlier.]

[‘The World-building God’ confesses that he didn’t like the situation because he felt like a precious apostle was being taken away by a God who had left the house.]

[‘The World-building God’ It’s enough that you’re the only believer in the world and there’s no need to spread your faith unreasonably.]


How can a small church for one person be okay 

I didn’t expect to hear such unconventional words.

I spoke out a little impulsively.


That’s not enough, sir.

I think there should be a god like World God in this world.”

[‘The World-building God’ eyes shone.]

If I do missionary work, faith increases and divinity increases in proportion, and my privilege and buffs rise due to this pyramid business.

This is a definite benefit to me.

In fact, however, there is a much more important significance in spreading faith.

This is a world that God abandoned.

By definition, there are parts that naturally do not function properly and creak, barely maintained by the returns of the main character.

In other words, this world needed a new God to replace the God ‘Strict order and Goodwill’ that had left the house.

“World God is not an option, it’s a necessity.”

[‘The World-building God’ asks if you are serious.]


I answered firmly.

[‘The World-building God’ agonizes.]

[‘The World-building God’ makes a decision.]

[ ‘The World-building God’ gives you a quest.]

[ Step 1 of the missionary work of the Leader from the World Order Denomination (difficulty: unknown)

You have a mission to spread the faith of the ‘The World-building God’ on the continent of Serentra.

However, due to the ostracizing nature of the deep-rooted evil denomination, there is a high probability of being judged as a Heretic if you preach about World God.

First, for safe external activities, let’s get a job disguised as a Saint from the deep-rooted evil church.

Success reward:

Failure penalty: none]

[ Quest has been forcibly accepted.]

Target designation without penalty.

It was virtually unconditional permission to go ahead.

I laughed my head off. 

“World God, thank you.”

[‘The World-building God’ clears his throat.]

“Don’t block me from now on……”

[‘The World-building God’ feels wronged, he never blocked you.]

“Please stay by my side and protect me.”

This answer came after a long time.

[‘The World-building God’ says it will overprotect you.]

As expected, this feels so good.


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