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Bianca couldn’t believe the sight in front of her.

Something happened to her friend who came in front of her as if protecting her.

Ellet’s body was enveloped in white light, and her two feet floated in the air.

Her cherry blossom-colored hair was changed to luscious silver, and her peridot-like eyes gleamed in gold.

The appearance of Ellet, covered with divinity powerful enough to shake her whole body, was as foreign as myths and legends.

In that form, Ellet faced a fearsome necromancer undead demon.

“Mercury’s Barrier.”


“Divine Punishment.”




The owner of the dungeon instantly turned into ashes and disappeared.

‘Wow, did you defeat him’

Bianca’s question was answered by the environmental change in the dungeon.

The red moon melted and disappeared like ice cream, and the darkness lifted to reveal a clear sky.

With the sky without a single cloud in the background, Ellet looked back at Bianca.


Bianca looked up at her, feeling overwhelmed.

The miraculous savior before her eyes seemed to be the second coming of God itself.

At that time, Ellet released the divinity with a sigh.

Her body, which had been floating, settled on the ground and returned to its original form.

“Let’s see…..the reward is one passive skill and one special item.

The notoriety that resonates in the underworld A Tomb Raider’s treasure bag I’ll have to check it out later.”

Ellet, who had roughly picked up an old book and satchel bag, turned to Bianca.


Let’s go back for-“



Bianca grabbed Elliet’s hand and pushed her face, her rabbit-like red eyes were filled with emotion.

Ellet was a precious friend she barely made.

On top of that, after going through adversity and hardships, friendship had no choice but to strengthen.

Besides, emotion was not the only thing Bianca felt.

“Eli is an apostle of God! Right Right”


“You defeated the Demon Baron by yourself.

To have such tremendous divine power at your age, you must be an apostle of God.

Isn’t it”

“Uh… that’s right.”

Since I was the first believer in ‘The world-building God’, it could be said that it was perfect reasoning.

As I nodded my head, a little dew formed on the corners of Bianca’s eyes.

“Ah…God did not forsake this world, but sent Eli.”

Then, suddenly, a message shown only to Ellet appeared.

[ Converted an atheist to a believer.

As the first believer of the ‘The world-building God’, the people you preach automatically become believers of the ‘The world-building God’.

The divinity of the ‘The world-building God’ increases.]

[ Due to the increase in the divinity of the ‘The world-building God’, the ‘favoritism’ and ‘privilege’ effects will slightly increase.]

‘This is… multi-level marketing!’

Ellet, unintentionally, got into the pyramid scheme.

Bianca began to ask Ellet this and that.

“Then, will Eli also join a subjugation team and subdue dungeons” 

“Oh, yes.

Maybe it will be like that… sniff.”

Bianca’s question prompted Ellet to seriously consider her career path.

Even after transmigrating in this S-Rank novel with a ridiculous survival difficulty, it seemed that she could not escape that fate

As the main character was not able to properly play his role, there was a high possibility that salvation would have to be done by herself. 

Meanwhile, Bianca lit up her eyes as if she was too excited.

“I want to help too!”


“I can’t fight, but I can do other things.

Do you need a guild headquarters to conduct subjugation activities around the Serentra Continent I will fully support Eli as the next Head of Gillette.

Leave the subjugation guild’s manpower management, money management, and various administrative tasks to me.”

“Uh… Really”

“Yes! Use me as Eli’s aide.

I am sure I will do well.”

“Th-thank you, Bia.”

“I am more grateful.”

Bianca smiled shyly with a blushing face.

“Eli is my lifesaver.

Thank you so much.”


It was then that I felt a little chilly.

“Uh, uh…”


My head pounded, and extreme vertigo came over me.

[ Due to unreasonable use of Holy skills, you got ‘God fever’.

Sleep is recommended for recovery.

Time remaining 1 day 23 hours 59 minutes.]

‘Ah, nothing is free in this world.’

It was unreasonable to use Descent on a body without divine powers.

Ellet vowed not to overuse her skills again.

“Bia… I’ll leave it to you.”

“No, Eli! Don’t die! We’re finally friends, I can’t let you go like this!”

“I’m not going to die…”


Ellet collapsed in Bianca’s arms and blacked out.

That day, there was a riot in the Holy Country of Elpenheim.

“He! He has come!”

“Oh oh oh!”

In the depths of the Holy City, there was a great turmoil in a certain Hall.

It was not a special holiday, but the cardinals were gathered in one place.

They shed tears of joy as they gazed at the auspicious white light shining on the oracle altar.

In the center of them, the elderly pope also had tears in his eyes and reverently drew the holy sign in the air.

“Alas, the altar of the oracle is reacting strongly! This…this is definitely a Descent!”

The cardinals exclaimed with joy.

“A few weeks ago, I felt extraordinary divinity! God has answered our earnest prayers!”

“After all, the merciful one, will not allow creation to perish!”

“The only reason for an oracle to not be given for a hundred years was to test our faith!”

“Amen! Hail to order and the goodwill of all things!”

As a perishing world setting, there were signs that the gods had abandoned the Serentra Continent.

The representative example of that was the gradually weakening divine power and the end of long-established oracles.

But now, a divine descent, which has never been seen in history, has occurred.

This was a tremendous grace that could not be compared with an oracle.

In a world that is perishing, salvation is more desperately needed.

It was natural to feel a sense of helplessness, but even then, there were cardinals pouring cold water on the ones in a joyful atmosphere and making remarks about their beliefs.

“You can’t be happy yet.

Because it is presumed that the place where the Descent took place is not in this Holy Country of Elpenheim, but in the Kingdom of Vinchester.”

“That’s right.

It is painful to know that the vessel of grace was born outside the Church.”

It was a very nationalistic remark, but everyone could relate to it.

“It’s strange that there could be such a worthy vessel in the Kingdom of Vinchester.” 

“Isn’t this a man of strong political influence hiding his power from the church in the countryside”

“In any case, it is impossible for such a precious person to be in a land full of unbelievers!”

“That’s right.

They must be brought to Sanctuary as soon as possible and be appointed as a Saint.”

“Let’s set up a search party right now!”

Cardinals actively exchanged opinions with each other.

Suddenly, the Grand Chapel became a meeting place for those in power who were responsible for the Holy Country.

On the other hand, there were more people spying on the divine light from the balcony on the 4th floor of the Grand Chapel.

They were young boys in white robe uniforms, indicating that they belong to the Vatican.

They were some of the special children the denomination has been working hard to raise in the name of saving the world. 

Looking at their bodies one by one, something in common could be seen.

They were engraved with a stigmata that forcibly opened the divine power.

Now, those children were very uncomfortable with the news.

“They used to say every time that we were the hope to save the world.”

“That’s great.

Saving the world didn’t fit my aptitude.

I’m going to take this opportunity to go away.”

“You’re talking nonsense.

Do you think the denomination will let us go”



“Yes, they won’t.

Even if world peace comes, they will use us for the rest of our lives to keep the powers of Vinchester Kingdom and the Ragneif Magic Republic in check.

To that end, they purposely picked up orphans and even transplanted stigmata.”

“Hm, now that you say it like that, it makes sense.

You are quite smart, aren’t you”

“You are not enough are you”

“What, do you want to fight”

“No, don’t bully the weak supporter.”

As the black-haired child quickly changed his stance, the blonde-haired child walked away with a smile.

After the quarrel, the two children looked around as if they suddenly remembered.

“But why is he so quiet… Hey, hey, look at his eyes.” 

There was one more child on the side of the railing where the two of them looked.


He was a boy who looked like an angel in a painting hanging in a noble’s castle, with beautiful silver hair and eyes the color of the sea.

The child looked at the light pouring down on the altar of the oracle as if he had lost not only his gaze but also his soul.

The other two children whispered as if to make him listen.

“His eyes are very fierce.”

“I wonder if he thinks someone who monopolizes the love of God has come.

The railing is old, so be careful, all right”

The silver-haired child did not reply, as if he could not hear.

The two children, feeling sorry for this, took the same side in the gossip.

“Hey, aren’t those eyes of jealousy”

“Right Is it because the light is proof that God has someone it loves more than him”

Then the silver-haired child turned to them.

“Jealousy is one of the Seven Deadly Sins.

It’s not good to joke about that.”

“……Ah, tsk.

Every time he’s like that I get annoyed.

You always sound like an old cardinal or a grandmother.”

“Huh, that should be enough to be favored by, ‘order and goodwill, isn’t it”

“This guy.

He won’t even talk to this Tanker nor that Healer even if they beg.”

“Are you still hanging out with Olna”

“……Ha, I’ll just go away.”

As the two of them clashed, the silver-haired child swiped the scar on his left wrist and secretly swallowed a sigh.

‘I’m really in trouble.’

…But the problem is that I can’t even explain the situation.

Anyway, that wasn’t the point now.

Again, eyes that had the heavenly color of the sea flew toward the altar and narrowed.

‘Is it just me It seems a little different from the feeling of ‘order and goodwill’.”

(Note: There was no name for their God, but I’m thinking ‘order and goodwill’ is how they call their God who left them for dead.)

It didn’t make sense even thinking about it.

A Saint or a Heretic.

The boy, who quickly disposed of the profane suspicion, looked at the light again with reverent eyes. 

‘Who is it’

Curiosity arose as strong as a thirst.

Desire lingered in the eyes of the young protagonist, Thesilid Argent, as he followed the light.


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