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A small human figure appeared, rustling through the bushes nearby.


“Bianca Since when did you……”

From the beginning.


It wasn’t just the quaint scenery that made the Countess choose the outdoors as the teatime location.

Her daughter, who had chosen a place that naturally had a lot of cover to provide as a hiding place, recommended it.

From now on, it was talk time for the granddaughter and grandmother.

“I didn’t know Grandma had such an ability.”

“…Death-related abilities are not often disclosed because people tend to avoid it.”

“Is it true that you treated me like that because I was destined to die soon It’s not that you didn’t like me”

“I’m really sorry.

If I got attached to you, I fear I would not be able to stand it later….I couldn’t say a word of kindness as a grandmother should nor I could hug you……….I was afraid of the wounds I would receive, so I wounded your young self.”


Watching the misunderstandings clear up, I smiled happily.

“If it’s okay, why don’t you and this grandmother have tea together”


Now it really felt like I had to get out of the way.

It was the time when I was about to sensibly get up after swallowing the macaron.

“Ellet, thank you very much.

I owe you a lot.

I don’t know how to thank you back.”

“Ah, you already gave me the necklace earlier as a thank you.”

“That’s a payment for a favor, so it’s a separate thing.”

“It’s all right……”

No, wait! This is not the time to reflexively refuse something!

‘God! ‘The world-building God’! Are you here, World-God!’

[‘The world-building God’ rushes over and asked what was going on.]


We are set for the private use of public power.

“Well……Then I would like to ask you a small favor.”

“What is it”

“I want to see the Vatican!”

Will it work Will it It’ll work, right 

Cardinal Cattleya answered without hesitation.

“You are a very faithful child.

Now is just around the time when children flock to the Vatican to have their sacred test done.

It’s not a difficult request.”

A message popped up.

[‘The world-building God’ admires your skill.]

[ ‘The world-building God’ consumes the probability and makes a quest for you.]

[ A high-grade herb that is misunderstood as a weed (Difficulty: F)

Gather the herb ‘Elephantipes’ that grows by eating plenty of divine power in the Vatican.

Success Reward: Fresh Elephantipes’ Seedlings

Failure Penalty: None]

[ Do you want to accept the quest (Yes/No)]

Of course, choose ‘Yes’!

“Then let’s go together in three days.”


In this way, all the conditions were satisfied.

Now, let’s go digging weeds! And sweet potatoes*!

(Note: She’s talking about the ML)

Meanwhile that evening.

Bianca looked at me with a slightly flushed face.

I thought she’d tell me how she enjoyed a cozy time with her grandmother. 

“This isn’t your first time in life, is it”

Instead, I was openly questioned about my secrets.

It was something meant to happen one day because Bianca was a quick-witted friend.

Besides, at the tea-table, we talked a lot about this and that.

[‘The Spoiler Inspector’ was dispatched after receiving a report of a spoiler alert.]

[‘The Spoiler Inspector’ opens his eyes towards you.]

A new one appeared.

Huff, what should I do What should I say As long as I don’t rebel against the setting….

Then Bianca put her index finger to my lips.

“Shh, don’t say anything.”


“People can’t usually say things like this because it’s taboo.

Just listen comfortably, Eli.”


“I didn’t ask my grandmother, but I thought about the conversation between the two of you during the day.

Grandmother said Eli was special.

She probably said it based on the life span of your life and the remaining life span.

Those who have death-related abilities cannot recklessly comment on the future.”


“I guess the length of time Eli has lived is different from your physical age.

Somehow, you didn’t feel like my age.”

……I’m sorry, Bianca, but it might be a little unique to base it on your mental age.

“Eli is not a disguised demon, you’re definitely a human.

I looked up books, I found that there were several cases of people with unique lifetime expectancy.”

The meticulousness of going all the way to the library. 

“Grandma said that you were ‘the one who came back’, which means regression, right But I think differently.”

I gulped down dry saliva. 

“It’s not about regression, it’s about reincarnation.

If you had come back and knew the future, your personality wouldn’t have let me get involved in the dungeon.”


You’re really sharp.

It’s basically transmigration, but it’s also true that I was reincarnated.

[‘The Spoiler Inspector’ argues that if you make an admiring expression here, it’s basically affirming it.]

That’s none of my business, right Anyway, I didn’t say anything.

It’s not my fault that Bianca is smart.


While I was proud that I had a good friend, Bianca grabbed my hand.

“I think I’m very lucky to have a friend who is both an apostle of God and a reincarnate.” 


“I’ll keep Eli’s secret to myself.

Don’t worry.” 

“Yes, thank you.”

I have a friend who shares many of my secrets except for transmigration.

It feels like our friendship was getting stronger…..

“Then how old is Eli”

“……That’s a secret.”

“Age doesn’t matter between friends.”

“Well, maybe later.”

“All right.”

One day, I will tell you from my side, or Bianca will notice first.

Either way, it will be a complete secret.


Chapter 7.

It’s Dangerous Outside the House


“Huff, this will be enough luggage for me.”

“……Eli, are you thinking about not coming back forever”

“No, why”

Currently, I was arranging and checking my luggage for the trip before putting it on my inventory.

Basic clothes and toiletries.

An over-the-counter medicine and sleeping pills to help when I have trouble adjusting to a foreign place.

And lastly, lots of healing potions and plenty of emergency food just in case.

It was a great selection.

However, it seems that Bianca had a slightly different opinion.

“Aren’t you packing potions and emergency food enough to fill a wagon”

“You never know what life will be like, Bia.”

The survival difficulty inside the Count’s castle was F grade, but the outside world was S grade.

What’s wrong with being thoroughly prepared

……Of course, there is no possibility of getting caught up in a dungeon burst while on the road, as we will immediately transfer space from the Count’s Castle to the Vatican.

“Actually, I wanted to have a bit of a traveling feeling.”

I’ve never been on a trip like that in my previous life….

Only then did Bianca understood my honest reason and took my side.

“If you put it in the satchel bag, it doesn’t feel heavy and doesn’t rot, right While you are packing put this in and take it with you.”

“Oh, macaroons”


I specially asked Chef Peisha to cook it.

They say that the meal given by the Vatican doesn’t taste that good, so eat it secretly.”

“Thank you so much, Bia.

I’ll make sure to get you a present when I come.”

“There’s no need for a gift, please take care and come back soon.”

Bianca seemed to be disappointed that she would be separated from me for three days. 

She could have gone together, but starting today, Bianca began to receive training for her successor duties, it was unfortunate timing that she could not leave.

This was a change that came after spending a cozy grandmother-granddaughter time.

Bianca seemed to have announced in front of Cardinal Cattleya her ambitions to succeed the house and revive the swordsmanship in the family by bringing in a swordmaster as a son-in-law.

Excited, Cardinal Cattleya immediately summoned the Count and his wife and gave instructions to attach all kinds of masters and teachers to Bianca.

Thanks to this, Romdio, who had never doubted that the next count was to be him, was shocked and shaking. 

“It’s done.”

I finished the preparations by putting my luggage in the bag, changing into a comfortable dress, and hanging the necklace I received from Cardinal Cattleya.

I went out to the main gate with Bianca.

“Eli, you have to be careful.

Listen carefully to the Matron.”

“Don’t worry, Dad.”

“Are you okay with the way back I don’t want you to get lost.” 

“Ah, Brother.

We are going to warp all the way, why would I get lost”

The experience of being seen off by my family was as new as the trip itself.

“Then goodbye everyone! I will be back!”

After having received enough farewells, I approached Cardinal Cattleya. 

“Are you ready”


“Then let’s go.”

The light powder that was created as the space transition stone broke, wrapped around the two of us.

A white light engulfed my vision.


[ You have entered the Pan-El region, the capital of Elpenheim.

Adjusts the current time according to the time difference.]

“You can open your eyes now.” 


Although the light had faded, it was still dazzling.

It was because the water droplets splashed from all sides reflected sunlight.

I covered my eyes with my hand and looked around.


A whole new landscape unfolded in front of me.

Elegant arches and columns made of snow-white marble, clear fountains that flow like waterfalls along waterways spread everywhere, and dynamic statues of angels and saints.

It was an unrealistically beautiful place as if I had fallen into a new world.

[‘The world-building God’ is proud that he put effort into the graphics.]

To the extent that even the Creator was proud.

The sacredness filled itself with the added chant of the pipe organ that was being played somewhere. 

I raised my head steadily, unable to keep my mouth shut. 

In front of me was a huge arch carved like an entrance to heaven, waiting for me with dignity and majesty. 

“This is……”


It is the sanctuary of the Holy Country of God, the Vatican.”

We finally arrived at the natural habitat of our little doormat.


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