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‘Then what about the other timelines’

[‘The World-building God’ answers that ‘The Regressive World’ ignores all uncertainty and deletes your existence.]

‘Even in the memory of the main character’

[‘The World-building God’ says that the ‘axis of regression’ and the ‘regressed world’ are separate things.]


Although the world in which Thesilid regresses changes, the axis of his regression does not change.

In other words, the protagonist will always remember me while no one else will.

(Note: If you came until here, and are still confused, just think that ‘axis of regression’ works as a backup.

Terry has a backup for every death.

So he remembers everything from the previous timeline while living on the next timeline.)

But I couldn’t feel any positive emotions.

According to the World God explanation, in all episodes except for episode 17, I become a non-existent being.

From the perspective of the main character who remembers me in every timeline, isn’t it like being gaslighted by the whole setting

(Note: Gaslighted -> manipulate (someone) by psychological means into questioning their own sanity.

Also, it means that even if Ellet did change his past, if she doesn’t change anything on the Tutorial anymore, doesn’t save him from his first death, or the things she already changed don’t bring changes in his first sixteen deaths, Thesilid might think he’s going crazy until he finds Ellet on the 17th timeline.)

Doesn’t this mean that the main character can go crazy

[‘The Spoiler Inspector’ clicks his tongue, wondering if you can now understand why you shouldn’t do whatever you want during the tutorial period.]


I shrugged my shoulders.

In the midst of bickering between the World God asking who you are to nag at my believer, and the Inspector, who claps back telling him to educate them properly, Bianca came back from looking at the tombstones.

“Hias is squatting in front of the tombstone all day, and Agapan is wiping the dust until the stone wears out.

The other skeletons seem to like them a lot, though not to that extent.

Epiden wants you to say thank you as a representative.”

“That’s great.”

We also named the seven skulls serfs while erecting the monument.

Bianca and I used the names of flowers after much consideration.

Hias of Hyacinth, Agapan of Agapanthus, Epiden of Epidendrum, etc.

The skull beauty that I gave the cultivation skill is Epiden.

As amazing as it sounds, Bianca understands the skeletons very well.

It’s always fascinating to see.

Suddenly, I remembered something I should ask Bianca.

“Bia, can you get me some holy water”

“Holy water”

In order to raise Elephantipes, divine power is essential.

If I awaken divine power, I can make it myself, but that will only be possible after 943 days.

Of course, not counting the days I was rolling in my bed with God’s fever.

“It’s a herb that requires a lot of effort.”

“Yes, it’s worth it.”

It’s a key ingredient for the cure of the plague.

I don’t know how successful the breeding will be from now on, but at least we need to secure enough quantity to be used in the Gillette estate that Bianca will rule.

As if feeling motivated, Bianca told me the good news.

“The potion trade system is ready.

I have all the distribution channels and stores to deliver prepared, so all we need is the goods.”

“Already I think it’s been a month since you said that we should organize a Commerce Guild.”

“I got help from the treasurer, so it was quick.

It happened that commerce was included in the successor classes.

I told Father I wanted to start a business as part of my class, and he was happy to finance it.”

Great skill, drive, and timing were added for this job. 

Bianca handed me a note while I was lost in admiration.

“The first order quantity is about this much…How about delivery 15 days later”

“I’ll try!”

Since Bia has already laid down this much for the Guild, it was right to do it unconditionally. 

“Today, I will talk to Mr.

Rodellaine through the treasurer.

Eli is still young, so a guardian has to represent you.”


“Well, come to think of it, if you start a business in earnest, you will be busy, so it will be difficult to do the kitchen work in the morning.

I’ll take care of this too.

Just go say hello to Chef Paisha so she won’t be upset.”

“Ah, Bia……Thank you so much for taking care of everything!”

“……It’s not that much.”

Bianca’s voice became a little shy when I hugged her because I couldn’t overcome my emotions.

Smart and cute, too.

At that time, the skeleton, Epiden, who had awakened the cultivation ability, came to this side as if he had something to say.

Clattering! Clattering! 

He moved his joints vigorously by mixing hand gestures and footsteps, but…….

Hm, I have no idea what you’re talking about.

I’m sorry.

Bianca translated for me.

“Winter will soon come to the dungeon farm.

They need to prepare for the cold.”

“Do you understand that”

“I saw him trembling.”

Was that what it meant 

Even while I was surprised, Bianca and Epiden continued to communicate.

“Epiden says the winter on this farm is terribly cold.”

“How can he know that when he doesn’t have any flesh anymore……Well, that was harsh of me, sorry.

Anyway, he’s saying that farming will be disrupted, right”


Should we make a greenhouse What should we do”

“Don’t worry.

I picked up something good just in time.”

“Something good”

I rummaged through my satchel.

And, Ta-da! What I brought out in front of Bianca and Epiden was….

“A piece of charcoal”

“It’s the core of a Hellfire.”

I picked it up from the fireplace in the South Annex banquet hall.

According to World God, this Hellfire is an unusual ‘corrupted demon’.

He’s not interested in evil deeds even if he was born a demon, so he wouldn’t be a threat.

“Still, demons are evil, so we have to wake it up and look at the status to decide whether to use it or not.”

I lit the charcoal-like core on fire.

Helverus, the vegetarian Hellfire, was drawn to the warm energy and slowly regained consciousness.

Fortunately, it seems that he did not disappear.

However, the aftereffects of the damage to his core were great.

He was 300 years old, but now his body has become a small candle of 50 years old.

At that age, he was like a newborn baby.

If he opens his mouth like this, maybe only the sound of crying would come out….

Even if it wasn’t a cry, the words came out slurred.

Will the strength and dignity accumulated over 300 years disappear like this If he had endured a little longer, he could have been humanized.

He was so sad that it felt like he was going to burst into tears.

“Are you hungry”

A girl’s voice was heard from a distance.

As if his vision had deteriorated, the surroundings were blurry, so Helverus was wary and crouched not knowing who it was.

At that time, something was scattered over the heat, and it was burnt down by the flames of Helverus.

The fragrant scent that softly spread around was definitely dried grass.

He was after all a vegetarian.

He forgot his vigilance and devoured it.

“He eats very well.

He already ate a whole bag of herbal waste.”

“It’s the size of a fist but It’s getting bigger.”

“It looks like a pet.”

“Can I try feeding it”

“No, Bia.

It can bite you.”

Apparently, there were not one, but two girls.

My eyesight returned a little bit, and I was able to distinguish between fuzzy lumps and colors.

The pink girl broke the herbal waste into small pieces and asked.

“What is your name”

A calm attitude even in the face of a demon.

Not knowing what kind of high-ranking demon the opponent was, Helverus answered obediently.

“I see, Helverus.

Count Orsche’s Mansion dungeon was closed, so you can’t go back.”

“Actually, hospitality for you didn’t look good in Orsche’s mansion.

I picked your core that was rolling around in the fireplace.

If I had left it alone, you would have fallen into the Demon Realm’s garbage dump when the mansion closed down.”

The garbage dump in the Demon World was a place that was famous for being very cold.

Just imagining it was scary.

“……When he cries, the flame droops flat and a lot of water vapor comes out.”

“I feels like his shoulders are dropping.


You’re cute, so eat more.”

I nibbled at the long-thin stem the black girl offered me.

I was careful not to bite or burn her fingers.

The girl with pink hair tied in pigtails said. 

“Because our Bia likes you, I’ll make a special offer for you.”

“You could go underground and make geothermal heat.

If you do that, I’ll give you all the by-products left after harvesting on this farm.

What do you think”

It was then that Helverus was able to look around with his restored vision.

An enormous farm stretched all the way to the horizon.

The quantity of herbal by-products from this place would be enormous.

Just looking at the straws piled on one side, there were three huge piles.

The flames of Helverus were twinkling.


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