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“There is one among you who kicked my son-in-law out of the tower.”


In an instant, Karlon’s brain jolted.

This is it, the reason why the Prince thoroughly roasted me until now!

“……Hmmm, I think we’ve talked enough.

It was good tea.

As you said, I’m busy if government affairs, so I’ll go back now.”

“What Oh yes! Take care, sir.”

After the Prince had left, Karlon rejoiced that he had finally found a breakthrough.

But those feelings lasted only for a moment, and his old face was dyed with anger.

‘What kind of bastard!’

The one who dared to touch the Prince’s son-in-law and made me suffer because of it! If caught, I’ll never let you go!

“……Now that we know the reason, you guys have to work hard.”

“Yes, Master!”

Karlon summoned five of his most trusted and capable disciples to conduct a thorough investigation of the list of banned alchemists.

The disciples discovered the personal details of the man in question, and the reason for his expulsion and that made their eyes widen.

“Master, look at this.

Leonard Rodellaine! Rodel is in the name.”

“He is of an appropriate age and looking at his portrait, he was handsome.

Princess Elthea must have liked it too.”

“It is recorded that he was very talented towards potion alchemy.

The characteristics of the potions and pills released by ‘Rodel’ are similar.”

“This guy, no, this alchemist is definitely the Prince’s son-in-law.”

“Let’s see….”

The reason for his dismissal was that he stole research materials from his teacher, Hickim Sarmatan. 

Karlon was startled.

“Hi-Hickim What do you mean Hickim!”

Why is the name of the next potential Ivory Tower Chief candidate coming from here

‘Ah, no! No way!’


“Master! Here is a report on Professor Hickim and the Prince’s son-in-law in detail.”

“Oh, we are not sure yet, let’s not call him the prince’s son-in-law for now.”

“Master, with all due respect, it seems that he is indeed the Prince’s son-in-law.”


The contents of the report brought by the youngest, most capable disciple, were shocking.

Leonard Rodellaine was once a promising talent because of his excellent admissions results.

He was said to have been lined up with elders who wanted to make him a disciple, and Hickim, who was not an elder at the time and had not achieved much, snatched him away.

The trick employed was beyond lame and despicable.

It was the result of blatantly making use of manipulation of his self-esteem lying that the elders would not pick him because he was nothing much, to the accusation that there is a rule that if you do not find a teacher and quickly register within the day, he would be expelled.

“What Pretending to be kind, and coercing him to go under the tutelage, he basically made a connection by snatching it”

“Yes, sir! His personality is quite the opposite of you, teacher!” 

“If that’s true, he’s a complete bastard, isn’t he Youngest, is this reliable information”

“Master, do you not believe me I’m feeling sad.”

“I lied.

Our youngest is so cute that I forgot for a moment that you are the heir of the Dark Intelligence Guild Leader.”

“I understand.

I also forget sometimes because I am cute.”


Karlon finished reading the report, taking in the youngest’s nerve-stabilizing potion that was being handed down to him.

From the moment the rotten discipleship relationship was formed, it was a full-fledged start to tragedy.

Leonard’s performance, which the Ivory Tower was paying attention to, was sluggish, and on the other hand, Hickim was on the rise.

Leonard, who was expected by everyone as a raw stone, was easily forgotten and was treated as a stone by the roadside.

In the meantime, Hickim poured out research results to the extent that his incompetence just before his rise could not be understood.

The most remarkable achievement was in the field of regeneration potions.

A regeneration potion that regenerates amputated body parts.

If only this was developed, alchemy would no longer be treated as a backward technique when compared to divine power.

It was like the long-awaited project of the alchemy world, so Hickim received the support of numerous alchemists at once and was elected an elder of the Ivory Tower.

“……But could it be that all these great studies were stolen from the disciple”


In fact, there has been one such exposure attempt.”

“When! Why didn’t I know”

“Inevitably, Master was recovering from pneumonia, so it happened when Hickim was in full control of the tower.

It was before I enlisted.”

“Oh, then it must have been six years ago.”


That was the moment when the Prince’s son-in-law was expelled from the Ivory Tower.

It’s right on the back page.”

The courageous person who accused Hickim was an elder alchemist named Orca Getter.

He shouted the truth that Hickim had exploited the flaws of the apprenticeship system to intercept the research results of his disciple, Leonard.


“Hickim is also incredibly good at politics.”


After all, the only real skill he had was to play dirty tricks.”

Contrary to the accusation, evidence and testimonies began pouring out that the disciple was the one who stole Hickim’s research.

Public opinion swelled that Orca had framed Hickim because of jealousy, and all the newspapers of the Principality were busy covering for Hickim and swearing at Orca.

There was no implementation of true justice.

Orca faced a headwind and was dismissed from his position as an elder, and confined himself to the laboratory due to social phobia.

Leonard was silently kicked out of the tower.

“For reference, it is said that at the time of his departure, Leonard Rodellaine had a six-year-old son and a four-year-old daughter, both of whom had pink hair.”


Princess Elthea’s pink hair is famous.

The fact that he has a son and a daughter is also consistent with the existence of grandchildren mentioned by the Prince.

After checking all the information, Karlon finally came to a conclusion.

“Hickim Sarmatan! This is the culprit bastard! Go get him, now!”

“Yes, Master! What should we do “

The five disciples, who had their eyes shining, waited for the command.

It was the moment, the Ivory Tower Chief, who can exercise absolute power like a god within the tower, will show his real power.

We can’t wait to see it!

Karlon exclaimed.

“Call the 12 Elders under me, including Hickim! Right now!”

“An emergency meeting”

It was a sudden call, but I was able to quickly find a reason to understand the convocation.

These days, the financial situation of the Golden Ivory Tower was in jeopardy due to the pressure of the Prince.

‘What kind of crazy person goes against the Prince.


Hickim Sarmatan, was a middle-aged alchemist with the only hair left behind on his sideburns.

He confidently assumed that he wasn’t the crazy one.

He was born with the ability to win the favor of high-ranking people with great shrewdness.

The years of receiving research funds and donations from many people prove this.

In any case, the Tower Chief of this generation was a timid old man, so he did not know how to respond flexibly to political games.

This kind of problem would be over if Hickim himself went to the Prince and rubbed his hands once.

‘That’s why I have to be the Tower Chief.’

This is how crisis makes heroes.

I have to go to the emergency meeting and solve the problem by showing off my insight and ability to respond.

As the next Tower Chief, shouldn’t I be able to do this much

With that thought in mind, Hickim moved triumphantly to the Elders’ meeting room.

All the elders, including the Tower Chief, were already seated in the conference hall.

Hickim was proud of the fact that he was the last to appear, just like the main character.

“Haha, I’m a little late because I’ve been busy with research.”

“If you are here, sit down.”

Karlon, whose eyes are especially strange today, immediately started the meeting. 

“I will start the emergency meeting now.

The topic is the financial crisis the ivory tower is facing right now, as you all know.”

“Tower Chief.”

Hickey immediately took his butt off his chair and spoke.

“I think it is important to understand the motives behind the Prince’s intentions.

Fortunately, I’m an expert in this field.

If you send me as a representative of the Ivory Tower, I’ll be sure to find out what is making the Lord uncomfortable.” 


Karlon’s eyes widened even more towards the confident Hickim.

“Oh, Professor Hickim is reliable!”

“As expected of the candidate for the next Chief seat!”

The other elders around were busy throwing praises as chirping birds.

For them, it was certain that Hickim was the most influential as the next Tower Chief.

It must have been the desire to suck up and score on such an opportunity.

Karlon snorted his nose inside and accepted Hickim’s words.

“I am of the same opinion as you, Hickim.

I thought everything would be fine if I just sent you to the Prince.”

“I’ll take care of everything! As expected of the Tower Chief, you have a great eye for people.”

“But before that, I want to ask you a few questions.”


What is”

It felt good to be recognized in front of everyone and Hikim smiled broadly, with a mean face showing how confident he was to answer any question.

“Remember the name Leonard Rodellaine”

“…… ”

His face hardened while he was smiling, so he couldn’t hide his true color.

‘W-Why is that pushover’s name coming up here!’

Those who wanted to look good to Hickim bought time for him.

“Tower Chief, that would be an unpleasant name for Professor Hickim.”

“Hm-hum, why are you bringing up a story that’s more than six years old now”

“At that time, Professor Hickim had to suffer so much because of this absurd conspiracy…….”

At that time, the world was on his side thanks to the money he spent to wash public opinion.

Relieved, Hickim skillfully wore his pensive mask.

“You say Leonard Rodellaine……I don’t know why Tower Chief suddenly brought up that name, but of course, I can’t help but remember it.

It’s my sore finger.”

“A sore finger”

“He didn’t have any talent for alchemy, but he did a good job of documenting data, so he was a guy that I took under my wings, fed, and nurtured.

But, as we all know, that guy is the enemy of grace…”

A muffled groan resounded everywhere.

Thanks to the elders who moved in, Hickim performed even more passionately.

“No matter how impatient he was because research results were not being delivered, how could he have thought of stealing his own master’s research!”


“He was such a fool.

He happened to steal my research on regenerative potions.

The whole world knows that the regeneration potion is the achievement of this Hickim Sarmatan.

There’s no way anyone would believe an accusation that it was stolen from an apprentice.

Tsk, tsk!” 

At this point, the others will come in on their own.

“That’s right.

Why did he do something that would be revealed soon anyway”

“It was a felony that not even apprentices should be pardoned with!”

“Expulsion was the just price he paid for it.”

Karlon, who had been listening quietly, raised one hand and silenced the elders.

The question continued.

It still had something to do with Leonard Rodellaine.

“It turns out that Leonard was the father of two children, and he didn’t use a house in the capital, but worked hard commuting from a suburban hut.

An immediate disciple of an elder who has dependents to take care of, has good support for it, right What happened”

“What Ah, that… … .”

Because you pocketed his support money!

It was a trivial matter that no one had ever taken issue with.

Why is it that the supreme power in the Tower asking about that now

“H-His, wife……! Leonard’s wife was extravagant.

Leonard fell head over heels for a gold digger! He was a disciple with a lot of problems……but, what is the importance of this old story now”

Karlon later recovered his brazenness and shouted back at Karlon.

“Aren’t we talking about the Tower finances now This has nothing to do with the emergency meeting, does it”

Although Hikim’s excuse was lacking, it was true that it was off the topic of the meeting, so it was time for the elders to remain silent.

The Tower Chief, Karlon replied indifferently.

“I’m asking because it matters.”



“Oh, yes.

Tower Chief.”

“Professor Hickim.”

“Yes, yes.”

“Hey, Hikim, you bastard.”


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