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At the time Agnes and Ellet were forming their bonds as master and pupil, Thesilid was in a place full of crosses, like a cemetery.


A blood-stained, torn white uniform fluttered in the wind.

With each breath he took, the air mixed with ashes bitterly filled his lungs.

Suddenly, sparks rose from various places into the dark blue sky.

A-class dungeon, ‘The execution site of living sacrifices’.

On the iron crosses that filled the hillside, silhouettes that looked like human beings hung one by one.

It was a trace that people who got caught up in the dungeon sink had been used as sacrifices in the devil’s ritual.

Those victims were heretics.

The Church never gave burial to the dead who were not baptized by ‘Strict order and Goodwill.’

The bodies of the victims hanging on the Iron Crosses will flow into the Demon Realm’s garbage dump as soon as the dungeon is closed.

In fact, he could have saved them.

If only The Vatican had approved the entry into the dungeon a day earlier.

But now, it’s nothing but useless regret.

Thesilid closed his eyes.

All he could do after lowering his sword was pray for their soul.


The white giant monster fell and a cloud of dust rose.

Although visibility was not secured for a long time, I put my training whip-sword in its sheath.

A message popped up with the click of the metal parts coming together.

[ Congratulations! You defeated the 275th floor boss of the Tower of Trials, ‘The undead Boned-Dragon’.]

“It should be easy.

In the meantime, we have already caught ten dragons.”

The ten floors that I climbed after becoming an Aura Expert were the Dragon Slayer special training section.

Fire Dragon, Ice Dragon, Light Dragon, Darkness Dragon, Poison Dragon, Mountain Dragon, etc.

Since I’ve caught all of the demon dragons by attribute, I knew almost all the existing dragons’ weaknesses.

The undead demon dragon was nothing to me.

“I know, right.”

Architect…isn’t it a bit too much to use ten consecutive bosses like this

[‘The Troubled Architect of the Tower of Trials’ coughs in vain.]

Well, wouldn’t the end be almost in sight if even the dead dragon was already revived and recycled as an undead dragon

I decided to think positively.


The bones and dust clouds had just subsided.

I went into the ribs of the Undead Dragon and picked up the item. 

“There’s an alchemy material and one skill book……Oh, no weapons.”

“Hey, why don’t you give me a weapon It’s already on the 275th floor.

I think it’s about time for the Tower of Trials to give me a whip-sword.”

Instead of a whip-sword for training, I wanted to have one that I could use.

While grumbling, one dubious point came to my realization.

“Huh These bones are not going away.”

After defeating the boss in the Tower of Trials, the body would disappear after a certain period of time.

However, the bones of the Undead Dragon showed no sign of disappearing as if they had assimilated into the surrounding environment.

I tried to break the relatively stout dragon’s forelimb bones.

Of course, it was still bigger than my body.

The forelimb bones that boated delicate finger joints did not disappear even though they were separated from the main body.

“Wow, I can take this!”

“Everything has a purpose.”

Savoring the joy of getting an unexpected item, I put the bones in my satchel bag.

It was so big that I could only carry one left arm and the tip of the tail, but I think this should be enough.

“I’ll go outside for a moment before going up to the 276th floor.”

I went out through the exit gate.

I was set to arrive in my room via space transition.

It was time to step out of the annex building and walk toward the main building.

In the middle of the road, I found a very welcomed pink hair.

“Oh, it’s my brother.



Frintz, who was attending the military academy, came to the Count’s Castle after a long time.

Come to think of it, it was in the middle of summer when cicadas shouted. 

“It’s summer vacation from today.”


“Why didn’t you tell in advance I would have waited for you after making something delicious.”

“Well, I can come directly with the transfer stone anyway.”

I openly eyed Frintz in his cadet uniform.

In the few months I haven’t seen him, he has grown taller and had an even more handsome face.

Now in the fourth grade.

Eighteen-year-old Frintz grew up to show off both as a tall handsome man and a youthful boy. 

“But what about the scrond…No, I mean, what about Young Master Romdio Didn’t he come with you”

“The Young Master has seasonal supplementary study.

He must have done poorly on the exam.”

“He failed last year, and this year is also precarious.”

“That’s right.”

“Did you do well on the exam You shouldn’t be like Master Romdio.”

“You worry about everything.”

Frintz responded with a joke to my playful teasing.

He stroked my hair and made a mess of it.

[‘The Harsh Commentator who adjusts the balance’ laughs at where in the world such a sweet older brother exists.]

[‘The Scales that Judges the Soul’ is satisfied with the fact that he has grown into a great Ropan-type older brother.]

[‘The Harsh Commentator who adjusts the balance’ suspects unfair application of the right to change the genre.]

[‘The Troubled Architect of the Tower of Trials’ says that the transmigrator’s sibling is not even a little sister anyway.]

While the gods were discussing the stereotypes of siblings, I continued to talk to my brother.

“But why aren’t you telling me your grades As a little sister who supports my older brother, I think I have the right to see the report card.”

“I’m embarrassed.

And I always get scholarships, what are you talking about”

“Hey,  vomit out the potions and pills I sent you every semester.”

“Gone, gone.

Everything became bones and muscles.”

We quarreled for a while, and after dinner, we promised to have a duel, and then we parted.

(Note: Agnes uses something like ‘Pecking Order’.

I looked it up, but with inconclusive finds, I’m guessing it’s like the birds in a nest who fight for the best place to receive the food from the mama bird, so the weaker gets pecked to the worst place.


“It’s not ranking.

Call it using a sword to show sibling love.”

After breaking up with my brother, I headed to the library.

I didn’t mean to read books.

It was because the entrance to the dungeon farm was right in the corner of the library.

The gate of the dungeon was revealed when a book with a specific title was pulled out.

Stepping inside, a farm that was as well-organized and decorated as a garden unfolded before my eyes.

Clattering Clattering!

Clattering! Clattering! Clattering!

The working skeletons found me and danced while bumping their jaw.

It almost seemed like it meant to welcome me.

There was even a guy who actually welcomed me so I could understand.

After waking up, Helverus moved along the furrow and came to me.

When I threw herbal dregs at the jumping Helverus, he burned them up and deliciously ate them up.

The devil, who was accustomed to preying on things, somehow had a pet-like corner.

“Hello everyone.

How have you been”


 “How is the farm situation”

Epiden rattled for a long time while gesturing.

I watched closely for a long time with a serious face.



Without Bianca, I can’t understand anything.’

Albeit, there was no particular problem.

Thanks to Helverus’ interpretation.

“I see.

Good work.

Is there anything difficult about your work”


Epiden’s gestured and rattling became weak.

Unsurprisingly, Helverus told a gloomy story.


I quickly looked around the worksite.

At the same time, Hias was shoveling with his arm in a splint, and Agapan was struggling to realign his leg bones.

“Oh, I knew it would be like this.

I told you not to work too hard.”

The skeletons here are more than a few hundred years old and that meant that their bones were that old.

It was not only yesterday or today that they complained of fractures, wear and tear, and osteoporosis.

Apparently, the two of them overdid it and something finally broke.

“You guys, come here.

I will treat you.”

I beckoned to Hias and Agapan kindly, but.

Clattering! Clattering! Clattering!

The two skeletons hugged each other tightly and shook their heads violently.


Hold on, are you turning down my favor now

I was sending out absurd glances, but Helverus blocked my way.

“Who said I would use heal I won’t.”

“Am I the devil I’m not using it, so come here, it’s safe.”

It was only then that Hias and Agapan reluctantly came before me.

They were still shaking though.

“Heavy ho!”


I pulled the Undead Dragon’s left arm and part of his tail from the satchel.

After examining them diligently, I pulled out the middle bone and put it on His’s arm.

“Okay, this would be perfect.”

The middle bone of the undead dragon’s hand replaced the broken arm bone.

Parts exchange complete!


Hias was surprised to see his arm moving well again.

After confirming that it was functioning normally, I moved on to the next patient.

“Agapan, yours need some processing.”

I took out his leg with worn-out joints, beautifully cut the demon dragon bone with an aura, and put it in a new one.


Move it.”


Agapan began to run through the farm at great speed.

Come to think of it, Hias, who was treated first, returned to the worksite and was shoveling like crazy.

There was even an unintentional spec-up effect.

But, I think it’s good, right

Agnes was also impressed.

“The other skeletons should come too.

You, too, have been in the same body for hundreds of years, so you must be creaking and squealing around.”

Clattering! Clattering!

The skeletons that had shining sockets in their skulls, flocked around, chattering about their painful areas.

Helverus immediately went into the interpreter role.


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