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The tutorial period went by quickly amidst the repeated day-to-day routine.

When the tenth fall came after I had transmigrated, I succeeded in clearing the 297th floor of the Tower of Trials.

Now there were only three floors left.

It’s been six and a half years since the Tower of Trials was updated.

Except for attending Frintz’s graduation ceremony at the Military Academy earlier this year, I almost lived in the tower.

Thanks to my sincere closed training, I made it to the top 10 strongest on the continent.

I also perfectly mastered the unique skills and footwork of the whip sword that Agnes taught me and learned how to operate a special aura from my mother.

It is said to be a method of “conversation” handed down from generation to generation through the Hispenril family, but to be more precise, it was a method of torture.

When I returned to the room after finishing the production of alchemy goods, the full moon was floating in the middle of the sky outside the window.

After washing up, I dried my wet hair and stood in front of the mirror.

My face, just coming of age, was reflected in the glass-lined with mercury.

Looking at the long pink hair, dense facial features, and the peridot-colored pupils in the straight eyes….

‘Hm, indeed a beauty.’

I’m so satisfied I want to support the tip of my chin with my index finger and thumb.

[‘The World-building God’ is proud that you have grown so well.]

[‘The Harsh Commentator who adjusts the balance’ says that it’s the average appearance of a Transmigrator.]

[‘The Creative Business Manager’ sighs and says that it’s regrettable that they cannot sell the right to change appearance due to high-quality standardization.]

Facing my growth in the mirror, it becomes clear that a lot of time has passed.

“There are six months left.”

Until the beginning of the original only half a year remains.

[‘The Spoiler Inspector’ complains that as soon as the tutorial is over, you will run like an unbridled foal and sighs at the thought of the destruction of the original.]

[‘The World-building God’ yells for the inspector to stop talking about the original.]

While World God stopped the Inspector’s nagging, I sharpened my sword.

I was very careful with my hand when I touched my sword, which was decorated with gold and light blue on a white background.

This sword was called , the whip sword obtained by beating the 276th floor Boss.

I stayed at the Lair of the Greedy Lord Dragon for three days and three nights and choose this one after much consideration.

It prided itself on being the best sword in existence among the whip swords.


I couldn’t even hide the laughter that came out of me.

The cross pendant rang and Agnes asked a question to confirm with me.


“Pushover…No, we need to find Thesilid first, right”

“It’s not like that.”

As soon as he returns, he’s doomed to be killed by the Last Boss, so I have to find him quickly and give him a lot of healing.

[‘The Scales that Judges the Soul’ likes the plan to meet the most handsome man in the world.]

[‘The Eyes that watch over the chaos of all things’ said that you already have Bianca….]


Stop it.

“I have to go to bed early to climb the Tower tomorrow.”

I turned off the light and crawled into the blanket.

[‘The Troubled Architect of the Tower of Trials’ says it’s okay to take a little break now.]

Have I been running too hard I have never seen the Architect who is serious about physical training actually recommend a break.

‘I must quickly conquer the 300th floor and prepare to go out to the County.’

I closed my eyes after showing a firm will.

It was already past midnight, so I quickly fell asleep.

It must be dawn over there.

Did he, who was having a rough time even before returning, fall asleep well

I fell asleep, hoping that he had a good dream.


He stood alone in the canyon under the pouring rain.

The shadow of a man, who had managed to hold on with his sword in the ground, eventually collapsed.

The cold and sharp raindrops fell on his body that was lying on the floor, drenched in muddy water.

There were corpses all over the place.

It was just too big of a number to be found in a B-grade dungeon.

The summoning circle of an unknown demon drawn in the center of the canyon was also not something to be seen in a B-grade dungeon.

However, the known information was that of a normal B-grade dungeon, and the Vatican dispatched Thesilid alone to this ‘Valley of Heresy.

As a result….

Thesilid raised his arm and covered his eyes.

The devil whispered in his ear, making him grit his teeth.



Thesilid spoke like a spit.

“……Shut up.”

The stigma in his arm was hot.

In the midst of this, the divine power that steadily fell according to the Seven Deadly Sins was the culmination of contradiction.

Thesilid removed the arm that had been covering his eyelids.

Eyes as cold as the frozen North Sea stared into the air.

“I will kill you, Carpeus.”

The demon called by name laughed.

The owner of Sanarak and the second-highest Demon King in the demon world, Carpeus, responded.

(Note: Changed from Demon Lord to Demon King, because there are other ‘Lord’ ranks, like Count Orsche.)

Chapter 13.

Architect, please write an apology letter 

A sea of ​​fog spread out in all directions.

The sailboat I was riding in made its way through the calm waters of a windless sea.

I focused on the sensations of my surroundings.

A blurred vision, the sound of rippling water.

Fishy moisture touches the body and an unpleasant dense mist, as if someone’s breath was being sucked in with taken breath.

‘It’s coming.’

Something strange happened in the calm sea.

Raging waves crashed in all directions but not because of the wind.

I held out inside the boat for a while, being baptized in salt water for a long time.

Feeling the calming current, I lifted my head.

A huge shadow shone in the mist.


The ruler of the misty sea looked down at me with empty eyes.

It was the upper body of a beautiful giant woman.

There were fins where her ears should have been, and traces of scales all over her skin.

Holding a huge harp in her arms reminded me of a Seiren.

So, it was not hard to imagine that the lower body hidden in the water was similar to that of a mermaid… 


Her lower body vibrates and writhes while mercilessly hitting the water surface.

It was the body of an endlessly long snake.

Her name is ‘Cursed Undine Ciel’.

She was the boss on the 298th floor of the Tower of Trials.

(Note: I’m not sure if it’s Wounded, Undead or Undine, but I choose Undine because it makes more sense.)

At her tail, the sea began to run wild. 

“Don’t worry, Agnes.”

I held onto the mast and withstood the current.

It was fortunate that there was a boat that can’t be turned upside down provided by default in this field.

Of course, balancing was up to me.

But thanks to this, I have been specially trained on my sense of balance over the past two months.

Kugugugung! Kugugung!

As soon as the tsunami was over, a wriggling body attacked from all directions.

The tail was thick enough for three adults to hug together.

It was meant to thoroughly crush me.


I can’t lose the boat.

I jumped first and approached Undine Ciel.


Avoiding the chain attacks of the Boss that was trying to wrap her tail around and hit me, I climbed on the wriggling body as a stepping stone.

Another part of her body came upon me again. 


I blew the attack off with Serpens.

Thick scales cracked from the body scratched by the blade.


Undine Ciel tried to smack me out of her body.

I tumbled backward to avoid it, but a mishap happened.


“Ah, damn.”

The ‘non-overturning boat’ broke.


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