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I think I fell asleep in the lab, but I woke up in the middle of the night and found that I was on the attic bed.

In addition, The Alchemist was sitting next to me, guarding my bed in an uncomfortable position, and I was holding his hand as if it were a winning lottery ticket.

No matter how I looked at it, it looked like I was being pampered like a child.

First, I woke The Alchemist up, made him go to sleep and then dug into the blanket.

I couldn’t sleep because I was ashamed.

After kicking the blanket like that for a long time, I finally calmed down.

I couldn’t waste time like this and since I couldn’t sleep, I decided to read the Novel.

So, my impressions came out at dawn, after reading the novel until the end…

‘Even after reading it again, the ending is crazy.’

Excuse me, writer.

Is there a need for a character’s life to be this long Really

I sincerely wanted to argue with the writer, but unfortunately, there was no way.

Above all else, after reading the original, I had to decide on the career path I had put off.

‘After all, a healer is the answer.’

As explained before, in this world setting, healers who have awakened the divine power are on the rare side, and they have fast and high healing power.

Combat healers with different heal speeds were even more rare.

At the very least, the good-hearted main lead had various scenes where he often lamented and wished he had a healer around.

I couldn’t eat sweet potatoes made of frustration like the main character.

If you want to feel refreshed with good results you have to do so yourself!

I decided that my dream from now on was to be a ‘Healer’.

I used the ‘Job Change Package (Combat)’ that I purchased in advance yesterday.

[ A conditional quest 'Legendary Saint's Soul' to awaken the divine power is required.]

What Is there a quest As expected, it doesn’t seem to be easy.

[ A Thousand Days of Prayer.

Between 5 and 7 am, pray to God with sincerity and devotion in places such as cathedrals, churches, and temples every day (0/1,000)

Note: It is limited to once a day, and if you skip 3 days in a row, start over from the beginning.]


It was a quest that took nearly three years even if I didn’t miss a single day.

Blessings for high-speed growth did not help because the quest had a condition based on number of times.

I had no choice but to do it the honest way. 


Fortunately, there is a chapel in Count Gillette’s manor.

Well, it happens to be six o’clock now.

I thought I could go to the chapel, pray for today, and go to work in the kitchen.

I followed the path indicated by the map.

The chapel was located in the corner of the first floor of the manor’s main building.

The former countess, that is, the Elder Madam, had a deep religious faith, so the main building was renovated for her, but after a generational change, it was left behind to be neglected.

“Woo, dust.”

It looked like a place that was almost abandoned, and it didn’t seem like it was cleaned properly.

Since it is a space that I’ll continue to use in the future, I decided to clean it for my precious respiratory system.

I hurriedly opened the window and pulled out cleaning tools from the next room.

Being a child, the chapel was so large that it felt like the work would have to be split over several days.

Roughly having cleaned one side, I put my hands together in prayer.


Hmm… What do you usually pray for

Among the quest contents, I stared at the part of ‘Pray with sincerity and devotion’ for a long time.

In the first place, I was an atheist. 

I didn’t even believe in the gods of reality, but when asked to believe in the gods inside a novel, I had no way of doing it.

So, before considering sincerity and devotion, let’s start with the fundamental belief in the existence of God…

‘No, wait.

After experiencing the afterlife, it’s not like it’s impossible.

There are gods that I know.’

And a lot of them, too.

I immediately called the gods.

“Gods of the Transmigration Bureau! Please, give me some divine power!”


[ 'Morning Prayer' in progress.

Current progress 5%.]

It’s working!

I decided to deposit my sincerity and devotion in earnest.

“Gods of the Transmigration Bureau, oh, this is too long.

I’ll shorten it.

Transmigration gods, are you listening Ugh, this situation is really something else, you know Because of the Transmigration Gods I suddenly got a transmigration that was not even on sale.

I was an ordinary, humble-citizen who was living well…Oh, I didn’t live well.”

Naturally, memories from my previous life came to mind.

“I still get upset when I think of the money my relatives took from me.

From selling my house to usurping my dad’s and my brother’s car accident insurance settlement money.

You think that’s all Even after I finally became independent, those damned relatives came to haunt me.

After spending all that stolen money, they call me every week to ask if I have money, and if I don’t answer the phone, they come to my former semi-basement studio.”

[ ‘Morning Prayer’ in progress.

Current progress 20%.]

Despite the growing complaints, the progress rate was steadily rising.

Let’s keep going.

“You know what happened after that My uncle called from an unknown number, so I picked it up.

Hearing his voice, I called him ‘Uncle’…”

Gods of Transmigration, prepare to eat sweet potatoes of frustration.

“Do you know what he said He shamelessly asked me to call him ‘Daddy’! There’s not even a speck of affection between us to at the very least call him ‘Father’, much less a cute name like ‘Daddy’! Ha ha, I was speechless.

When I asked about his business, guess what he said His daughter was taking a leave of absence from school and preparing for her transfer exam, but since she has to go to the academy that is in the same direction of my house, he wants me to let her live with me.

Since she’s my only ‘sister’ I have to take good care of her as an ‘older sister’, what should I do at that point”

It’s not over.

“What else did he say Oh, right.

He was worried that his child would starve because she was studying so hard, so he told me to make sure she eats breakfast before I go to work.

Even worse, he said ‘You know that she can’t eat food without soup, right Don’t spare the beef in the soup, put in a lot to boil well’.

After that, all I could feel was anger, so I bought 1kg of Australian beef sirloin that day and grilled it all by myself.

It was very tasty.”

[ ‘Morning Prayer’ in progress.

Current progress 65%.]

I sucked back the saliva that almost spilled on the thought of chewing beef.

All of a sudden, the posture of putting my hands together was disturbed, and I was resting my chin on the armrest of the worship chair.

“Probably, if I was alive for a little longer, my cousin would have just packed up her ** and stormed into my studio.

Oh, that’s terrible just to think about.

I might be glad that I died before seeing that.”

I gradually tried to find a positive side of the story to close the prayer.

“Honestly, I have no regrets about my past life.

Is that why the test with the transmigration aptitude test came out high Well, in any case… It turns out that the transmigration support system is really well done.

Hopefully, with the life insurance package, I will be able to live well in this world.”

At this point, I blushed slightly.

“…More than anything else, I like having a family.

The Alchemist and Frintz from this world really resemble my dad and brother.”

I know that no one is listening, but I got shy for nothing.

I wiggled my feet on the high worship chair.

After a while, I checked the morning prayer progress and found that it was 80%.

Looks like we still need to do more.

“But there is one problem!”

I opened my eyes wide.

“Since I’m dead, the deposit for my studio room is going to go to my Uncle!! Oh, I’m really mad!”

Until the very end, I only gave good things for the family.

Why is someone’s life a resource for someone else’s exploitation The world is so unfair.

At that moment.

['The world-building god’ tells you to rest assured that the deposit for the studio was used as the down payment for your after-life insurance.]


I was surprised by the unexpected communication, but another message popped up.

[ 'Morning prayer' has been completed.]

[ A Thousand Days of Prayer (1/1,000).

The quest can proceed after 22 hours and 15 minutes.]

[ The special reward 'God's answer' is generated by the ' Legendary Saint's Soul ' package and the 'Praying with sincerity and devotion' buff.]

[ Some of the gods belonging to the 'Bureau of Possession' designated by you will respond.]

['The world-building God' responds to your prayers with great interest in you who transmigrated in the S-class world they created.]

['The Troubled Skyscraper Architect' has confirmed your prayers, but he is busy designing a 100-story tower to put into the Hunter waters.

He’ll read it for now, but don’t expect a reply.]

['The Harsh Commentator who adjusts the balance' watches the prayer together from the side, but he is distracted by pointing out that the difficulty balance of each floor of the tower is a mess.]

What’s this situation Are my prayers delivered to that side like a message 

Then this is……

‘C-Celestial Genre!’*

(Note: This is an actual Korean Fiction Genre! It’s called ‘성좌물’ literal translation ‘Constellation’ but I changed a bit to match.

This genre came up together with others like Transmigration, Hunter, Reincarnation and everything in the middle of Korean modern fantasy literature.

Further explanation on footnote.)

It was when I quickly finished grasping the situation that this was going to work like a web novel. 

The god who said he was very interested in me informed me of the current state of my relatives.

[The world-building god says, your cousin ended up living alone.

She drinks and hangs out every day.]

“Uh, well, she completely lost it after her 4th failure in the exams.”

[The world-building god says, your uncle went all-in on the stock of a hair loss treatment company on the recommendation of a junior he knew, but that was a scam, so he lost everything and is now ruined.]

“Ha, he’s a very hot-tempered person, so I knew he was going to get seriously burned once.”

[The world-building god says, that your Aunt recommended the stocks to those around her as a good investment, after the scheme was discovered the money she took with her was gone, she was accused of fraud.]

“Obviously, they will spend all the money they took, there will be nothing left with them.

They are the ones who couldn’t change the habit of eating out and shopping with my father’s and brother’s settlement money…….thank you for telling me.”

When I heard the news that not only my studio deposit was not passed on to the enemy, I felt at peace when I heard they were steadily humiliating themselves.

With this, the regrets of my previous life sums up to the web novels and webtoons that I haven’t read until the end.

When I was looking back on my life, a mysterious message popped up.


A genre that uses the cliché that transcendent beings select and support humans on earth .

The transcendents express their intentions directly or indirectly through the system including the status window .

The basis of this genre is the existence of transcendental beings with the aspect of a personal gods.

They are interested in the world of mortals, endowing them with powers.

Their activities is often used as content to enjoy through the interfere.

In this case , transcendent beings are often depicted through the status window (system) used in the existing gamepanso , etc., and furthermore, the format of Internet broadcasting is applied.

The core concept of these genre is that transcendental beings actively intervene in humans.

Transcendental beings do not simply watch humans, but depictions of active communication such as expressing their feelings through messages or giving support to people they like are constantly appearing.

However, it is extremely rare to directly intervene in people’s affairs, whether voluntarily or intentionally, because it is the viewer’s point of view.


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