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Realizing that it didn’t work for me, Undine Ciel tried to widen the distance again.

It was not a smart choice.

I poured the maximum amount of aura into the Whip sword Serpens.


The graceful body of the blade split into joints and lengthened.

It slashed various parts of Undine Ciel’s body like a whip and wrapped around her like a wire.

It was the ‘Snake Hunting Festival, one of the whip sword techniques.

“It’s great that Aurors don’t have to shout out their skill names.”

Undine Ciel resisted, but as a result of constant training, my aura overpowered her.

I was about to cry over my first win in two months.

“It’s over now.”


In the end, Undine Ciel’s body, tied by the whip sword, was unable to move anymore.

She was frozen in a dynamic posture like an Imoogi trying to ascend to heaven.

Fear and despair were read on her face as she looked down at me.

(Note: Imoogi is a Korean mythological snake, sometimes described as a dragon.)

In my left hand, I held another sword, Europe.

It’s time for the little mermaid to go down the drain.



[ Congratulations! You defeated the 298th floor boss of the Tower of Trials, ‘Cursed Undine Ciel.]

I removed Europe and sheathed Serpens.

The split blade parts embedded in wires were retrieved and the blade was put together in the form of a complete sword.

What should I say about the Whip Sword It seems to have a charm akin to the union and transformation of mechas.

“Sigh, so cool.”

I looted through pastel-colored bubbles and found two items.

‘The Mermaid’s Tears’ and ‘The Spirit King’s Harp String’ came out.

The mermaid’s tears were the material used in the highest quality potions, and The Spirit King’s Harp String was both a part of an instrument and a wire weapon.

Both seemed useful.

[‘The World-building God’ applauds.]

[‘The Scales that Judges the Soul’ is delighted that the tedious closed practice will be finally over after two more floors.]

[‘The Troubled Architect of the Tower of Trials’ is surprised that you have already broken through the 298th floor.]

[‘The Critic who adjusts the balance’ writes a plan to upgrade the Tower of Trials.]

(Note: Changed ‘The Harsh Commentator who adjusts the balance’ to ‘The Critic who adjusts the balance’ for better nicknaming.)

When I defeated the boss, a notification automatically went to the management office making the gods come to send messages.

In the meantime, it was evaluation time for The Vatican’s 1st Hell Instructor, Agnes.

“I had quite some trouble, after all, it’s an S-class.”

I took a peek at my continental ranks while being stuck in the tutorial quest.

A whopping 7th place.

It’s the same rank as when I first used Descent to catch Ardiman.

Although the skill level of sacred power was much lower, it seemed I was being ranked high because it was creating synergy with aura. 


It was true.

I was an all-around talent.

As a Transmigrator, I have no role restrictions because it was enough to buy the necessary skill book at the cash shop and learn it.

I can tank, attack, heal, and buff by myself.

But it was difficult to become proud.

If we are talking about catching an S-class boss alone, it’s only on the same level as the Pushover Free Pass around the 20th time of his return.

I still have a long way to go if I make an absolute evaluation based on the original that returns 99 times. 

However, I had a trump card skill.

‘What would happen if I used Descent in the present state’

I haven’t used Descent of Divinity since I lifted my mother’s petrification curse in the Black Salt Desert.

It was because of the prohibition of using Descent inside the Tower of Trials and the fact that for the past 7 years, I almost lived only in the Tower.

Obviously, according to what World God explained in the past, the power of Descent of Divinity increases in proportion to the increase in my strength.

At this point, when I can defeat an S-Grade boss by myself without the need to use my ultimate skill, I wonder how much my stats would rise if I used Descent.

[‘The World-building God’ adds expectation that, let alone episode 20, you will be able to chew and eat even if the main character of episode 99 comes out.]

[‘The Critic who adjusts the balance’ insists that Descent also be confiscated outside the tower as it’s classified as an OP skill in that world.]

I was a little saddened by the words of the critic who always wanted to nerf me.

Today, I’ll have to argue about it for a bit.


Critic, did you forget that my timeline is episode 17 It’s too much to confiscate ‘Descent of Divinity’ after dropping me in the round where the Final Boss appears right in the beginning, don’t you think so’

I bluntly asked without hiding my expression.

[‘The Critic who adjusts the balance’ flinches.]

Look at this.

Not even the Critic can argue about that.

This just goes to show how scary is the last boss.

He basically kills the 17th Pushover Free Pass like a bug, using so much as a hand gesture.

When I think of the Final Boss, I feel that I need to become stronger.


I have to go.”

I climbed the stone steps leading to the 299th floor.

Now that it was going to be another boring grinding time, the gods of the Transmigration Management Bureau encouraged me to work hard while they went back to their own work.


[‘The Troubled Architect of the Tower of Trials’ watches you with anxious eyes.]

Hmmm Why isn’t the architect going back And why is he also quite nervous



[‘The Troubled Architect of the Tower of Trials’ is startled.]

‘What are you hiding’

[‘The Troubled Architect of the Tower of Trials’ was taken by surprise and says nothing with a flustered tone.]

‘The system is relaying everything to me.

Please, hurry up and tell me quickly.’

The architect was quiet for a long time.

It was only when I was thinking about whether he had read my message and ignored it, that the reply came.

[‘The Troubled Architect of the Tower of Trials’ desperately asks if it is not possible to attack the 299th floor a month later.]


I waited with my hand on the door on the 299th floor.

[‘The Troubled Architect of the Tower of Trials’ exercises the right to remain silent.]

Then I’ll have to open it and go in. 

I think I’ll know why as soon as I open the door, besides, I’m quite curious. 

Agnes also cheered me up.


I pushed a huge arched iron gate.


[‘The Troubled Architect of the Tower of Trials’ screams silently.]

Light poured through the crack.

A slight feeling of floating in space enveloped me as I covered my eyes with my hand.

This feeling is definitely….

‘Spatial movement’

It was a moment of realization.

[ You have entered the S-level dungeon ‘Slime Cuisine Cave’.]

That’s weird.

Obviously, I opened the door on the 299th floor of the Tower of Trials, so why is the message that I have entered the dungeon popping up

I squinted and looked around. 

A cave that can be said to be a classic of a dungeon world.

Thanks to the natural nightlight stones embedded in various places, I was able to see the interior clearly.

Glow-in-the-dark slimes boasting bright colors greeted me with plump bouncing, it feels like I was at a ball pool because of the huge number.

Tung! Tung! Tuuuuung!

It was enough to hit those who attacked me with a hand slap coated in aura.

The slimes that bounced off like volleyball balls hit the wall and exploded.

“Agnes, this looks like a real dungeon.”

< That seems like it.

What happened>

I have some predictions, but I still need to get an accurate answer.


Architect, how did this happen’

Only then did the architect confess the truth.

[‘The Troubled Architect of the Tower of Trials’ confesses that the 299th floor is still under design, so he hastily connected it to any S-class dungeon available.]

Breaking News!

The Tower of Trials, updated 7 years ago, turns out to be in fact unfinished!

It was roughly as expected.

I clenched my head and answered briefly.

‘You must write this in your apology.’

It seems to have been an aggressive remark.

[‘The Troubled Architect of the Tower of Trials’ vomits his words in anger that he was running out of time because you are an OP human.]

[‘The Troubled Architect of the Tower of Trials’ complains that it is impossible to consume the contents of a 300-story tower in only 7 years.]

[‘The Troubled Architect of the Tower of Trials’ said that he secretly patched the boss several times, but shouts that this is too much.]

I see.

You did a ninja update.

(Note: When something is updated without notice.)

My eyes were getting narrower.

Only then did the architect stop pouring out messages as if he realized he had done something wrong. 

Judging from the circumstances, it seems that the other gods, including World God, do not know yet.

If so, there is only one way to prevent the architect from writing an apology. 


I just need to find the exit gate and leave calmly, right’

[‘The Troubled Architect of the Tower of Trials’ asks in doubt if you will do that.]

It was regrettable that I had to give up the opportunity to explore the dungeon, but I gave up taking into account my relationship with the architect.

Since there was no need to catch the boss, there seemed to be no need for a weapon, so I put both swords in the satchel bag.

Perhaps, more than words, it was a clearer expression of my will, and at last, the architect was relieved and happy.

“Agnes, there must have been a problem with the Tower of Trials.

First, I need to find the gate and go out.”

“You can’t look down on this one.”

I remembered the dungeon grade and the name the system gave me.

“It’s still an S-class dungeon.

The slimes here are the prey that the cave master feeds on.”

If it’s an S-class boss she can defeat it, but the Tower and the dungeons were completely different.

In the Tower, it was possible to repeatedly challenge the boss several times and fail just as much.

But the dungeon is real.

One failure is likely to lead to death.

Agnes seemed convinced that I was stepping down because of that. 

I suddenly wondered.


Architect, I am asking just in case.

I also can’t use Descent here, right’

[‘The Troubled Architect of the Tower of Trials’ says that the ban on Descent will apply from the moment the dungeon is connected to the Tower.]

As expected, unfavorable rules apply without fail.


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