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I exhaled slowly and looked at the back of my hand.

The black pattern that marks the prey had completely disappeared.

“It was easier because it was much weaker than the 298th floor.” 

“Figured as much.

It would have been even easier if I had used divine power.”

Then the message window caught fire.

[‘The World-building God’ is surprised to get a boss kill notification.]

[‘The Scales that Judges the Soul’ asks why you are in the dungeon and not the tower.]

[‘The Spoiler Inspector’ is surprised that there was no notification sound even after leaving the tutorial area without permission.]

[‘The Critic who adjusts the balance’ shouts that abusing of authority is suspected.]

‘What do you mean abusing It’s not like that.

Ask the architect.’

[‘The Troubled Architect of the Tower of Trials’ volunteers to bring up the apology letter.]

The Gods of the Transmigration Management Bureau went back to hold a hearing against the architect.

[‘The Spoiler Inspector’ keeps his seat and opens his eyes.]

Except for the inspector whose priority is to keep an eye on me.

I approached the party and dissolved Mercury’s Barrier.

“Is anyone hurt”


Everyone just blankly stared at me without answering.

“Excuse me, guys”




I waved my hand in front of their eyes, but there was no response.

It was just that a few people mumbled softly in mesmerized voices.

“Alone… she did it…”

“How can one beat an S-class dungeon…”

I know, right.

I laughed awkwardly.

“The truth is I caught you.”

At the time the battle between Ellet and Obsculia was in full swing.


Ray, who was allergic to pink hair, or more correctly ‘the Little Duke, Raywin Wallenstein’, could not believe the sight in front of him.

This is because the allergy-causing presence that he thought was only a healer was pushing an S-class boss back with aura.

Strong people who created synergy by cultivating aura with divine power or aura with magic, the so-called ‘dual abilities’, were not uncommon.

However, they were mostly those who had awakened to Aura as their main ability, and their divine power and magic were almost no different from those on a beginner level.

But she was a Sword Master who had awakened a high-level divine power

He first wondered if she was a ‘stigmata’ that was raised in the Vatican, but seeing that she had healing power, it was not quite the case.

The healing power she showed, in an era when sacred power was declining, was enormous. 

To reach that level, no matter how talented you are, it is normal to cultivate healing powers only by devoting yourself to patients throughout your whole life. 

‘Does this makes sense…’

Even Ellet’s swordsmanship revealed an abnormal aura.

Whip Sword swordsmanship became famous because of the name of the hero Agnes.

When speaking of this style, is basic common sense to describe this as a perversion of extreme difficulty that can only be unlocked when one reaches the level of Aura Expert.

Come to think of it, the barrier in the shape of a silver fortress that now safely protects Raywin and his party was also unusual.

The ultimate barrier that even Meteor could stop was crystal clear.

At this point, you might be confused about which, the divine power or aura, is her main power.

It was truly an unprecedented dual ability.

‘Oh, My God…’

Raywin looked at Ellet in battle as if a legend was unfolding right before his eyes.

She certainly had a kind and bright smile when they were walking down the paths in the dungeon.

But now, with a sword in hand, she was completely different.

She looked straight at the enemy with terrifyingly serious eyes and no other expression on her face.

Ray somehow felt a little suffocated just by watching from afar. 


Before he knew it, the battle was about to end.

Ellet pointed her sword at the mask of Obsculia that had been stuck on the floor.

At that moment he felt that the straight lines created by her long arms combined with the sword were elegant and beautiful.

Pussack! Pssus….

The pierced Obsculia shattered into black powder.

“She killed an S-class boss alone…”

At this point, I can’t help but wonder. 

“What the hell is the Rodellaine family’s craft…”

Frintz Rodellaine, a senior graduate of the 117th Military Academy, was also great, but his sister was in a league of her own.

No, it was rude to make a comparison.

In the face of overwhelming superiority, it was meaningless to have a sense of self-esteem. 

Raywin felt that this incident completely healed his pink-hair allergy.  On the other hand, it seemed that he was not the only one in awe.

“Is she human”

The owner of the voice was Ash.

Who couldn’t take his eyes off Ellet.

It was a persistent gaze.

He spoke in a trembling voice. 

“I can’t turn her into an enemy.

I will never touch anyone related to her.”

It was a good resolution.

The news also came from Sanarak, a land of the demon world in which strange rock cliffs rise above the desert where life has been wiped out.

“Did my cute pet die”

Carpeus, the owner of this place and the second highest ranking demon king in the demon world, smoothed his chin in a thoughtful recollection.

In front of the throne where he was sitting, a long and crude stone staircase meandered.

It looks like a pilgrim’s path leading to the holy land on the top of a mountain.

It was a unique scene but commonplace in Sanarak. 

There, countless demon tribes, who were nothing short of a large army, bowed their heads and looked at the demon king.

Carpeus added.

“Do humans express this as crossing a rainbow bridge” 

(Note: A euphemism for death.

It’s mostly used to refer to the death of a beloved pet.

Created by an American poet.)

It was a soft voice as if there was no emotion at all.

Many of the powerless demons who were seated in front were relieved in their hearts.

But some of the quick-witted ones fell flat on their stomachs 

That was a wise choice.

Pussack! Crash! Plush! Puck!

As soon as Carpeus’s red eyes flashed, the heads of the demons that were standing near disappeared.


The surviving demons desperately banged their heads on the stone floor.

The virtues of demons were desire and obsession.

In particular, Carpeus was famous for his obsession with his possessions.

“How dare a human…how can a lowly livestock harm my beloved pet”

Now, it was a little annoying, so I put it somewhere else, but at one time it was a pet that he even loved.

It was so cute seeing it wriggling like a bug and squealing, so he raised it by feeding it with soft slime baby food.

“I can’t forgive you.”

He smiled as his teeth were revealed.

“Then the next item to discuss.”

Carpeus, who changed the topic, captured his ferocious energy and relieved the other demons who were holding their breaths for dear life.

“What is the Vanquisher of Evil whereabouts”

“I-I’m extremely sorry.”

“You still can’t find it from the time Rodrigo Orsche was killed By the time that human life is over and reincarnated, it will be even more difficult to find.”

Just as the cruel demon king’s eyes were about to flash red again, one demon rushed out.

“Oh, I found out what Count Orsche did just before his extinction!”

“Sigh, tell me.”

“It was the Marquis of Gibrilte who last spoke with him through the telecommunication mirror.”

“What made him communicate with the owner of the dark auction house”

“He said he got his hands on a purple spider lily and inquired about the price.”

“What A purple spider lily”

Carpeus’ eyes flashed in a different sense.

What was the purple spider lily It was the national flower of the demon world, which is said to be the best collectible among high-ranking demons who came from great houses.

If it doesn’t exist, he could care less, but if it does exist, of course, it had to come into the hands of this Demon King, Carpeus, himself.

Once he had it, he thought he would love it more than Obsculia.

Of course, the land was barren, so he would have to grow it in a pot.

Carpeus felt possessiveness simmering after a long time and drew up his gardening plan.

The report continued.

“The Marquis of Gibrilte asked back many times while doubting if he really had obtained a purple spider lily, but it seemed to be true.

So he told the Count to put it up at the auction house, but Count Orsche was debating whether to give it to the Demon King or not.”

“Oh, really”

Carpeus made a rare, contented face.

“It’s both a commendable and reprehensible thing.

He should have perished after giving it away.”

It was when he reevaluated that Rodrigo Orsche, who looked like a sassy bastard, was a loyalist quite contrary to his looks.

The demon who was reporting read the mood of his lord.

“My lord, that’s…”

“What is it”

“When asked which demon king he was going to give it to, he said he was still thinking about it…”


It was truly a life-threatening statement.



The demons around turned white.

This is because the existence of the demon who was posting the report had turned into a black bloodied cake.

After the popping sound of flesh, only the grinding of molars could be heard.

“Rodrigo, that punk…”

Do you dare leave the great tree Demon Kings behind and take it as yours

Ferocious magical energy swirled around the Demon King.

His red-tipped blonde hair flew like crazy in the explosive updraft.

“Huk, hic.”

“M-My Lord, please, let go of your anger…”

If left alone, it was an atmosphere that seemed to tear all the demons on the stairs of the audience with anger.

Other demons rushed to stop the explosion.

“W-We will try to find the whereabouts of the purple spider lily!”

“I see.”

It was only then that Carpeus buried his body deep in the throne of naturally carved rock.

“I will give you guys one notification and end this meeting.”

Finally, we can get out of this scary place!

The demons rejoiced but Carpeus’s mood completely changed.

“It was revealed that ‘He’ was coming soon.”


A murmur full of surprises spread like dominoes down the stairs.


“Oh my gosh! He will return so sooner than expected!”

“It is very unusual.

Is there any reason!”

“Does it matter This is nothing less than a happy occasion!”

“Yes, it’s a blessing for the demon world.”

Carpeus’s face while replying so, had a completely different mood from the moment before.

Until now, he had been showing off his wild dignity as a ruler, but now he had a humble look like a priest who declares an oracle. 

“Ah, how long have I been waiting it’s coming soon.

The end of the world of filthy cattle is soon to end.”

He looked up at the sky with a face full of ecstasy.

His hands were raised reverently as if offering sacrifices on an altar.

“Come! Give your welcoming to the ‘Newborn Chaos and Evil’.”

(Note: Look, there was no better naming here…갓 태어난 is ‘freshly born’ and혼돈악 is Chaotic Evil, the one usually used in D&D for Alignment System.

So I choose a wording that contrasts with Order and Goodwill.)


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