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(Note: I changed ‘Reed’ to ‘Leed’ because of Korean pronunciation, after all, it’s written with an L.)

My trembling voice interrupted the confused Agnes.

I changed his name to help Agnes.

“……He’s the ‘Newborn Chaos and Evil’.”

That was the moment.

Leed turned to this side as if responding to my call, and our eyes met.



He was looking at me.

Leed, the Final Boss of this world.

It felt like my brain was in a vacuum.

I couldn’t even swallow dry saliva and my whole body hardened.

Then it was caught in my eye that he raised his right hand.


A slow hand movement, like slow motion.

I realized it intuitively.

It was the movement of the strongest, which neutralized the main character with just a gesture.


I shouted, but it was too late.


A hand gently waved through the air.

The gesture of destruction that was directed toward the protagonist was now heading this way.

[ Warning.

Transcendence skill ‘Shadow Predation’ is cast.]


A 9th tier-level of magic unfolded and dark attribute wide-area magic was activated.

Casting time was ignored and everything happened in a second.

The shadows hidden under the feet of all living things turned into predators and began to run rampant.

If I use Descent here would this be blocked Can we get away from here

No, I didn’t even have time to try.


Everyone here is going to die!




Hyaggg! Heeeeaaug!


Only the beasts were eaten by the shadows that had turned into predatory monsters.

The cries of the defeated monsters shook the air in the midst of a battle between shadows and beasts.

The church was not attacked.

What happened


It was then that I realized

The ambient light was very dim.

The place where the church was located was shrouded in a huge shadow.

Right inside Leed’s shadow.

“How come……”

I looked up at Leed with confused eyes.

Of course, there was no answer that came back.

Around the time all the beasts within sight were annihilated, Leed glanced at me and disappeared into a space transfer.

Blood-red eyes remained as an afterimage, and I was dazed for a while.


I couldn’t answer Agnes’ question.

‘Oh, I don’t know about anything else, but for now, no one here is dropping dead.’

[‘The World-building God’ breathes again.]

[‘The Spoiler Inspector’ sweeps his chest.]

[‘The Critic who adjusts the balance’ grumbled that he thought you would die in vain.]

I came to my senses and entered the church through the hole in the roof.

I immediately found Grandpa Chief.

“The momentum of the burst has been broken.

I’ll take this opportunity to go into the dungeon and deal with the boss.”

“Young Priest! What does that mean!”

The people of the village who were listening to the talk next to us were also stunned.

“Miss Priest, are you saying you’re going alone!”

(Note: They really call her Priest, not Sister.

I guess it’s more like a job class than how to address.)

“It’s such a dangerous place! You can’t!”

“Yes, it’s impossible! How can such a young lass like yourself go alone! Wait for the church to send more people!”

“Then it will be late.”

I think I spoke too bluntly.

To soothe the villagers, I continued to talk with a smile.

“It’s fine.

I’ll get back to you soon…… Oh, never mind.

Come to think of it, I may not be able to come back even after I deal with it.

But even if that happens, don’t worry about me.”


“That’s decided then and Chief.

I’m going to say thank you now.

The steamed potatoes you gave me were really delicious.”

“Young Priest! Sniff, hic, hic, hic!”

“Miss Priest……!”


Well, I think there might be a misunderstanding in this type of mood

I felt sorry for the elders who were crying, but there was no time to correct them.

“Then may God’s blessing be with you.”

“Yo-Young Priest…! Nooo! Come back……!”

A dark purple hole in the middle of the mountain caught my eye.

The burst gate, which was large enough to be seen with the naked eye, began to vomit demonic beasts again.

I had to hurry.

When I enter the dungeon, the barrier I put on the church will disappear.

After consecrating the entire church so it can be able to endure to a certain extent, I ran into the dungeon.

I put all my strength on my two legs and went up the hillside.

All the beasts I encountered were wiped out.

When I finally arrived, the source of the disaster was waiting for me with its black mouth wide open, and without hesitation, I threw myself into the dungeon gate.

[ You have entered the A-Grade dungeon ‘Sculptor’s Atelier’]

[ warning.

Since the dungeon is currently in a burst state, the difficulty level will be upgraded to S grade.]

If you imagined something like an art studio because the name of the dungeon was Atelier, you would be mistaken.

The owner of the dungeon was a high-ranking demon.

Naturally, the art of demons was of bad taste and not done in an ordinary way.

The sculptures here were made through the process of slowly petrifying the victims alive.

In other words, the material of the sculpture was a living organism.

Evidence of that was found in the system map where it says ‘Material Storage Room’.

All kinds of living things, including humans, beasts, demons, and monsters, were trapped behind iron bars, and most of them were chimeras synthesized from two or more.



The living creatures shed tears of blood and wailed nonstop.

Get me out of here or kill me.

As this was after the burst occurred, most of the iron cages were empty.

‘Thesilid is……Where’s Thesilid’

Episode 17 of the original, which is only three pages long, does not portray his death well.

There was a shortage of information.

It was around the time when I was looking around impatiently.

“Oh my! I was in need of a pretty human female, what a windfall!”

[ The owner of the dungeon, ‘Demon Sculptor Silevan’, 799th in the Demon World, has appeared.]

I was greeted by a blue demon gracefully dressed as a noble from the court.

The boss appeared all of a sudden but since I didn’t have much time I was very grateful.

“Inspiration……! Artistic inspiration comes to my mind!”

Silevan quickly twitched his ten fingers in a perverted manner as his eyes gleamed through his glasses.

“It would be a perfect pairing with the ‘Crying Silver Angel Statue’ that is currently in production! I should put pink-dyed harpy wings on your back, and hold the silver angel underneath you with a fascinated look like……”

I didn’t have time to listen to nonsense.

“Clean up.”


The whole area was swept away with ‘Pure Light’, and ‘Vanquish of Evil’ was used a few times.

Silevan was much lower in rank than Obsculia, and was even more vulnerable to divine power being a full-fledged demon.

When I poured out the holy power equal to a Saint’s, he melted one attack after another.

[ Congratulations! You defeated, the owner of the dungeon, ‘Sculptor Silevan,’ 799th in the Demon World.]



Most of the monsters shared the same fate with Silevan, but there were some trapped in the cage who had not stopped breathing yet.


Keeek! Kikikiki! Kguohhh!

After giving them rest with my whip sword, I ran down the hallway.

“The silver angel the boss mentioned earlier is probably Thesilid.

I’m going to the workshop where he collected harpy wings.”


Because it’s on the map.

As if to let us know that this was the right way, the statues of angels increased in the hallway.

Angels holding hands in prayer, ones with arms open to receive revelation, or kneeling down while weeping.

There was so much piousness in them it was hard to believe it was the work of the devil. 

“Clean up.”

Ptsusosususu! Pukpukpuku!

I smashed them all and put more strength on both legs.

In the meantime, we were almost at our destination.

A huge arched iron gate blocked the front and beyond that was Thesilid.


I opened both doors with all my might.

The light from the hallway penetrated into the dark room, revealing the interior.


[‘The Scales that Judges the Soul’ is astonished.]

A scene that the original did not show was unfolding before my eyes.

There was a man in a place that looked like a circular altar.

Kneeling down on his ragged knees, his broken arms hanging from chains, and with the wings of a huge white beast nailed to his back.

Wires that had dug into his body or had pierced his flesh were also seen.

Perhaps those were for the purpose of fixing the posture.


I took a step forward without thinking and was startled by the sound of liquid splatting.

Blood was flowing down all the way to the front of the door.

I went to him without listening.


I just poured out heals first.

The sight of wounds healing signaled that he was not yet dead.


I said the name as if chewing on it and stopped healing.

He should not be fully treated now.

I removed the myriad of wires embed in his body one by one.

The intention was clearly felt.

I clenched my teeth and continued my cursing.

“……He wanted Thesilid to suffer for a very long and then die of madness.”

I carefully tilted Thesilid’s head back and poured a potion into his mouth.

It couldn’t even properly pass over his throat, but I poured ten bottles down.

The arms hanging from the chain of the ceiling had not yet been released, as there was something to be done before. 

I took my hand behind his back as if hugging him.

Swallowing the cursing that was about to rise to my throat, I made a gentle voice with all my might.

“It will hurt a little.

I’m sorry.”


I tore off the harpy wings from his back.


Thesilid, who had completely lost his mind and didn’t twitch even a muscle so far, let out a painful groan.

I hugged him in a hurry and poured heals on his back. 

“Good job.

You held it in well.

It’s alright now.

It’s over.

It’s alright.”

I don’t know if I’m talking to him or me.

Agnes looked around one last time while I was releasing the chains.

“You don’t have to look for it.”

It was an unexpectedly cold voice that took even me by surprise.

As if feeling something, Agnes didn’t ask anymore.

“Let’s move.”

As soon as I left the dungeon by opening the closing gate, I broke the teleport stone.

There was a place I had prepared in advance.


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