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“This is your 17th life.” (Ellet)

“Ah.” (Terry)

He let out a soft sigh and raised one hand.

“The 17th…” (Terry)

A large hand covered half of his face.

The half-exposed side was so distorted I couldn’t tell whether he was smiling or crying.

Somehow, I feel like I’ve seen something I shouldn’t have.

However, the blurry expression on his face was quickly organized.

Well, I think we’d better change the subject. 

“Do you have any future plans”

“I must return to the church.”

Should I say that Thesilid, who answered like that, looked tired or bored His eyes were empty again.

Then, he suddenly changed his words as if he had realized something.

“But, with my current state, it would be difficult to go straight there.

I need to recover my strength first.”

“Ah……You knew that you lost your Holy Power and the Aura.”

“Because it’s my body.”

At this point, other people might get a little frustrated, but Thesilid was steadfast.

It was bittersweet, but it even made me laugh.

He was like a sweet potato that grew up eating a lot of sunlight, this potato might have high sugar content.

“Do you know how to restore power”

To my question, Thesilid rolled up his left wrist and showed it to me.

There was a mark that seemed to have several layers of black lines wrapped over his white stigma.

It looked as if they were tied together like barbed wire.

Thesilid continued without a doubt that I would have recognized it.

“The way to solve the ban is usually good deeds.”

“How did this happen”

There was no such thing in the original.

“I had some bad thoughts for a while.” 

Thesilid avoided the details by making a rough pass.

“By the way, what about Ellet Are you going back to Count Gillette now”

No, I’m going to follow you. 

Of course, saying this would sound like a stalker.

Thesilid took the initiative and slightly choose the words he would say. 

“Are you traveling by any chance” 


That’s right.”

“Come to think of it, you haven’t been ordained a priest yet.” 

Hm If you are starting with that…don’t tell me he’s…

“If you want to work as a healer while traveling, it would be better to put your name on the list of the denomination.

I will prove your identity, so how about if you accompany me to The Vatican I’m going to go around a little bit first.”

Oh, I didn’t expect it, but he really suggested it first.

What is this sleek dialogue compared to his old-dry talking skills Is this Thesilid Argent

As I squinted my eyes, Thesilid added words, seemingly misunderstanding my reaction.

“I’ll be honest.

I’m weak right now and I need someone’s protection.

It could be said that it’s a relationship to use each other.”

For use……

It’s a word that really doesn’t fit him. 

“Ok, fine.”

[‘The World-building God’ finds it uncomfortable to register with other people’s denominations no matter how nominal.] 

‘I can not help it.

Just think of it as getting a license.’

After appeasing World God, I asked Thesilid.

“You said you wouldn’t go to The Vatican right away.

Where are you going”

“First of all…” 

He smiled.

The plan that followed was to my liking.

“Let’s go make money for traveling expenses.”

Chapter 18.

The Returnee and The Transmigrator

“I want to live a good life this time.”

It was something that came out in the middle of the story.

I don’t remember very well, but in the shared coach, Thesilid expressed his aspirations like that.

“You’re going to be nicer than you already are” 

“Thank you for thinking highly of me.” 

“Is there anything else you want to do”


His side face dyed in the sunset light was as beautiful as a sculpture.

But his sea-blue eyes were empty, and his light smile was inert without emotion.

He continued, looking as if he would disappear at any moment. 

“If you help me, I might think about it.” 

The tone of voice that has no enthusiasm at all conveyed his sincerity. 

He doesn’t need anyone’s help.

Because all those who helped him had a bad end.

In any world, there are people who want to make a living through illegal acts rather than proper labor.

The Hegelix Mountains and the Panabel Forest form the border between the Holy Country of Elpenheim and the Republic of Ragneif.

The bandits who settled there were just like that.

While waiting at the roadside, they robbed travelers who had no money to buy a teleport stone and even used a village in a mountain valley as their base to dig a trap to lure travelers out.

Thesilid and I were currently searching for the hideout of these bandits and smashing them down one by one.

“Hiic! Monster……it’s a monster!”

“Watch out for the pink-haired girl!”

“Sa-save me! Guaaha!”

At this point in time, they were still people who made hideouts in caves like primitive humans.

As expected, the collection of gold and silver treasures was scarce.

If they had collected it well, they would have moved from this hideout.

While I was picking up the travel expenses, an emotional voice came from the side.

“Thank you! Thank you very much, knight! You saved my life!” 

“Ah, knight! How to repay this kindness!”

“Sobbing! I was so scared, knight!”

It was Thesilid’s responsibility to free the hostages.

The eyes of the female hostages chanting Sir knight were dazzling.

After all, the most handsome man in the world was popular wherever he went.

What’s more, there’s nothing better to add the benevolent tag than a situation of rescuing hostages like now.

[‘The Troubled Architect of the Tower of Trials’ is satisfied with the specialized buff for a harem.]

It’s something we’ll have to see more often in the future.

Let’s get used to it. 

Thesilid, who I had long thought would soothe women by exercising his chivalry spirit, came to me unexpectedly quickly.

“You worked hard, Ellet.

You were the one who cleared out the thieves, but I’m sorry that I was the only one who got thanked.”

“It’s okay.”

“Next time, let’s go to the bandits with many male hostages.”

“What, why…… ”


“No, I like it.” 

Honesty is a virtue, of course.

[‘The Scales that Judges the Soul’ asks if you are pursuing a reverse harem]


I just thought it would be better than watching the Pushover Free Pass manage his fishing grounds.

We handed over the bandits to the guards nearby and moved on.

Thesilid walked the mountain path on foot towards the place where the destination was chosen.

I asked.

“What do you think Do you think the ban loosened up a bit”

“All I did was free the hostages, so it’s insignificant.” 

It is not effective to do good deeds without strength.

There’s no way I can’t feel what Thesilid was thinking. 

He rolled up his wrists and lowered his eyes.

A look of concern crossed his face as he stared at the stab-like marks that covered his stigma.

“Ellet, what is the best good deed that a powerless person can do”

“……I think you know the answer, but I don’t want to answer.”

“Right, it’s a sacrifice.”


Thesilid continued his words as if reciting them. 

“It probably wouldn’t work, so I think I should do something close to dying and barely surviving.”


“It’s a joke.”

I know it’s not, this sweet potato.

“Come this way, Ellet.”

It took half a day to arrive at a village deep in the mountains.

Shabby wooden houses could be seen in the background filled with rice paddies and fields.

As the sun was still shining, everyone was busy with important labor.

The images of the women plowing the fields and caring for the livestock was peaceful and quiet.

But men were not seen.

Nefiro Village.

It was one of the main stages at the beginning of the original work.

“Do you have any plans”

Thesilid smiled at my straightforward question. 

“Looking at your direct question, you seem to know what kind of village our destination is.” 

“Yes, roughly.”

A mysterious village where a young man disappears whenever he steps in. 

On the surface, it was kidnapping and trafficking by a huge band of robbers, but in reality, there was something behind the simple gang of evildoers.

“You saved me the trouble of explaining.”

This smile looked a little happy.

“I am not currently dispatched by order of the denomination.

In a way, it’s a situation where I’m out on an unauthorized mission.

I wish we could go quickly.”

“Efficiency It’s my favorite.”

“I thought you would like it.”

We continued talking a little more about the plan.

At that time, the woman in the nearest field was horrified to see us.

She came this way, savagely grabbing the dup-up potatoes in her hands.

“Wh-why did you come here! Get out of here! You can’t come into this town!”

Although she shouted with a shrill voice, the eyes that kept looking around were very anxious.

“What are you doing Go on already! It’s dangerous to be here……!” 

That was then.

“Hey, traveler”

“Oh my!”

A middle-aged man with a virtuous and benevolent impression suddenly intervened.

The village woman was surprised enough to drop her potatoes.


The village chief said with a friendly smile.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve seen travelers to a town like this.

Nice to meet you.

Oh, Leah.

Grandma Phoebe was looking for you, so go ahead.”

“What Y-Y-Yes, Chief.”

She left with a terrified look on her face.

Still, she looked back at me and Thesilid several times.

It’s just a very dubious sight to see.

It’s a situation where you have no choice but to be vigilant and suspicious.

“Are you the Chief Greetings.

I’m Thesilid Argent.

This is Ellet Rodellaine.”

“Hello, Chief.

I think the sun will set soon.

If you know about a good inn, would you recommend it”

Here we are, the Returnee and the Transmigrator.

“Hoo You mean, you need a place to stay……”

His eyes widened, revealing his wretched pupils.

These were the eyes of a cat that has found its prey.


This is the village of Nefiro, where there is a gang of bandits and a two-face village chief.

It was the stage of a monumental episode that gave the main character the nickname “Pushover Free Pass”.


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