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“Hey, what did you talk about with the Young Master”

Nelly, who had been poisoned by what happened yesterday and today, was staring at me as if she was going to eat me.

I stood up with a gruff shake of my skirt. 

“What is it, Nelly Did you come all the way here to quarrel with me”

“I asked first! What did you talk about with the Young Master! What did you say something, so that the master pretended he didn’t see me and just passed by!”

I don’t know why this idiot is obsessed with that jerk, but my answer has been decided.

“I won’t tell you.”

“Hey! You are really-!”

Nelly, distraught, raised one of her hands.

I flinched for a slap, but she grabbed my collar.

[‘The world-building God’ cannot directly intervene in the crisis of its followers, so it can only glare with his fiery eyes.]

In the meantime, Nelly snarled, pushing her face to the point of burden. 

“Somehow, I knew from the moment you suddenly said that you were going to learn how to serve tea! Your purpose is also the Young Master, isn’t it”


“Don’t even dream! Being the ugly girl you are!”


I guessed why she was making such an absurd remark.

‘Does this idiot like that asshole’

However, the materialistic and combative light in Nelly’s eyes was too dark to be understood as words of pure liking.

It was then.

[‘The world-building God’ relaxes its eyes and smiles with anticipation.]

[‘The Eyes that watch over the chaos of all things’ made half-moon-shaped eyes and turned the chair over to see better.]

Huh All of a sudden

Perhaps the reaction of the gods, who were watching from an omniscient point of view, was somewhat interesting.

Something was caught in my eyes, just as I was looking over Nelly’s shoulder.

‘Oh, indeed.’

It was understood why the two gods laughed.

“Hey, why aren’t you answering What are you laughing about”

“Oh, sorry, Nelly.

So, what you want to say is, do you want me not to disturb you because your purpose is to seduce the Young Master”

“Yes! You are an idiot, but you finally understood something of what I said.”

At that moment, the feet of the two people approaching this way stopped.

I pretended not to know and continued my conversation with Nelly.

“But Nelly, wouldn’t that be a bit difficult Young Master is a nobleman, and we are commoners.”

“Hey, what does that matter! The current madam was also a commoner, so there’s a way for me to become the next countess, right”

A small sigh was heard from somewhere, but it was still a bit lacking.

I scratched the muzzle of the wicked once again for the last time. 

“Oh, does that make sense Who said that You” 

“My mother did, why!”

Nelly’s triumphant and roaring voice reverberated throughout the greenhouse garden.

All right.

This is enough.

Seeing me smiling, Nelly flinched.

“What Why are you laughing so sneakily”

“Look behind you.”

“Hick! Ma-Ma-Madam! Yo-Yo-Young Lady!”

Behind her was the Countess, who was exuding violent energy like a demoness, and her expressionless daughter who came holding her hand.

A bleak voice was heard.

“Ah, yes….

the Countess position seemed to be an easy place… Because I was a commoner…”

“Ma-Ma-Madam, that’s not what I meant…!”

“Well, yes…children at that age can say very immature things… But… it was your mother who taught you that, right…….”

“Oh, that’s…!”

Realizing that there was no way out, Nelly trembled in trance.

The Countess shouted loud enough for a blood vein to jump from her neck.

“Both can pack up and get out of this County right now!”

Nelly flopped down on her seat in her raging roar.

“Ma-Madam…… huh, huh! Whuaaa!”

“You are all grown up it’s not even a cute cry! Butler!”

Eventually, she called the butler and pulled Nelly out.

Judging by her stubborn attitude, it seemed unlikely that the Countess would overturn her order of expulsion.

With this, the maid mother and daughter pair were neatly settled at once.

I’m proud of myself.

[‘The Eyes that watch over the chaos of all things’ sees you who easily defeated the rookie villain and admits that you deserve the S-class rank.]

No, really.

I don’t want that rank, but I have to somehow survive in this world now, right

The Countess and her daughter had not yet left the greenhouse.

It was a time when I was contemplating whether to hand over some consolation tomatoes to the Countess, who was still furious.

The Countess’s daughter… named Bianca Gillette, said with a look and voice that this was an indifference happening to her.

“Ignore them and consider it in a good light, mother.”

“Huff, Bia.

I don’t know if this mother has something good to think about this.”

“That maid has been a person who has had many problems with hiring irregularities and embezzlement.

She got kicked out this time, so it’s a good thing for our house.”

“Oh, was the mother of the girl I just kicked out a maid”

“…I guess you didn’t seem to know.

She was a maid of honor, so it was hard to handle her at once, but I never knew we would have such a good excuse to organize it.”

Bianca glanced sideways at me as she finished speaking.

I pretended not to know and hugged the tomato basket.

“Okay then, Madam, Miss.

I will go back to the kitchen.”

“Yes, go on.”

“No, wait.”

The Countess and Bianca were at odds.

“Why are you like this, Bia”

“I have something to tell you about the treatment of that child, Ellet Rodellaine.”

Huh I didn’t do anything wrong, why

The Countess tilted her head to see if she was of the same opinion as me.

Then Bianca came closer to me and smiled.

I was momentarily startled by the look on her face, which had been completely indifferent until a moment ago.

It was an unexpected look for the always cool-headed Young Lady of the Count.

And a shocking remark echoed in my ear.

“I want this kid to be my playmate.”

The Count’s Young Lady playmate.

According to the stories that went from mouth to mouth of the workers, it was an extreme job.

Bianca Gillette had a quiet disposition, neither being particularly picky, nor harming others.

However, due to her indifferent expression and cold attitude, they were not able to understand her insides, and Bianca was known as a scary and difficult Miss to serve.

In front of Bianca, the Count and his wife were often embarrassed, and even the foolish crazy young master was sneakily avoiding her.

Up to now, several girls from noble acquaintances had been mobilized as Bianca’s playmates, but after three days they all ran away crying.

It is said that when Bianca sent them off, the playmate fled, horrified by her face, it was a reaction akin to seeing a ghost.

No one knew what the hell was going on in the 10-year-old Young Lady’s room.

But I’m going to have to check it out myself.

From the afternoon of the next day, instead of being exempted from kitchen work, I was given the task of being Bianca’s playmate.

‘Wow, behind this lies the hidden power of the Count.’

I took a deep breath in front of the beautifully embossed wooden arch door.

For a second, it felt like entering a dungeon.

I asked for permission and opened the door.

“Are you here, Miss Ellet”

Bianca, who was reading a book alone, greeted me first.

She had no expression and her voice was cold.

“Hello, miss.”


Having said hello, now it’s time to start working.

What will a 10-year-old noble girl in a medieval fantasy world do and play

I hesitated because I didn’t know, but fortunately, Bianca spoke up first.

“You can read a book.”

She beckoned to the books piled up on the table, like asking me to pick something up.

Can I just read a book

As I put on an anguished expression on my face, Bianca asked with a look of disappointment.

“Do you not know how to read”


I know.”

With the help of the transmigrator’s support system, I was able to speak the official language perfectly.

Bianca was convinced that it would be because I had an intellectual as my father. 

I looked at the title of the book in earnest.

The books covered various fields such as literature, history, society, politics, business, and theology.

‘Isn’t the level too high for a 10-year-old to read’

Maybe this is the secret that drove all her playmates away

With suspicion, I glanced at the book Bianca was reading.

Well…… Seeing that the title was ‘Prospects of high value-added business using new dungeon materials’, it didn’t seem like she was trying to harass me.

I chose literature.

I was also a fan of web novels in my previous life, and the title ‘ That one time, I, the hero, seduced the Demon King’ was a bit interesting.

“Go to the couch and read.

You can just lay back and keep reading.”

“Wow, thank you very much.”

Since I was not a nobleman anyway, I quickly accepted Bianca’s consideration.

I laid down on my stomach like I often did on my bed and opened a book.

It was about thirty minutes after I started to turn the pages.

I felt a problem.


Well, I’m sorry to disturb you while you read, miss.”


“May I change the book”


Contrary to her cold answer, I felt the gaze of careful observation clinging to my cheek.

This time I picked up the top representative in theological books, the Bible.

Bianca asked.

“Bible Why did you choose it”

“I don’t think I can understand literature without understanding the Bible.”

Religious culture provides the material basis for art.

How many works of art, music, and literature have been created on the basis of religion and have penetrated the public consciousness.

This was the case even in my previous life, where the controversy over the existence of God was acute.

Not to mention, the Serentra continent has a setting in which the divine power, the proof of God, exists.

The influence of religious culture on the world was bound to be much greater than in my previous life.

For that reason, I put aside literature for a while and picked up the Bible.

It seems to be a mixture of the major religions of my past life, but I thought I should know it properly.

Then I saw Bianca with a slightly blank face. 

“It’s hard to figure out what you need to learn on your own…”


“Oh, nothing.”

Bianca mumbled to herself and buried her face in the book.


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