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My mind went cold.

“Ah, right.”

I thought of something.

“The Five Colored Feathers of the Happy Queen.”

A disposable item that prevents falling acquired in the last dungeon! It was clear that he jumped believing it.

[‘The World-building God’ is angry asking if it was necessary to make such an excessive production.]

[‘The Critic who adjusts the balance’ was terrified and says that he really thought he was going to the 18th episode for real.]


“I know.

Let’s just……just wait for him to come back.” 

“I’ll feed him the sparrow poop-flavored pill.” 

While planning a desperate revenge play, a bewildered voice came from behind.

“You, you, what are you!”

“You said you were an alchemist!” 

“How did you get away from the vice-captain… !”

The main tank, Vice-Captain Lecto, was quite an ace in this order.

The face of the Knights, who had built a siege around me, was full of vigilance.


“I’ll have to deal with these guys first.” 

The Captain and the Vice-Captain were provoked by the cold voice they heard.

“What are you talking about Who’s going to do what” 

“Get rid of the woman! We must not keep the witness alive!”

Now, it seems that they are trying to attack in droves without even playing pretend to be knights.

“You have to go to the Vatican to testify, so I’ll give you a chance to live.

Be grateful.”

I took out Serpens and covered it in white light.

“A-Aura user……!”

“You said you were an alchemist!” 

“Right, even if she is, beginner level is…”


Because of the unfortunate misunderstanding, I immediately deployed my whip sword.

My beloved sword flew like a devouring snake, causing a blood storm in the area.

“Aww! My legs, my arms……!”

“Wh-what! This absurd swordsmanship……!”

“No-Not a beginner at all! A-Aura Expert! E-even higher than that…!”

“Hey! W-We are not opponents! Te-Thesilid! We need to call Thesilid…!”

They were in so much panic that they finally called out for Thesilid, which they had stabbed in the back more than once.

Annoyed, I swung my whip sword more fiercely like a whip.


“Kuh huh!”

There were less than twenty people and it took less than five minutes for them to be out of combat.

The Knights couldn’t move an inch because of the major cuts and broken legs.

“Ouch, gasp! Wh-what the hell are you……!”

General Gadville, who was violently crawling on the floor, shouted, wiping out his tears and runny nose.


Serpens’s blade went into the scabbard.

“Thesilid’s a temporary guardian.


“What……Ghu, ahhhh!”

I can’t kill them, so I slashed them with a scabbard.

Of course, the body of an aura user is hard, so aura was loaded in an appropriate amount.

Puck! puck! puck! puck! puck!

“Reflect on yourself while being hit.” 

“Ouch! Aww! Sp-Spare me, please! It hurts! Whoa! I-I was wrong……!”

Puck! puck! 

“What did you do wrong”

“Ouch! The-Thesilid..…arghhh!”

Puck! puck! puck! puck! puck!

 “Yeah, what about Thesilid Why aren’t you talking”

“Pl-please have mercy…ugh, sniff!”


I laugh on my own.

The expression I had went straight out of my face. 

“This is mercy.”


I focused all my attention on controlling the aura.

Don’t get excited.

I can’t kill them.

As I calmed down, my voice that followed was also extremely cold.


Do you know what I saw in the Burst Dungeon”

“Kuk! Cough!”

“Even if Thesilid divides the pain he suffered there by the number of your heads.”

“Cough! Argh!”

“It can’t be compared to anything like this.”


“So, this is kind of merciful.

Don’t you think so”

“Ugh, agh……”

It is obvious that the main character of the 17th episode, who is bound by discipline, will not be able to dream of revenge with his own hands.

So, now that I have become a guardian, wouldn’t it be okay to meddle with this level of physical interference

If it’s not me, who else will do it 



Sadly, Captain Gadville did not last long.

I grabbed the back of his neck and threw him away.


The location I threw him away was next to Vice-Captain Lecto.

Terrified, he stumbled on the floor and tried to step back.

“Do you think twice as much will do”

I continued talking as if to let him listen.

“He dared to put a knife to my neck.”


My gaze went from top to bottom of the Vice-Captain.

In the original, he was the main tank who was jealous of Thesilid.

“Since you are a tank, I guess you can last a little.”

“Fo-Fo-forgive me! I won’t do it again……arghhhhh!”

As expected, he endured well.

Thanks to this, it was good to be able to beat him as much as possible, but there were also drawbacks.

“St-Stop it! Stop it, please!”

I thought his words were getting shorter and he suddenly raised his head.

His puffy, swollen face was filled with evil.

“W-we! We just wanted to live! Do you think you would have been different in that situation!”


I paused for a moment.

My eyes went cold.

I lowered the scabbard slowly.

At this, Vice-Captain Lecto grinned as if he thought he had hit the nail on the head. 

“Look, you admit it, right You too…!” 

“What do you think is the reason I keep you lot alive”


The excitement of making eye-level contact with the worm was gone.

I put the Serpens back on my waist and got up.

I looked down at the bewildered bug and said.

“It’s about keeping you guys alive to go to court and testify.

But you.”


“I don’t think you are going to testify how you should, it seems like you’re just going to talk nonsense.”

In other words.

“You look useless.”


As if hearing his death sentence, the worm’s eyes widened in astonishment.

I lifted my index finger and placed it on Vice-Captain Lecto’s forehead, right between his eyes


“Wh-what are you doing……Huck!”


Hispenril’s Aura technique, which was passed down from my mother, began to take control of the body of the worm.

From hearing to touch, the senses and nerves of the whole body except for sight were sharpened with extreme sensitivity.




“V-V-Vice-Captain, sir……!”

His body was already covered with scars, so I didn’t need to add anything more.


The veins ruptured and his eyes were stained red.

Instead of screaming, he collapsed, moaning and drooling.

“Wh-What did you do with the Vice-Captain……!”

“He’s not dead.”


“It would be more painful than death.”


Death would rather be liberation.

However, it was difficult for an aura user in a tank position to die from shock.

So if left like this…

[‘The Eyes that watch over the chaos of all things’ cover its eyes in fear.]

[‘The Spoiler Inspector’ clicks his tongue, asking why you are doing what the Heretical Judgment Bureau is supposed to do.]

‘I think taking Lecto to the courtroom would be counterproductive.’

I almost forgot, but Vice-Captain Lecto had a history of driving Thesilid to death in the original work.

Because of his trashy inferiority.

Vice-Captain Lecto was an evil human by nature, and his inferiority complex, which is the prime motive for murder, remains the same.

A person who has nothing to lose has no hesitation in dragging others down to the abyss.

Vice-Captain Lecto was about to be burned at the stake anyway, so while burning himself he was more than capable of blatantly framing Thesilid in the courtroom.

So, why should I give the villain another chance to do the wrong thing

[‘The Creative Business Manager’ appreciates the choice that leaves no chances for regret.]

[‘The World-building God’ says that punishment is inherently harsh.]

[‘The Scales that Judges the Soul’ agrees as a worker of the industry.]

Around the time I was watching Vice-CaptainLecto.

Suddenly, I felt a sign of uneasiness next to me, so I turned my head.

It was seen that some of the members were trying to secretly use healing by raising their insignificant divine power.

I muttered quietly.

“Perform silence.”

A haze of light flew like a butterfly from my fingertips.

The target was the mouths of the Knights.

“Unh! Huh!”

Their snouts were sealed with an advanced debuff skill.

The knights who could not chant their divine spells were astonished.

“I want you to take this opportunity to feel the sad feelings of stigmata that has no healing powers.”


It had an unexpected additional effect of profuse bleeding. 


“Cof, cof!”

Some knights started bleeding from the nose and mouth. 


“I guess their body is reacting to the first stage of the plague because the immune system is low.” 

Although they could resist by using the divine power inside their bodies, there was no one who had enough concentration skills to do this in the Order of the Pillar of Light.

I was worried about that too.

“…Thesilid, how much strength do you think he regained”

“Then 20 minutes is the limit.

Even if he drinks the potions I gave him, it’s 30 minutes top.”

The dungeon should only be closed by Thesilid efforts alone.

Only then will he regain his strength.

So I tried not to intervene as much as possible.

I did……

“Ouch, uh….”

“Kuh huh……!”

The knights continued to vomit blood.

Occasionally, I walked to give them a little bit of healing, but their condition was only getting worse.

I think there’s about five stages of toxicity So what’s the state of the Thesilid who is wandering in the depths of the Canyon

I waited, fiddling with the pendant on my necklace. 

Agnes’s voice calling me was lower than usual.

It was when I focused my eyes that had been released in the air on the necklace.


A sigh spontaneously went out.

“I knew it.” 


“Let’s go, Agnes.

To find the lost child.” 

Leaving the knights wriggling like worms, I strode towards the Black Arc de Triumph.




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