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[‘The World-building God’ shouts, criticizing the male lead about losing agro while being a tanker.]

[‘The Spoiler Inspector’, befitting of the main character hated by the whole world, his ability to pull agro was excellent, but he wonders why this happened now.]

[‘The Critic who adjusts the balance’ explains that it happened because the healer’s heal is OP.]

It was.

Thesilid was innocent.

I just got the boss’s attention because my heal was too strong!

“Sigh, I’ve become an overly competent healer.”

[‘The Critic who adjusts the balance’ advises you not to be proud and reflect on yourself if you are not trolling others.]

[‘The World-building God’ is angry, telling them not to throw cold water on his child.]

In the meantime, Grelius’ weapon evolved.


Dozens of chains sprang from his scythe and rushed at me with great speed.

Of course, I never had a chance to step out.

Thesilid immediately blocked the path and he broke all the black chains with his holy sword.

Kang! Caang! Can-can!


It was a time when I admired his wonderful performance.


The last remaining chain turned left and aimed at me.

Thesilid immediately snatched it up with his left hand and at that moment.

Chararara! Clap!

The end of the chain twisted and wrapped around his neck.



The strangled man’s handsome face frowned slightly, but instead of groaning, his lips let out something else.

“Blue Torch.”

A bright blue divine flame rose from the left hand holding the chain.

The chain became a fuse that carried the torch to Grelius.


Grelius, who was been executed as if he was at the stake, struggled in agony.

When his left hand broke the chain, Thesilid was immediately freed from the stranglehold. 

Grelius, who had been hit hard by the torch, was furious.

Thesilid kicked the ground after confirming that Grelius’s target had returned to him.

It was a frontal breakthrough.

Chararara! Charara!

Dozens of chains attacked Thesilid at different times, obstructing his path.

He could only dodge them by stepping swiftly on the ground letting the chain stuck in vain at the place where he had passed.

Thesilid climbed onto one of the chains.

With an amazing sense of equilibrium, he stepped on the chain and approached Grelius at high speed.


The scythe of the reaper swung wildly towards Thesilid, who raised his holy sword without slowing down his approach.


The blade of the sword made the sickle’s blade slip out of the way.

Thesilid managed to burrow into the gap of the scythe.

From there on, Grelius was defenseless.

Thesilid leaped high and stretched out his right hand.

It was an empty hand with the Holy Sword missing.


He grabbed the forehead of the giant skull with a fierce grip and with the holiest face on earth, he recited the final blow.

“Baptism of condemnation.”


With a roar, the Black Death was killed by an explosion.

[ Congratulations! You have defeated the hidden owner of the dungeon, ‘Sentinel of the Apocalypse Grelius’, 791th  in the Demon World.]

Koo Goo Goo.

The wreckage of the crumbling god of death sank into the gorge.

Thesilid had stepped back just before the explosion and landed in a safe place.

I approached Thesilid.

“Good job.

Are you hurt somewhere”

“There’s nothing.”

“What do you mean there isn’t 

The marks on the neck where the chain had been wound were clear and red.

I immediately reached out and healed him.

Thesilid flinched briefly, perhaps because his throat was sensitive.

Then he soon relaxed his expression and smiled.

“It’s good to have a healer.”

“You know”


“Actually, I became a healer to heal you.”

“I see.

Thank you so much.”

The smile couldn’t get brighter than this.

However, apart from the positive visual effect, his inner mind was read.

“It’s because he lived only being deceived by others.”

Upon hearing my crooked reply, Thesilid briefly opened his eyes wide.

I didn’t want to talk about it anymore, so I told another story.

“But it’s true that you and I are a good combo.”

Because Thesilid became a tank-dealer, and I became a dealer-healer. 

He agreed and measured the combined strength of us two.

“Yes, if I’m with you, we might be able to subdue SS-class dungeons alone.”

“You look confident after completely regaining your strength.

It’s good to see.” 




Rather than that, you can go loot now.”

“Me Do you want me to have it” 

“Yes, because I owe you a lot of things.”

Without hesitation, I picked up the shiny things from the edge of the cliff.

The loot was a skill book and one item.

[ ‘Dance of Extermination’

A useful swordsmanship technique for digging into the middle of enemy defense lines and slaughtering enemies.

It is graceful as if you were dancing, hence the name ‘Dance’.

Note: This is for women and has the added effect of improving dance skills.]

[ ‘The Scythe of Harvest’

The sickle used by the god of death was improved for farmers.

It doubles the yield probability.]


As expected of a hidden boss, the rewards were great.

The Dance of Extermination was a skill not for sale in the Cash Shop.

As it happened to be for women, I learned it right away without any hesitation. 

I’m already feeling stronger.

Good, good.

Thesilid, who was looking at the loot together, asked.

“Do you like it”


I think this swordsmanship skill seems to be useful in many-on-one battles, and this sickle is perfect as a gift for someone I know.”

When I was thinking of the joy of increasing the harvest by giving it to the dungeon farm manager, Epiden.

“What kind of guy is he”

Thesilid showed interest.

“Epiden is a guy as tall as you, with a pretty skull, shoulder blades, and iliac bones.”


“…Why do you look like that”

“Shoulder blades aside, how do you know that the iliac bones are pretty…”

For reference, the iliac bone is below the waist.

His blue eyes seemed to sway slightly.

Apparently, he was showing off his wild imagination, so I hurriedly explained.

“Epiden is an undead.

It’s a skeleton, so you can only see bones.”


[‘The Spoiler Inspector’ wonders what the main character would have imagined.]

[‘The Scales that Judges the Soul’ laughs mischievously.]

Averting his eyes to the side, Thesilid swept his face as if to wash it dry, then covered his mouth.

True to an inexperienced, conservative, and faithful paladin. 

Wanting to make fun of him, I deliberately picked on him.

“It’s the 17th episode of your life.

Show me your years of experience.”

Thesilid retorted as if it was a bit unfair.

“That……It has nothing to do with the number of turns.

Maturity is not about the quantity of experiences, but the quality.”

It’s a wonderful line, but if you translate it, it’s like a confession from a natural-born soloist.

[‘The Scales that Judges the Soul’ says that the Transmigrator speaks like it’s easy, but has not done anything formidable.]

[‘The World-building God’ defends that the Transmigrator didn’t do it because she didn’t want to, it’s that she couldn’t do it.]

[‘The Scales that Judges the Soul’ encourages you to change the genre quickly.]

[‘The Creative Business Manager’ says it’s a good idea to help sales.]

Right before I could tell the gods to stop watching from somewhere in the sky.


It seems Thesilid still had something to say.

When our eyes met, he spoke something like a whisper.

“I probably can’t keep my cool like you.”


Thesilid didn’t say anything more, he just stared straight at me.

I was embarrassed for nothing, so I coughed instinctively.

“Shall we go to The Vatican”

“Yes, Eli.”

The affectionate air from a moment ago had disappeared and the gate opened at Thesilid’s gesture.

“Ladies first.”


It’s a national rule that the person who closed it, is the last to leave the dungeon.

I woke up the stunned Knights, pushed them into the gate like throwing garbage away, and entered myself.

After Ellet exited the dungeon, Thesilid remained alone in a desolate space.

Out of sight of anyone, he rolled up his left sleeve.

A white stigma was engraved on the inside of his sturdy arm and black lines like barbed wire wrapped around it.

The prohibition had been greatly reduced, but it still existed.

“Half……Is the rest a problem that time will solve”

With a strange noise, he turned his head.

There was a canyon in the place where his gaze, that crossed the air, was directed to.


His eyes darkened as he recalled the place that seemed like an abyss.

He has been weak against darkness since a long time ago.

In particular, darkness that came along with silence was fatal to him.

The bottom of the gorge met those two conditions.

In a space where sight and hearing died together, his mind was on the verge of being eaten by darkness.

So he thought he was moving on to the next round.


– Terry! Answer me when you hear me.


She returned the sound to him.

That alone awakened his spirit, which seemed to be buried in death.

Ellet Rodellaine.

Why do you always appear in the form of salvation

Over and over again.

How long has it been since the last time he relied on humans It was so funny that he could almost cry. 

The ending of the people he trusted or cared for was always the same.

Betraying him in the most wicked way, or lost by his side in the most grievous way. 

At some point, he became numb to many things.

However, only the threshold of what could shake him had risen, but there would still be room for twisting and breaking him.

He thought Ellet Rodellaine’s existence was one of two things.

Either a rare reward that ‘Strict Order and Goodwill’ gave to him who was tired. 

Or a vain hope arranged to effectively despair him.

If it’s the latter.

If ‘Strict Order and Goodwill’ was to play with me again.


He swung the holy sword.


A powerful aura swept across the land like a tidal wave and crashed into the gorge.

Due to the tremendous power, the cracked ground was filled with spilled debris.

The bottomless pit ceased to exist.

“Ellet Rodellaine.”

He chanted.

“I hope you won’t betray nor be lost.”

The back of the handsome man chasing hope disappeared into the gate and the shadow that dragged along was as dark as a disaster.


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