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Wang Baole shook his head and looked at the images formed from the memories of the empyreal king before him once again.

His expression was as complicated as ever.

In the images, the first wisp of life that was born in the vast universe.

He had cultivated alone in the vast universe for countless years.

Fortunately, the appearance of the Parrot had allowed the two life forms to accompany each other.

In the following years, as the emperor cultivated, when his cultivation reached a certain level, the laws of this universe would become more comprehensive, until other life forms were born one after another.

In the early stages, the emperor looked at those life forms curiously.

He did not disturb them often, nor did he interfere too much.

However, his occasional appearance still had an impact on these life forms.

His totem was slowly outlined in the embryonic form of the civilization formed by these life forms.

He… gradually became known as a god..

Until more and more life forms appeared, and more and more civilizations were formed.

Legends about gods were passed down from generation to generation… at the same time, under the occasional guidance of the imperial emperor, the methods of cultivation.., slowly, like seeds, were passed down in more and more civilizations.

It was unknown when it began, but the civilizations of this large universe began to cultivate.

Time passed slowly.

To the imperial emperor, he was very happy as he watched the number of living beings in this universe gradually increase and the large number of cultivators appear one after another.

This made him feel that he was no longer so lonely.

Finally, one day, an expert was born in one of the civilizations.

He walked out of his civilization and stepped into the starry sky.

This seemed to have started a cycle.

In the following years.., one expert after another was born in different civilizations.

Just like that, the first person who tried to challenge the gods appeared.

His inheritance did not come from the imperial emperor, but from the parrot that rarely appeared in the world.

Xuan Chen failed in his challenge, but he chose to follow the Emperor and became his subordinate.

As time passed, those who could reach their limits and challenge the gods gradually appeared one after another.

However, no one succeeded in the end and became the emperors subordinate.

If the timeline of this universe was divided into three parts, then in the early stages of the universe, the emperor was indeed a god-like existence.

He had already walked his own path to the extreme.

He had 108 war generals under him.

Any one of them was enough to suppress an entire era.

Every one of them had their own stories, including the stunning Luo in the later stages, as well as the ancient times that were filled with misfortune.

If time continued to go on like this, then with the Imperial Emperors control as a god, he should still be able to control the middle and later stages of this universe.

But at this moment, the emperors memories were restored.

This time, although he didnt remember who he was or what his mission was or where he came from, it reminded him of the time when he was buried in the coffin.

Or to be more precise, the restored memories came from the coffins perception of the outside world.

It was also at this moment that the imperial emperor realized that the reason why his memories couldnt be recovered was because… he was incomplete.

In the coffin that had fused with the corpse of his previous life, there was another remnant of his soul.

In the Imperial Emperors previous life, after his death, the corpse and the shattered soul were sealed in the coffin.

According to some ancient ritual that he couldnt remember the details of but had a vague impression of, he would be resurrected one day.

Unfortunately, before the ancient ritual was completed, the coffin that carried the corpse of his previous life encountered this unique universe.

This universe was indeed very special.

The black wooden coffin had floated in the starry sky for so long that it had encountered many universes, but none of them had been able to fuse with it.

Only this universe… was very different.

It had actually fused with the coffin, turning it into a source of wood, this accident had led to the emperors resurrection, but it wasnt complete.

To be complete… he had to retrieve the other remnant soul within the black wooden coffin that had turned into a wooden path and fuse it with his own body.

It would be completely complete, and the unexpected ritual would return to its original path.

Therefore, Wang Baoles relationship with the Emperor wasnt the clone he had guessed.

To be more precise, he was the same as the emperor, a life form that had split apart at the source.

However, due to the complete and comprehensive laws of the universe, as well as its unique nature, the emperor couldnt forcefully plunder it if he was trapped here.

Unless he could wait until the end of the universe and the moment it dried up.., only then could he truly retrieve the remnant soul and complete his body.

However… the emperor couldnt wait that long.

Therefore, he thought of a solution.

He wanted to deceive the universe and make it feel danger, so that it would face the calamity of destruction.

The most powerful calamity in the universe was… the first law of the universes birth.

The scene ended there.

Wang baole retracted his gaze and stood there silently for a long time.

According to the rumors, the emperor was ultimately arrogant and tried to replace the will of the universe.

That was why he had to endure the five elements wood tribulation.

However, through these memories, Wang Baole had already understood..

It wasnt that the emperor was arrogant.

He had done all of this on purpose.

He didnt want to replace the universe.

He only wanted one thing from beginning to end, and that was… The origin of the Wood Dao.

That year, the universe had taken the black wooden coffin and forcibly converted it into the universes own origin of the Wood Dao.

Then… The Emperor had used this method to lure it out and take it back.

Wang Baole stood there for a long while and sighed softly.

The more he understood, the more confused he became.

He raised his head and looked at the familiar first level world that appeared before him after the emperors memories disappeared.

Slowly, his gaze deepened.

There are still three more levels… and three more memories.

Wang Baole took a deep breath.

His body swayed as he walked forward.

He wanted to pass through these three levels as soon as possible so that he could read all three remaining memories of the emperor.

The moment Wang Baole walked forward, everything in the world turned into food.

Every single piece of food gave off a lustful aura.

It was the law of appetite.

If that was all, the manifestation of the law was not strange enough.

What was truly strange was that Wang Baole suddenly had a feeling that… every part of his body seemed to have turned into delicious food at that moment.

He needed to exert great restraint in order to suppress the frenzied appetite in his body.

That was because… if he could not suppress it, under the influence of the law of appetite, he would be unable to control himself and eat his body clean bit by bit.

That was the law of appetite.

As the first law of six desires that Wang Baole had grasped deeply after entering the origin universe dao space, it could be said that his understanding of it was the deepest of all the laws of six desires.

After all, regardless of whether it was the desire to listen, the desire to see, or the final desire, the time and effort that Wang Baole spent to ponder over it was very short.

Only the law of appetite was something that he had first come into contact with.

He had slowly accumulated and exploded all the way until he had reached the level of a glutton.

He had a deep understanding of it.

He knew clearly that the source of the law of appetite was actually the desire for food.

The aura generated by this desire was the best nourishment for the cultivation of the law of appetite.

For example, the gluttony festival in the city of appetite was a feast for the gluttonous and the gluttonous, splitting up the gluttonous aura of the cultivators in the city.

With this understanding, even though Wang Baoles breathing was rapid, his gaze remained firm.

In reality, with his current cultivation and attainments, it was impossible for the law of appetite to have such an effect on him.

What truly made the law of appetite strong was… the combination of desires.

This stage seemed like the law of appetite, but regardless of whether it was what the eyes saw, the omnipresent fragrance, or the sound of food being cooked, these desires merged together.., it made the law of appetite reach an unimaginable level.

Even though Wang Baole had already become a part of desire, he would still be affected.

As for the effect itself… after experiencing the previous few obstacles, Wang Baole finally had an answer.

“The battle between desire and reason!”Wang Baole muttered.

Even though his six desires had been completed and turned into desire, desire was not all he had.

To a certain extent, it could be said that he was in control of his own desires.

This was a path that allowed Wang Baoles desire to explode.

It was as if he was resisting and trying to suppress his reason, causing Wang Baole to be influenced by his desire and lose his reason.

This was something that he could not allow.

In Wang Baoles understanding, desire was like a prehistoric beast.

Reason was a cage that imprisoned the beast, and the lock of the cage was also formed by reason.

Once the lock was opened, he would lose his self.

For example, at that moment, with the explosion of the law of appetite, the cage that locked desire within Wang Baoles body began to shake.

However, he was not an ordinary person.

Regardless of whether it was his experiences in the federation or the scenes in the stone stele world.., wang Baole might have been lucky to be able to make it to where he was today, but his willpower was also one of the cornerstones!

He was ruthless to others, but to himself… even more so.

This was his personality.

At that moment, a cold glint flashed in his eyes.

He raised his right hand, and just like before, he slowly drew a bloody scar between his brows.

However, the difference was that this bloody scar was extremely deep, as if it had been carved into the skull between his brows.

The sound of it being scraped was enough to make ones hair stand on end.

The tingling sensation, coupled with the enhancement of the touch, instantly suppressed all desires, causing Wang Baoles eyes to shine brightly as he walked forward step by step.

All the food, in front of it all lost the temptation, no matter how beautiful, no matter how fragrant overflowing, no matter how sound is how people drool, all of it, in that touch of pain, it had lost its effectiveness.

Wang Baoles expression grew calmer.

He took the fourth step, the fifth step, and the sixth step.

The moment he took the seventh step, Wang Baole had already made his preparations.

He raised his head and saw a figure.

It was the woman holding the umbrella who had appeared in the previous checkpoint.

An appetite that was many times stronger than before exploded at that moment, causing Wang Baoles eyes to turn red.

He had an impulse to eat the woman before him.

Its only the fourth level now… and its already reached a point where I cant control it anymore.

Then, the fifth level and the sixth level… Wang Baole fell silent.

It took him a long time, he finally suppressed the madness in his body.

He ignored the woman and stepped into the statue on this level.

As he stepped into the statue, all of his senses vanished.

What appeared in front of him was… what he had hoped for from the memories of the Imperial Emperor.

The image seemed to be connected to what he had seen in the trial of desire.

Having come up with a solution, the imperial emperor, who had intentionally summoned the heavenly tribulation, prepared himself to face it head-on.

In the image, the entire starry sky rumbled.

Above the starry sky of the original universe, the starry sky transformed into an enormous vortex, within which exploded an aura that caused the entire great cosmos to tremble.

Soon, an enormous black log emerged from within the vortex.

It emanated an ancient air, and bore the marks of countless years as it descended toward the original universe!

As it descended, the black log shrank down, and eventually pierced into the original universe.

It transformed into a black wooden spike, filled with boundless power, destructive light, and an aura that shook the entire universe, it charged… towards the depths of the origin universe dao space, towards the figure sitting cross-legged at the top of a mountain!

The figure had long hair and wore a purple robe.

His gaze was deep, and his appearance… was exactly the same as Wang Baoles.

However, his expression was even colder.

His eyes were cold, as if he was indifferent to everything.

Only when he looked at the approaching black wooden spike, his eyes were filled with emotions.

It was an intense desire, as well as a deep anticipation!

Clearly, he had been waiting for this moment for a very, very long time.

In fact, in order to quickly welcome the incoming spike, the imperial emperor rose to his feet and let out a low growl.

In the next instant, black light shone out, and the black wooden spike whistled through the air as it appeared in front of the Imperial Emperor.

It slammed into the imperial emperors forehead, ripping through his skin and skull.

However, the cultivation base of the imperial emperor also exploded out.

In the end, the black wooden spike didnt completely sink in.

Instead, it only pierced 70% of the way into the imperial emperors forehead.

Although it was only 70% , the power of the attack and the explosive aura caused the imperial emperor to cough up blood.

His body slammed into the ground, causing the entire prime universe dao space to tremble as if it were about to collapse.

Deep down in the ground, cracks began to appear on the emperors body.

They spread out across his entire body, as if they were about to tear him apart.

However, the emperor was very well prepared.

Just as he was about to fail, streams of energy began to gather in all directions, it was none other than all of his battle generals who were giving him life force.

The emperors body began to rapidly heal, and he gradually reached a certain level of balance!

“Next, its time for the Fusion!”

“After the fusion, I… Will regain all my memories, remember who I am, remember my mission…”the Emperor sat cross-legged in the depths of the Earth, muttering to himself as he closed his eyes.

The memories stopped there.

They shattered into countless fragments and disappeared before Wang Baole.

Looking at the fragments, Wang Baoles thoughts ran wild.

He suddenly wanted to know what the Emperor would say when he passed the six desires checkpoint and saw his true form.

It was obvious that something unexpected had happened to the emperors plan.

The uniqueness of this universe… Wang Baole thought.

He suddenly thought of… the immortals inheritance.

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