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C23— Wanting More

Posted on March 17, 2022by UntamedS

Bonus Chap

Thanks for the kofi ♥︎ ♥︎ ♥︎  Verbena ♥︎ ♥︎ ♥︎


The crew arranged the hotel rooms in a unified way, but superstars like Gu Yanshen and Song Jiajia or big stars like Le Hanfei would live in a large suite on the higher floor, and Lu Wenxing and other supporting actors would live in an ordinary standard room on the third floor.



For Lu Wenxing, it was already very comfortable to live in a single room.

His part was arranged in the afternoon, but he still went to the set early with the artists who had scenes in the morning.



He moved a small seat and sat next to Director Wang.

He observed the movement and position from the lens.

The place where he passed or  stopped the scene was the focus of Lu Wenxing’s observation.



“Wenxing, your scene is in the afternoon.”



On the day of his audition, Director Wang showed his appreciation for Lu Wenxing.

It wasn’t that he had exquisite acting skills, but that Lu Wenxing was very aware.

There were two types of actors, the talented ones and the ones who worked hard to keep up.




Lu Wenxing belonged to the talented type.




“I know.

Because I have no experience in filming, I came to the set to learn in advance.”



In fact, Director Wang had observed Lu Wenxing for a while, but he didn’t speak.

Before, some little stars squatted beside him in order to show how serious they were.



But it wasn’t necessary.



Director Wang didn’t need the actors to show much.

He just needed the artists to do their part. 






One morning later, Lu Wenxing neither took out his mobile phone to take photos, nor did he ask someone to take photos for him.

He was very focused.




In the monitor, Song Jiajia pointed ato Gu Yanshen with a sword.

They glared at each other, soon the fight began.

In the absence of special effects and only a green screen, the fighting scene was actually easy.



But Lu Wenxing could see the raw emotions of the characters in their eyes, especially when they looked at each other, it gave him goosebumps.




The two ended the scene and Director Wang shouted for a rest.



“How do you feel”



Lu Wenxing answered without hesitation, “it’s different from what I imagined.”



“Oh” This answer surprised director Wang.

He thought Lu Wenxing would compliment him first.



“What do you think”



“It’s intense.”




Lu Wenxing had seen the carefulness and seriousness of the actors on the set.

Many live scenes looked very good, but if no special effect was added in the later stage, it would be a bit awkward.



“The scenes between Sister Jia and Teacher Gu have a special feeling.

For a moment, I forgot they were acting.”




Lu Wenxing couldn’t say anything about his acting skills.

He felt very childish in front of two predecessors with rich acting skills.




Seeing that he was sincere in learning, Director Wang eased his tone.



“In fact, you don’t have to be too nervous.

You can let Yanshen lead you.”



The next scene was a scene between the female lead Xue Ning and the male lead— Senior Brother Song Yuan. 



Director Wang called Gu Yanshen to tell Lu Wenxing about the afternoon scene.

More contact between the two people would make it easier for Gu Yanshen to lead Lu Wenxing into the scene.



Lu Wenxing was familiar with the script, and he knew all his lines.

It was OK when he auditioned but he was also a person.

He practised at home several times, but if he acted with Gu Yanshen, he wasn’t sure whether he could handle it.



“You’re nervous.”



Gu Yanshen took the script in Lu Wenxing’s hand and casually turned a page, “Let’s try a scene first and then talk about it.”



“OK.” Gu Yanshen handed the page to Lu Wenxing.

“Try this.

Do you remember the lines”



Gu Yanshen didn’t choose the scene they were about to act in the afternoon, but the later plot.



“I memorised it all.”



“OK, let’s start.”



This scene was when Mo Xu, the devil, had completely recovered and planned to leave Windless valley.

Little Mo Xu didn’t want him to leave and he yearned to see the world outside the valley at the same time.




Lu Wenxing took a deep breath and immediately entered the scene.




“Will you leave tomorrow”




“Yes.” The man lowered his eyes and pressed down the subtle emotional changes at the bottom of his heart.



“Can you send me a letter” Mo Xu sat opposite the big devil and looked at him.



“I want to hear you talk about the outside world.” Little Mo Xu was a little depressed.

“I’ll be 18 in one year.

I’ll be so bored when you’re not here.

Elder Martial Brother seldom comes to see me.”




Mo Xu had become accustomed to talking to himself.

Most of the time, the devil wouldn’t respond.

He just wanted to talk, he didn’t need a response.



“It’s not fun outside.” The devil raised his head and seriously responded, which he rarely did.

“It’s different from what you think.”




“I don’t believe it.

If it’s not fun outside, why do you and Senior Brother like to run outside”



The conversation ended here, because the devil didn’t know how to explain, and it didn’t seem to break the young man’s enthusiasm.



Gu Yanshen nodded, he had acted well.




“In fact, it’s not a big problem.

It’s not a particularly complex scene.

Do you want to try the scene for this afternoon”







Gu Yanshen took his work very seriously.

When he met artists who really asked for advice with an open mind, Gu Yanshen was always willing to help.

At first, he chose Lu Wenxing because he thought his appearance was particularly consistent with the original work.



Later, his first invitation was rejected.



Gu Yanshen suddenly found that Lu Wenxing and Mo Xu had something in common.



Gu Yanshen invited Lu Wenxing several times because he was suitable and because he cherished talents.



Mo Xu yearned for the outside world.

Similarly, Lu Wenxing yearned for filming.



Gu Yanshen saw young Mo Xu and the younger version of  himself in Lu Wenxing.

At that time, his father strongly opposed Gu Yanshen’s entry into the entertainment industry, and Gu Yanshen didn’t try to fight him.



He was like Lu Wenxing.



After school, he watched a lot of novels, movies and TV dramas, and secretly disobeyed Father Gu in the form of writing notes.

After the college entrance examination, he suddenly changed his course.



Later, Gu Yanshen was thrown out of the house.

His father told him not to step into the door of the Gu’s family house all his life unless he promised to study abroad.



He was too young to stand the excitement.

Gu Yanshen didn’t plan to admit his mistake at all.

Taking this opportunity to leave home, his father stopped all his subsidiary cards, but he underestimated Gu Yanshen’s determination.



Gu Yanshen had a deep and delicate mind.

He had revealed unusual maturity and steadiness since primary school.

He would never do anything uncertain.

He expected it to be like this as early as a few months ago.

Not only was he not as depressed as his Father guessed, he even had a good life.



Gu Yanshen didn’t know why Lu Wenxing stopped, but he could see from Lu Wenxing’s notes that Lu Wenxing was very attentive in this regard.



When recording the variety show, he saw Lu Wenxing holding a tablet to paint.

Thinking of that scene, Gu Yanshen noticed that Lu Wenxing’s expression was the same as when he took notes.

He would think again and again when he encountered a plot worthy of reflection.




Because it was an accident, Gu Yanshen’s first reaction was to close the app.

Although he didn’t read the specific contents of the notes, the neat handwriting and detailed classification of the notes showed a dedication that Wenxing didn’t notice.



After lunch, the crew gave a half-hour break and started work on time at 1:30 p.m.



After Gu Yanshen’s nearly 40 minute “individual counselling”, Lu Wenxing no longer felt the tension he felt in the morning.



“Since you like filming, enjoy the process of filming and don’t worry too much about whether you can do your best.”



This was what Gu Yanshen said to Lu Wenxing.

When the ability and expectation were equal, the nature presented was the most perfect.



“Xiao Le.” Director Wang was surprised to see Le Hanfei coming over.

“You want to learn from Wenxing”



Le Hanfei sat on the pony bar brought by Lu Wenxing, and moved close to the monitor, “I want to know how I lost in the audition.”



Lu Wenxing and Gu Yanshen’s scene in the afternoon was the scene Le Hanfei used during the audition.



Director Wang teased him, “Oh, are you unconvinced”



Le Hanfei had a straight-forward personality, “Yes, I’m waiting for Wenxing to convince me.”



“Wenxing, did you hear” Director Wang quickly joined the fun.

“Xiao Le is ready to replace you at any time.”



With the chat and lessons during the lunch break, Lu Wenxing also felt that the atmosphere of the whole crew was quite comfortable.



He smiled and joked with them.

“It’s all right.

I won’t let him.”



“I’ll see.” Le Hanfei put on a full posture and looked eager.



Song Jiajia stood beside him and said excitedly, “Don’t just talk, fight! I like watching handsome guys fight.”



Lu Wenxing: “…”



Le Hanfei replied quietly, “Sister Jia, your taste is quite unique.”



“You don’t understand.” Song Jiajia said bluntly, “I believe that the majority of female compatriots are in line with me.

Who doesn’t like watching handsome guys fight How exciting!”



Song Jiajia was a little excited thinking about it.




Gu Yanshen said coldly, “They’re not fighting for you.”



Song Jiajia: “…”



“Ha ha ha ha ha.”



   Le Hanfei chuckled impolitely, and Lu Wenxing also smiled lightly.

Gu Yanshen usually acted cold and distant, but he occasionally showed a little “naughty” temperament, which Lu Wenxing understood a long time ago.



At the first meeting, Gu Yanshen ridiculed him for wanting to enter the women’s restroom because of his improper remarks about “choosing a concubine”.



At the second meeting, Gu Yanshen ridiculed him for taking the wrong road.

He was misunderstood by the director as an acquaintance and was led to the interview site.



Later, Gu Yanshen misled others and almost made the audience of the whole network misunderstand that Lu Wenxing liked pink.



In addition, in front of the camera, Gu Yanshen’s cold joke about “choosing a concubine” only Lu Wenxing knew that Gu Yanshen was “retaliating” against him.



Lu Wenxing gave Song Jiajia a sympathetic look.






“It’s ready.”



When the staff were ready, the director heard the voice of the deputy director, he picked up the horn and shouted, “Action.”




Gu Yanshen’s figure appeared on the monitor after the scene started.




Wearing a dark red robe, he covered the bl00d gushing from his waist and abdomen with one hand with a dark expression and walked deep into the forest.



Mo Xu was surrounded and suppressed one second ago, and fell into this strange place the next.

He walked forward vigilantly until he saw a familiar and strange boulder buried in the depths of his memory.




It was engraved with three big characters ‘Windless valley ‘.



Mo Xu, the great devil, was suspicious and defensive.



When he saw the place he lived in during his childhood, his first reaction was not to miss it or sigh, but to be cautious.



Then he met Mo Xu, a teenager who was throwing stones by the river.



Lu Wenxing tried to restore the scene in the novel, but he couldn’t do the drift described in the novel.

The stone jumped twice on the lake and sank.



The stone on the lake couldn’t be seen in the long view.

Later, someone would specially edit the close-up of water drift.

Lu Wenxing could continue acting as long as he continued.



After hearing the footsteps, Lu Wenxing turned around.

The lens pushed forward here and gave Lu Wenxing a close-up.



The boy in the monitor had his hair tied high.

He had a beautiful face, sword eyebrows and starry eyed.

His gestures were pleasing to the eye.

He was obviously a beautiful young man.



The devil frowned and stared at the boy quietly.



“Who are you” The boy’s clear voice broke the silence.



The background information of the scene was that the great devil escaped from a fire and was burnt beyond recognition when he came out.

He practiced healing and cured the wound on his face, but it was no longer the same face he had as a teenager.



  Therefore, the boy couldn’t recognize him, but the big devil knew who he used to be.



He didn’t speak.

The boy stood up and walked towards him curiously.



“How did you get in There is a barrier in the valley.

Outsiders can’t break in easily.”



Although the scheming devil didn’t understand what was going on, he carefully tested his “self” in front of him.



“I’m not an outsider.”



The young man frowned and his eyes fell on the wound on the waist of the big devil, “but I have never seen you.”







Hearing this sentence, the young man raised his eyebrows and saw the man in front of him suddenly show a shallow smile.

He said word by word, “because I… am you.”




The young man smiled.

He was completely intrigued.

His eyes flashed with a touch of cunning and curiosity.



“I won’t believe it unless you can prove it to me.”



“When you are in a good mood, you like to sit here and play with stones.

When you are in a bad mood, you practice sword in the woods, steal the rabbit raised by your master, and…”






The young man’s eyes went round.

Of course, he didn’t believe that there would be another him in the world, but what he just said was true.

He didn’t want to hear his embarrassing history from others, so he interrupted the man and changed the topic.



“Although you can tell me what happened when I was a child, it only proves that you investigated in detail.” The boy stepped forward, “What are you doing in our Windless Valley Who asked you to come”



His posture was strong, revealing his confidence.

“The Windless Valley is isolated from the world.

You must have specially investigated me, it must be for a reason.

How did you find this place”



The devil looked solemn.

“If you don’t believe it, I can say something else.”



“Move back.”



The young man was dizzy, his face was pale from too much bl00d loss, his lips moved slightly.



He knew what was going on in front of him.

He probably fell into his own fantasy array.




Staring at the young man in front of him, the man said, “I’m hurt.

You have to save me, or you’ll die.”



He didn’t seem afraid of death at all.

Instead, he was like a dictator.

He was commanding the teenager.



The boy sneered, “Do you think I’m a three-year-old”



“If you die, I’ll still live well.”



The devil wasn’t in a hurry.

He knew himself too well, he was sure that the boy would save him.

Not because he believed his words, but because he was kind to the point of stupidity.



Even when he fell down, the young man still looked calm.








“Well, do you know now” Director Wang turned to Le Hanfei, “Are you convinced”



Le Hanfei clapped his hands.

“I probably know where I lost.”



It wasn’t acting.



But his understanding of the role wasn’t thorough enough, his “Mo Xu” and Lu Wenxing’s “Mo Xu” showed two characters.



Lu Wenxing’s Mo Xu was confident, bold and full of curiosity.

He wasn’t playing Mo Xu.



Mo Xu, who yearned for the outside world, would have great curiosity about outsiders, but he was definitely not cautious.



Another point, Le Hanfei had to admit that Lu Wenxing’s appearance was closer to Mo Xu.



When Lu Wenxing was stopped, he was stunned for a second.

Sure enough, there was a big gap between practicing and acting.

As Gu Yanshen said, the filming process was enjoyable, he… wanted more.



“How’s it going”



Gu Yanshen also saw Lu Wenxing’s interest.

He really didn’t choose the wrong person.

Lu Wenxing was no less fond of filming than him.



“It’s very interesting.” Lu Wenxing’s eyes twinkled.

“Thank you very much, Teacher Gu.”



Gu Yanshen’s full eyebrow raised higher, Lu Wenxing smiled and he half seriously and half jokingly spoke.



“Thank you for giving me the opportunity to audition.

And for not giving up when I refused you.”



Gu Yanshen nodded deeply, “Just Verbal thanks”



“In fact, I wanted to invite you to dinner on the audition day, but Teacher Gu was busy casting that day.”



“I’m not busy today.”



Lu Wenxing smiled and looked at Gu Yanshen and asked seriously.



“Can Mr.

Gu, who is not busy, give me a chance to have dinner with you”


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