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C24— Expressing Sincerity

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Bonus Chap

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After Wen Huaihe received Ji Yuan’s call, the progress of the meeting was accelerated, and the routine meeting was directly shortened from two hours to one hour.



Around 3 pm, Ji Yuan appeared at the door of Wen Huaihe’s office in a dress and short coat.





Wen, madam is here.” The door of the office was knocked, and Ji Yuan came in from behind the assistant.






Seeing Ji Yuan, Wen Huaihe stood up from his office chair and closed the annual plan sent by all departments of the company.



“It’s not very important.

Xiao Chen, make two cups of coffee.”



“Don’t shout.

I already asked him to prepare it.” Ji Yuan put her handbag on the glass table.

“Why didn’t you tell me about the public opinion on the Internet”



“What kind of public opinion is that It’s just a little troublesome.

Is that why you came”




“Yes and no.” Ji Yuan sighed, “This matter has something to do with me.

You don’t have to hide it from me.”




Wenjia company covered many fields.

It also had two luxury brands, jewelry and watches.

The best jewelry ever sold was designed by Ji Yuan.



She was a jewelry designer in college.

Later, she went to Wenjia subsidiary for an internship and met the prince Wen Huaihe.

They fell in love freely and soon got married and had children.




After marriage, Ji Yuan still worked in the company.

In the year when she was pregnant with Xingxing, Ji Yuan’s design won the international award and was known as the most happy design.



For five consecutive years, she had been the most sought after jewelry designer in China.

Since the accident, Ji Yuan resigned from her position in the company and drew fewer and fewer design drawings.



But she still designed one or two pieces of jewelry every year, but it was no longer the most popular style.




Just a few days ago, the Mu family launched a new jewelry, which was somehow compared with Lulu under Wen family by a blog, then they mocked her title as the most popular jewelry designer of that year.



Many new designers, as long as they had one or two famous works, would be compared with the design drawings of Ji Yuan.



Ji Yuan read the comments on the Internet, some of them were very ugly, and some of them felt sorry for her.



 [Ji’s inspiration is gone What are these designs 】 



【Calm down, it’s not a guarantee to always make popular designs.



[Lulu’s design has become less and less tasteful in recent years, whether it’s jewelry, watches or bags.]



 [Agree, Lulu is not as good as before]



[I used to buy Lulu’s new style.

Now I’ve turned to the Mu family.

Their new style is really beautiful.]



 Ji Yuan would have normally been very sad to see these comments before, but since Xingxing left, it seemed that nothing could hit her anymore.




Ji Yuan took out the tablet from her bag and handed it to Wen Huaihe.

“The watch design has not been seen by others.”



It wasn’t a jewelry design, but a watch design.



The top had a pattern of starry sky.

A curved moon was hanging in the blue sky, dotted with several stars.



Wen Huaihe raised his head in amazement, “When did you start painting again”




It was no wonder he was so surprised.

He was busy years ago, but during the Spring Festival, his eldest son Wen Zheng proposed to travel abroad.

Their family went abroad to relax, Ji Yuan didn’t have time to complete a design.




“It wasn’t designed recently.”




“It was made years ago” Wen Huaihe thought about it.

Years ago, there were many things in the company, and he always came home late.

It seemed that he didn’t notice what Ji Yuan was doing.

“It’s beautiful! My wife is really good.”



“I painted it fourteen years ago.”




At Ji Yuan’s words, Wen Huaihe fell into silence.




“Minor changes were made over the years.” Ji Yuan added.




She first drew the design drawing of the watch, not to design a new product for listing.

This watch was just a child’s watch.



A few months ago, she brought out the design drawing from the storage box, then she thought of revising it.

Except for the change of the appearance, the star pattern hadn’t changed.




“You…” Wen Huaihe didn’t know what to say for a moment.




“It was originally a sixth birthday gift for Xingxing.”



Ji Yuan lowered her eyes.

For more than ten years, she hadn’t been able to calmly mention it.



“Huaihe, do you know” Ji Yuan lifted her eyes and her face was pale.

“I dreamt of Xingxing yesterday.”




Ji Yuan hadn’t dreamt of him for a long time.

In the months when her youngest son was just lost, she had nightmares every day and night.




She dreamed that Xingxing was snatched in front of her, and that someone held Xingxing and wouldn’t let him go home.



She took sleeping pills and tranquilizers, but they didn’t work. 



No one could understand the pain and remorse of a mother who had lost her child.



Later, she rarely dreamed of the scene when Xingxing disappeared.

But what made it even more difficult to accept was that in her dream Xingxing was walking alone in the street, and his helpless appearance made her very distressed.



Ji Yuan envied those parents who could see their children grow up with their own eyes, she cou;ld only see Xingxing occasionally in the middle of the night.



She didn’t know if Xingxing ate enough outside or got cold Did anyone bully him Was there anyone with him when he was afraid




Ji Yuan thought so much that for some time she didn’t dare to go out and see the parents with children on the road.



When Ji Yuan calmed down, she began to help Wen Huaihe investigate the events of that year, and even tried to remember again and again whether there was anything missing.




Wen Huaihe loved her and didn’t want her to torture herself like this so they stopped.




A few years later, Ji Yuan rarely dreamt of him.

Because she didn’t know what Xingxing looked like She couldn’t imagine.




She was afraid that one day he would pass her, but she wouldn’t recognize him.

Then she would be the most incompetent mother in the world.




Therefore, every year on his birthday, Wen Huaihe would find a Sketcher and ask him to sketch the growth and changes of Xingxing every year according to his previous photos.




But at that time, Xingxing was too small, and the sketches finally stopped at the age of 12.




A trace of sadness lingered in Huaihe’s eyes, he calmed down and asked.

“What did you dream of”




“I dreamt Xingxing told me he was doing well.

He asked me not to worry.” Ji Yuan looked a little happy.




“For the first time in so many years, Xingxing came to me.

He wasn’t angry and he didn’t ignore me, he comforted me and told me not to be sad.”



“He’s looking for us too.”



Ji Yuan sniffed, “Xingxing’s birthday is coming.

It’s time to give this birthday gift that has been so late.”



Wen Huaihe didn’t know what to say.

He patted Ji Yuan on the shoulder and moved closer to her.



“Is it going to be released on his birthday”




Ji Yuan nodded, “Advertise, but don’t sell.

I’ll give it to Xingxing after he comes home.

It’s a gift for him alone.”






Wen Huaihe responded to Ji Yuan’s request, he unconditionally agreed to any request she made.

Moreover, this matter was also related to his youngest son.



“I will ask the public relations department to make a statement as soon as possible.

Those water armies on the Internet should be hired by the Mu family.

Their marketing is not enough, they still want to step on Lulu.

What a big ambition.”






After the scene.



Le Hanfei found Lu Wenxing and told him the results of his company’s investigation.



“As I guessed, the hot Search about you is really for me.” Le Hanfei explained, “There have been such examples before.

On the surface, they are complaining on my behalf and stepping on artists who have a competitive relationship with me, but in fact, they are attracting hatred to me.”



Only the parties concerned would know that there was no inside story in the audition, but the outside world wouldn’t know before the official announcement.

Le Hanfei had many fans and was more famous than Lu Wenxing.

Compared with Lu Wenxing, netizens knew him more, so their choice was obvious.



They scolded Lu Wenxing first.

When the truth was revealed later, people would scold Le Hanfei and say that he was taking advantage of people to become more popular, and netizens would resent him for cheating them, which would ruin Le Hanfei’s popularity.




“It’ll be easy to find out the person’s IP, and then it’ll be handed over to the public relations.

After the company clarifies it, I will also make a post for clarification.” Le Hanfei paused for a moment.




“Also, it’s not just for me this time.

My agent told me that he also found another group of people taking the opportunity to make people dislike you.

This may be for you.”



When Lu Wenxi’s scandal reached the hot search list,  Le Hanfei spent money to remove it.



“Thank you.”



“You’re welcome.

It was also because of me, otherwise that wave of people wouldn’t have found a chance.”



“Thank you anyway.”



What else did Le Hanfei want to say Gu Yanshen had changed into his regular clothes and walked over, “Are you two done being polite”



Lu Wenxing: “… Almost.”




Le Hanfei: “…”



“I just heard that you two are going to have dinner secretly.” 



Song Jiajia had a night scene, so when she came over, she was still wearing her costume.



Le Hanfei’s eyes lit up in an instant, “You’re going to eat”



“Comrade Xiao Le, you’re going to shoot a night scene with me in the evening.” Song Jiajia mercilessly destroyed his hopes.



“Oh.” Le Hanfei’s eyes darkened in an instant, “I want to eat seafood.”




Lu Wenxing:””




Le Hanfei suddenly grabbed Lu Wenxing’s arm, “Help me eat more.”




Lu Wenxing: “….”




Lu Wenxing looked at Le Hanfei’s pitiful eyes and replied helplessly.

“Why don’t I bring some for you”




“Xingxing, you’re a good man.”



Lu Wenxing pulled back his hand: “….”



You don’t have to, really.




“Me, me too.” Song Jiajia raised her hand, “I want to eat Steamed buns and Xiaotian’s spicy chicken.”




One of the two places was in the East and the other was in the West.

As she continued speaking, the green veins on Gu Yanshen’s forehead jumped.




“Not afraid of getting fat and running laps”



Song Jiajia: “…” some words were enough once.



Seeing that Song Jiajia’s mood became low, Lu Wenxing hurriedly spoke, “Will you eat seafood Seafood won’t make you fat.”




With the envious gazes of the rest of the crew on them, the artists that didn’t have night scenes left, leaving the rest to eat boxed lunch with different thoughts.




Lu Wenxing booked their table in advance and took Gu Yanshen straight to the restaurant.




“After booking the table, I remembered that I should first ask what you want to eat”



Gu Yanshen replied, “I don’t mind anything.”




Generally, unless there were many people eating hot pot, he rarely booked a box, but Gu Yanshen and Lu Wenxing had special identities, and sitting in the hall would be too eye-catching.



“I don’t think you’ll like extremely spicy food.

I ordered the mandarin duck hot pot.”



Halfway through, Gu Yanshen answered a phone call from Qin Yu.



“I found it.

How will you thank me”



Without waiting for Gu Yanshen to say anything, Qin Yu continued, “After the “A Hundred Ghosts” is broadcast, give me two more bonuses Also…”






“No, no, no! Just kidding.” Qin Yu quickly moved on.

“We’ve known each other for seven or eight years, yet you’re choosing a child over me.

You’re hurting your brother’s heart.”



Gu Yanshen was too lazy to remind Qin Yu that Lu Wenxing was not a child.

He skipped the useless topic and asked directly.



“You found out who it is”



“Jiang Zhengqin.

You may not recognize him, he’s the casting director of a small crew.

Didn’t your child refuse to join the cast How did he offend the director”



“Thanks.” Qin Yu seemed to know what he was going to do and hurriedly interrupted him.

“Don’t hang up! I haven’t eaten yet.

Why don’t you join me”



“I’m eating.”



“It’s less than six o’clock.

You’re eating so early”



Gu Yanshen chuckled.

Years of tacit understanding made Qin Yu react immediately.

He immediately scolded him.



“You’re with your child”



Qin Yu had a big misunderstanding about Lu Wenxing.

After knowing that Gu Yanshen wanted to bring someone to the audition, he mistakenly thought that Gu Yanshen’s iron tree blossomed and he finally had his first relationship.



In the past, Gu Yanshen had never openly recommended others.

He was particularly serious in filming.

He would quietly help artists with talent or enough efforts, but wouldn’t let the parties know.



When Qin Yu first learned that Gu Yanshen was helping an artist, he thought Gu Yanshen was interested in that person, but Gu Yanshen denied it without waiting for him to ask.



Many times, Qin Yu believed that Gu Yanshen only focused on filming.






He did things differently for Lu Wenxing.



Qin Yu didn’t think about anything at first, but Gu Yanshen didn’t help secretly this time, but found him and sent an invitation.

After being rejected, he didn’t give up, which made it difficult for Qin Yu to hold back his imagination.



Moreover, Qin Yu deliberately mentioned “your child” in front of Gu Yanshen several times.




Gu Yanshen didn’t try to explain at all.




“Are you joking”



Gu Yanshen didn’t respond, “I’m eating hot pot.

Let’s meet later.”




“What, are you proud of eating hot pot If I didn’t know, I’d think you’re having a big meal.”



Before Qin Yu finished speaking, Gu Yanshen hung up the phone.



Lu Wenxing was holding a piece of duck, his lips were red with spicy oil, and the tip of his tall and delicate nose emitted fine beads of sweat.



He ate slowly, but watching him for a long time would make people think he was an elegant person, even his appetite rose as he watched him.



Seeing Gu Yanshen finish his call, Lu Wenxing pointed to the fat cow rolls on the empty plate.



“I used a public chopstick.

It’s not delicious if it’s too cooked.”




“Thank you.”



Gu Yanshen finished all the fat beef rolls Lu Wenxing had given him.

Looking at Lu Wenxing, who was still fishing for shrimp, “Do you know Jiang Zhengqin”



Lu Wenxing nodded, “Yes, what’s the matter”



“I checked the people that left hateful comments about you online.

It has something to do with Jiang Zhengqin.”



 Jiang Zheng was the casting director beaten by Lu Wenxing.

A few months ago, Wang Man lied to make Lu Wenxing attend the company celebration.

In fact, she planned to push Lu Wenxing to Jiang Zhengqin.




Even though Lu Wenxing was unwilling, Jiang Zhengqin tried again and again.

Lu Wenxing had a low fever that day, and he was dizzy.

He could only hurt Jiang Zhengqin and escape in disorder.




He didn’t expect Jiang Zhengqin to retaliate, but he didn’t have to guess that this wasn’t Jiang Zhengqin’s masterpiece alone.




Mang Cheng entertainment had long wanted to curry favor with Jiang Zhengqin.

The twists and turns weren’t so simple.

It could be said that if Jiang Zhengqin wanted him to leave the entertainment industry, Mang Cheng Entertainment would push the boat along the water to help make a wave.



Lu Wenxing was surprised.

It wasn’t that he was surprised that Jiang Zhengqin tried to ruin his career, but that Gu Yansheng was helping him.




Gu took so much trouble that I suddenly feel that inviting  you for only one meal isn’t enough to express my sincerity.”



Gu Yanshen couldn’t help laughing.

He thought Lu Wenxing would be angry or dissatisfied about it, but he didn’t expect Lu Wenxing’s focus to be on this.



“If you need help, you can tell me.”



He didn’t give Lu Wenxing any advice and didn’t intend to fight back for him.

What he would do was Lu Wenxing’s business.

Unless Lu Wenxing asked him for help, he wouldn’t do more.




Gu, you’ve done enough.

I can handle the rest myself.” Lu Wenxing said, then half jokingly continued, “Or… should I invite Mr.

Gu to dinner again”



Gu Yanshen was amused by Lu Wenxing’s jokes and played along.




“OK, I’m looking forward to it.”



After eating the hot pot, Gu Yanshen accompanied Lu Wenxing to get Le Hanfei and Song Jiajia’s food.

When they returned to the hotel, they received another good man card.




Song Jiajia looked at Gu Yanshen, who said she was “fat”, then she turned to Lu Wenxing, “Thanks Wenxing, I love Wenxing.”



“Thank you, Mr.

Gu.” Le Hanfei followed.





“Isn’t that the young master of Wen family”



“Is it really him”



“The Xia family has some skills.

They can even invite that family.”




Wearing a high-end custom suit, Wen Zheng ignored the whispers. 



He sat on the sofa with a wine glass and looked a little isolated from the world.



The Xia family was actually a nouveau riche family, not at the same level as Wen family, but Wen Zheng came to the reception because he had found new clues.



In the list of donations to the welfare home that year, the Xia family donated a large amount.



According to Wen Zheng’s investigation, the Xia family was not as rich as they were now, which was very interesting.




Where did the Xia family get so much money and why did they donate it generously to the orphanage home



When President Xia sent an invitation to Wen’s family, he didn’t really think that the other could come, but it didn’t matter whether he came or not.

But when Wen Zheng really appeared, he was also surprised.



“You young people talk more.

Go and get close to Wen Zheng.” President Xia pushed his son.



“Dad, it’s too hard for me.

Wen Zheng is different from other young people.

Besides, it’s not possible that he will pay attention to me when I go.”




“Try it.

If you can’t, don’t bother.

Wen Zheng came, at least we have to be considerate.”



Xia Zongqi couldn’t resist his father, so he had to come forward with a wine glass and say hello, “Mr.

Wen, do you mind if I disturb you”



Wen Zheng raised his chin and motioned Xia Zongqi to sit down.

Of course, he didn’t mind taking the opportunity to get clues.




“The reception was good.”




Xia Zongqi immediately didn’t know how to answer.

Wen Zheng had participated in so many high-end cocktail parties.



 Did this mean something else



Was he just talking about the party




Xia Zongqi: “It’s the honor of the Xia family that you came.”



Wen Zheng was calm and relaxed.

He didn’t rush to talk.

He shook his wine glass and clinked glasses with Xia Zongqi.

He couldn’t be too hasty,  he had to move step by step so that he wouldn’t be wary.







Near a long table, wine glasses scattered on the ground, making a crisp sound, and wine, dessert, fruits and vegetables also fell on the ground.



Seeing Wen Zheng frown, Xia Zongqi immediately stood up.





Wen, I’m sorry.

I didn’t expect such an accident to disturb you.

I’ll go and see what’s going on.”



Wen Zheng also followed him.

Xia Zongqi’s voice was angry, “What’s going on”




In the middle was a handsome young man and a middle-aged man in a suit.




“Sorry, this man has been pestering me, I can’t get rid of…”




“You’re talking nonsense.” The young man’s face turned white, he was obviously angry and a little ashamed.

“It’s not like that.

He pestered me and tried to force me.

I hit the table in order to break away from him.”





When you come to such a reception in such cheap clothes, anyone can see what you are thinking.” The middle-aged man hissed.




“I’m not.” The young man was anxious to explain.

Seeing that everyone looked at him contemptuously, he couldn’t help but panic.

“I’m an artist.

This man told me that he was a director.

He thought I was good and wanted me to come for an audition.”



“I just believed it.

I just realised that something is wrong.

He even gave me his business card.”



The young man quickly brought out a business card from his pocket and handed it to someone.




“If I was pestering him, how can his business card be on me”




Wen Zheng frowned and his eyes fell on the business card.



——Jiang Zhengqin.






He could use this to forget what was bothering him.

What a scum, he actually wanted to use public opinion to shame the victim.



Wen Zheng sneered and returned Jiang Zhengqin’s slandering words to him in front of everyone.



“Then what’s your purpose that you appeared here in such cheap clothes”


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