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C31 – UntamedAlley

18-23 minutes

Bonus Chap

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After returning to school, Lu Wenxing entered a busy phase.

He was among the exchange students, but he had to go through the process and approval as usual.

There were still a lot of chores to deal with at school, but unlike the busy schedule in the crew, there was something to do every day, and time flew by.

After the next class Yan Xinyu came to see Lu Wenxing, she was also an exchange student, because it was her first time going abroad, she was a little nervous and worried, she wanted to be friends with Lu Wenxing, so after going abroad they could look after each other.

There were a lot of inconveniences when you were alone, after knowing Yan Xinyu’s intention, Lu Wenxing readily agreed, and the two of them got each other’s numbers and agreed to buy the same flight ticket on the day they flew to Y country.

The filming of “Hundred Ghosts” was also nearing its end, and Lu Wenxing was invited to attend the closing banquet along with the actors of the same group.

“When will Wenxing leave”

Song Jiajia came over with a glass of red wine and clinked glasses with Lu Wenxing.

“Waiting for the formalities to finish should take more than half a month.”

Song Jiajia nodded, “That’s good, it won’t affect the recording of the variety show.

Yesterday Brother Shen and I were told that the variety show will probably start recording this weekend, will you be busy”


The wine glass in Lu Wenxing’s hand hit the ground with a crunching sound.

“Sorry, sorry.”

A waiter accidentally bumped into Lu Wenxing, and knowing that he was in the wrong, he apologized with an apologetic expression.

“It’s okay.”

Seeing that Lu Wenxing didn’t want to take it personally, the waiter was relieved, “I’m really sorry, I was shoved just now and couldn’t balance myself.”

“Luckily the wine didn’t spill on your clothes.” Song Jiajia turned to the waiter, “Get someone to come over and clean it up, in case someone accidentally steps on the broken glass, it will be a problem.”

“Okay, okay.” The waiter nodded, “I’ll call the cleaner over.”

After the photos of the event were released, several fans gathered under the official page of the crew, comparing whose fans’ compliments were more beautiful, and more drama fans and book fans urged the release.

[Brother Shen in the suit is so handsome!!!]

[Sister Jia’s long dress is so beautiful, hate that I couldn’t see it in person]

[The three are quite close and seem to have a good relationship]

[What’s the matter with Le Hanfei Does Gu Yanshen have thorns Why is he standing so far away]

[After watching the shots from behind the scenes, I feel like watching the drama quickly]

The most happy was the director of Weekend Without Limits, because the two main actors and important supporting character were in this variety show, and even the drama and book fans of Hundred Ghosts were attracted after the third variety show was broadcast.

The play volume had almost doubled, and the director couldn’t stop smiling.

The last episode ended, and a large number of variety fans flooded the official page asking when the second season would be broadcast.

Seeing the rising attention and airtime, the director also started planning for the next season of the variety show.

[Ah! My happiness is gone!]

[Why are there only five episodes The director should consider filming two more episodes.]

[hhhh, laughed to death because of the comment upstair]

[ I still want to continue watching brother Shen, this is his first variety show, but I like this finale]

[The next season can be the original cast]

[How can all the original cast appear in the second season, getting one or two is a good thing]

[They’ll probably replace all, the contract was only for a period of time.]

As the audience lamented this, a gossip blogger released a shocking news.

—According to reliable sources, an artist surnamed L is about to retire from the industry.

Once this news was revealed, several fans of L-named artists were blown out of the water.

[not my brother, brother’s new album just came out]

[it’s not my brother, either.

His new play is on, so push my brother’s new play “love in mountains and seas”]

[there are many artists with surname L in the entertainment industry, so don’t spread unreliable news ][Reported]

At midnight, the blogger posted another.

-An artists who is on the rise recently

As soon as this was released, fans who were originally proud of their star’s new album and new drama resources began to panic.

Whether the new drama was broadcast, the new album was released, or the endorsement was obtained, it was in the rise.

Which entertainer in the entertainment industry wasn’t on the rise

[No way, no way!]

[ Please, please don’t be my brother!]

It was like this gossip blogger was on a fishing expedition, not releasing all the information in hand together, posting one every few hours.

–The reason for this is unknown.


This is to immigrate]

[why do they want to leave the industry because they’re going abroad]

[can this blogger say everything at once]

Fans couldn’t ask anything under the blogger’s page, but they could turn to their star’s Weibo page.

Overnight, a large number of fans swarmed under the pages of all artists surnamed L, and several studios of artists surnamed L had to make statements overnight.

— I’m practicing dance, I haven’t withdrawn from the industry.

–No recent trips abroad.

–not retiring

—Can’t let go of my lovelies


The fans were relieved to get a reply from their loved ones and turned to the gossip bloggers’ posts.

[isn’t it fake]

[Disgusting, is there such a rumor that forces people to quit the industry]

[sobbing, my brother hasn’t replied yet, I’m so afraid]

[I haven’t gotten a reply either, but he’s filming in the mountains, probably without Internet]

[don’t panic upstairs, I think it’s a rumor put out by the blogger for blog attention]

Lu Wenxing rarely had a weekend off.

He had been recording the variety show for the last three weeks and couldn’t stay in bed.

Yesterday, he was painting and had planned to sleep today.

As a result, he was woken up by Wei Ze’s deadly serial call.

He squinted his eyes, shrinking under the covers as he reluctantly answered “hello”.

“Wenxing, why are you still sleeping Your Weibo feed is about to blow up.”

“What” Lu Wenxing wasn’t fully awake and responded completely by consciousness, he didn’t even react to what Wei Ze was saying.

“I told you to go on Weibo! Quickly come out to dispel the rumors.”


Lu Wenxing’s eyelids didn’t move, he softly nestled in the quilt, not listening to a word.

“Brother, don’t sleep.”

Lu Wenxing gave an unconscious ‘hum’, “Since you call me brother, please! If you have something to say, tell me at noon.”

He only went to sleep at three o’clock yesterday morning, it was now seven o’clock, he slept for less than “three” hours, but it wasn’t Lu Wenxing’s fault, he got inspired late at night and couldn’t stop working.

It wasn’t always possible to make a perfect design anywhere and anytime.

“Fans are asking if you are going abroad You should reply first.”

Lu Wenxing was so sleepy that he was lazy to even speak, he paused for several seconds before digesting the words and responding with a ‘Yes’.

“Not reply to me, you need to reply to the fans.” Wei Ze finished before he realized what was wrong, “Wait, what did you say You want to go abroad”

Wei Ze’s suddenly amplified voice startled Lu Wenxing, he held the phone held a little farther away.

Wei Ze swallowed his saliva and suddenly had a not-so-good feeling, “You… which new entertainment company did you sign with”

“Didn’t sign.”

Wei Ze’s heart went straight to his throat.

Surname L, is on the rise, wants to go abroad, didn’t sign with an entertainment company.

Every single one of them was right with the information that the gossip blogger let out, he was shocked, bewildered and confused, not knowing what to do, he didn’t say anything for a while, and when he gathered his emotions, he slowly asked a question.

“Tell me that it isn’t you who is going to withdraw from the industry.”

However, because Wei Ze was slow to speak, Lu Wenxing didn’t bother and just held the phone and fell asleep again.

Wei Ze, who didn’t get a response even after asking a few questions, listened to the steady breathing sound from his mobile phone.

Wei Ze: “……”

Of course, Lu Wenxing’s good sleep didn’t last long, the phone vibrated again, Lu Wenxing wasn’t sleeping deeply at this point, he subconsciously picked up the phone but he didn’t even speak.

“Lu Wenxing”

Hearing someone calling him, Lu Wenxing didn’t realize that it was coming from the phone, and responded completely instinctively.


Lu Wenxing answered again, “Hmm.”


After a few seconds of silence, the person on the other end of the phone laughed, “It’s okay, you can sleep.”

When Lu Wenxing woke up nearly noon, the first thing the internet addicted youth did when he woke up was to look for his phone.

A dozen WeChat messages popped up on the notification bar, and even Xie Chengfei, who was forced to disconnect from the Internet at school, also sent a WeChat message, all asking what was going on with the online news.

The news that Lu Wenxing was going to Y University was told to Ms.

Lu and Mr.

Xie, but Xie Chengfei didn’t know that Lu Wenxing was going to Y country because all of his electronic devices were temporarily confiscated by his teacher as the mock exams were imminent.

The matter of being an exchange student had been confirmed, Lu Wenxing also had nothing to hide, so he truthfully responded.

After logging on to Weibo, he also got stuck for a few seconds with private messages bursting at the seams, and suddenly remembered that Wei Ze seemed to have called him and told him to look at Weibo.

There was no previous story, Lu Wenxing also didn’t read what happened when he saw many fans asking him if he was going to quit the circle, after clicking on the hot search, the gossip blogger was hanging in the center of the hot search.

A few of the artists who came out to debunk the rumors were in the hot seat because of this, and the wind in the comment section was very different from the private messages Lu Wenxing received.

[laughing to death! Sure enough, it’s another unreliable news]

[I took the bait and it was false.]

[I don’t know how I grabbed Lu Wenxing and Boss Gu came out.]

When he saw this comment, Lu Wenxing was stunned and withdrew from the topic for a moment, and then he noticed that Gu Yanshen’s name was hanging on hot search.

Lu Wenxing had a feeling that it was related to him.

[Gu Yanshen V: Looking forward to the next collaboration @Lu Wenxing]

[Ahhhhhhhhh! Brother Shen posted]

[ Why do I feel that Brother Shen’s recent posts are all related to Lu Wenxing]

[Thank you, Emperor Gu.

Wenxing isn’t retiring, right]

[ I just woke up, I knew I was having a nightmare yesterday, there’s no way Wenxing is going to quit!]

[Confessions of Mr.

Gu, thank you Mr.


[ Can Brother Sham post some pictures of himself next time I want to renew my life]

[Gu Yanshen and Lu Wenxing’s relationship is really good eh, he didn’t come out to dispel the rumors, I did not expect Gu Yanshen to come out]

Seeing this, Lu Wenxing also understood what was going on, because he delayed giving an explanation, it made his sincere fans sad, there would be people who stopped being fans because of the rumors, it was common in the entertainment industry.

Gu Yanshen made a statement on behalf of Lu Wenxing first.

Thinking about the second phone call he received after Wei Ze, the original conversation that he couldn’t remember suddenly became particularly clear at this moment.

“It’s okay, you can sleep.”

He was sleepy so he didn’t notice anything wrong, now thinking back, Lu Wenxing suddenly felt that he was inexplicably a little …… gentle.

Lu Wenxing left the WeChat interface and sent a WeChat message to Gu Yanshen.

[ET] Thank you, Mr.

Gu, sorry for troubling you once again

[ET] Cat bowing.jpg

[ET] I still owe you a meal last time, why don’t you also credit me this time

After expressing his gratitude, Lu Wenxing cut back to the Weibo interface.

He had planned to say goodbye to his fans, but was disrupted by this gossip blogger, but his parting words were still to be said, so Lu Wenxing edited his post.

–To every fan that accompanied me

First of all, my official words of thanks to everyone for the support and company.

I’m sorry that I didn’t notice what happened on Weibo yesterday, I was busy with schoolwork and I didn’t have my little rooster to wake me up in the morning, so I didn’t see the news online until now.

I’d like to say a few words about my withdrawal.

The school gave me a place as an exchange student, and I’m going to study in a foreign university next month, so I won’t be able to take any jobs or be in the limelight for a year.

As for the fact that I didn’t sign with any entertainment company, it also has something to do with the exchange student thing.

I can’t fulfill my annual work obligations after signing the contract, which is a breach of contract.

A company agreed to extend the contract for a year, but it was a verbal agreement and I want to be responsible for everything I do and every promise I make, so I have no intention of signing with any entertainment company before I return home.

I’m really sorry! I’m going to take a break from the entertainment industry for a year, so I’m really sorry if I let you guys down.

Everything will start all over again when I return home, but life is all about constant challenges and accepting new things.

I want to make a one-year appointment with the asteroids, and I wish you all, who are busy with your careers and studies, a satisfactory answer in a year’s time.]

[I’m so sad to see this happen.

But still bless Wenxing, see you in a year!]

[I support Wenxing as he is still a student and should focus on his studies.]

[I thought that Emperor Gu came forward to deny the rumors, I thought too much, to be honest a year later, who will still remember you]

[ I’ll remember Wenxing! You must come back!]

[ I also remember, I’ll see you in a year’s time, it’s a date.

Don’t miss your appointment!]

[ I don’t feel bad, movie emperor Gu sent a post, indicating that after a year there will certainly be a new cooperation, and so Wenxing will be back QAQ]

[I’ll start preparing for my examination in March, I wish Wenxing academic success, also wish my own success in the examination, see you in a year.]

[See you in a year.]


After posting the tweet, Lu Wenxing went back to reply to Gu Yanshen’s post.

[I am honored.]

The day before leaving, Xie Chengfei invited Lu Wenxing to a concert.

The tickets were given by Xie Chengfei’s class teacher, she originally had a date to see it, but then something came up and she couldn’t go.

Knowing that senior students were under a lot of pressure, the class teacher saw that he rarely rested and relaxed, so the tickets were given to Xie Chengfei, hoping he’d listen to music and relax.

The tickets were for two people, Xie Chengfei didn’t hesitate to ask Lu Wenxing, the two would go to the concert, then have a farewell dinner.

On the other hand.

Wen Huaizhe wanted to take Ji Yuan to the concert, but he had to leave because of business in the company.

Finally, he had to let Ji Yuan enter the site by herself.

On the way back to the company, he called Wen Zheng and asked him to pick up Ji Yuan at the right time.

When Ji Yuan arrived, there were people checking tickets on both sides.

She took the ticket given to her by Wen Huaizhe out of her handbag and walked to the left, suddenly glancing at the two older boys who were checking tickets.

She didn’t know what the boy behind him said, but the boy in front of him turned his head sideways, his beautiful eyes looked like they were holding a river of stars, and the corners of his mouth curved up in a nice arc.

Ji Yuan was instantly stunned in place, she only saw the side of the boy’s face, but her heart suddenly beat violently.

“Hello, please move forward.”

There were other people behind her who were about to enter, and once Ji Yuan was reminded, she apologized in a panic, by the time she was turning her head to look, the two boys who had just appeared had disappeared.

Ji Yuan lost the ability to think, as if she had gone back to the day Xingxing disappeared and she was standing helplessly in the crowd.

Be calm.

Ji Yuan reassured herself in her mind that there would only be one door open to get out, so she could wait for the two boys she had just seen if she went out early.

The concert had to be entered ten minutes early, and the seats were filled with people when the time came.

But Ji Yuan’s attention was no longer on the concert, she was now looking forward to the end of the concert, and she was sure she had seen Xingxing.

It must be Xingxing, there was no mistake.

When the concert was over, she would see Xingxing.

However, any mental reassurance at this time was useless.

The blo-od in her body was frozen, and she couldn’t even breathe well.

She was a bit confused, not knowing if it was because of her mood swings, and her brain was also dizzy.


Something hit the ground, and suddenly someone shouted, “Earthquake.”

“The concert is cancelled due to an emergency, so audience members in the venue are asked to leave through the nearest exit.”

Ji Yuan jerked up from her seat and looked at the chaotic scene, several safety exits had been opened and the audience was pouring out from different exits.


Ji Yuan left her seat and was pushed forward by the people behind her, and was squeezed to the exit with the flow of people.

No, can’t go out, Xingxing might still be inside.

She had seen Xingxing so easily, so easily, please don’t torture her so much.

Ji Yuan’s delicate makeup was wet with tears.

She tried to push her way inside, but the people behind her pushed her outward, the crowd was moving outward, and she couldn’t squeeze in at all.

She only felt her feet were weak, her whole head was dizzy, and there were all these people in front of her, but none of them were her Xingxing.

Suddenly she was hit by someone, the original powerless body fell outward, she had expected that if she fell here, she would be stepped on by the people crowding out behind her.

Just then, a hand pulled her back.

After Ji Yuan was held steady, she heard a nice voice ring out.

“Are you okay”

Ji Yuan’s body stiffened and she raised her head in disbelief.

In front of her was a chestnut-haired young man, whose pretty eyes showed some worry.

“Are…are you okay”

Ji Yuan only felt as if her heart had stopped beating, and all the disturbing sounds around her were cut off.

Right now, only the figure of this youth remained in her world.

The sunlight sprinkled on his body, and Ji Yuan’s eyes were fixed on the star stud that the youth was wearing in his left ear.


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