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C48— Taking Photos


“Power and Strategy” hadn’t been officially announced, but the casting had become a hot topic of discussion among netizens.



[What is the novel of this drama Why can’t I find it Damn!]



[Do you think Gu Yanshen’s fans on Weibo are fake]



[Gu Yanshen just went on a hot search a few days ago, so why not promote the new drama at the same time]


[The topic that a movie star went to the backstage is eye catching enough]


Although Lu Wenxing was the leading actor of “Power And Strategy”, he didn’t know who his partners were.



That night, Qin Yu and Gu Yanshen organized a script reading.



After seeing Lu Wenxing, Qin Yu smiled and came over, “Child, we meet again.”



Lu Wenxing: “Director Qin.”


When the “Hundred Ghosts” crew had Director Wang there, Qin Yu behaved very obediently, now there was no one to control Qin Yu, his obedient appearance quickly disappeared.



“I didn’t expect Gu Yanshen to trick you into the group so easily this time.”


Lu Wenxing:


“I heard about the variety show and movie that you two cooperated in, you turned him down several times.”


“Not many times.”


Qin Yu said smilingly, “Good job, kid.”


Lu Wenxing: “……” He was really Gu Yanshan’s friend


” Gu Yanshen and I were high school classmates, from the time I met him, he pretended to be cold and deep and a bunch of girls liked him, obviously I don’t look bad, how come I couldn’t compare to him Later, I realised that what couldn’t be gotten was seen as the best.

It’s because he has a cold face all day long, girls can’t catch up, so they treat him as a male god.”


Lu Wenxing coughed to remind Qin Yu to restrain himself a little, but Qin Yu was talking happily, he didn’t pay attention.



“I’m telling you, you’re right to refuse.

You should have refused more times to let him feel what it’s like to chase someone.”


Lu Wenxing coughed again, trying to interrupt Qin Yu’s words, “That, director Qin ……”



“You have a cold” Qin Yu sighed, “Is this how Gu Yanshen takes care of you Next time he asks you out, or invites you to do something, you must first reject him a hundred or eighty times, and then ……”



“And then what”


Qin Yu’s body stiffened, he numbly turned around, Gu Yanshen was silently looking at him.



Qin Yu: “……”


“Why didn’t you remind me” Qin Yu complained in a small voice.



Lu Wenxing looked at him innocently, “I reminded you several times.”


Qin Yu: “……”



“The other artists are already inside, so go in first.”


“Okay.” Lu Wenxing took a second of silence for Qin Yu and turned around to walk towards the hotel conference room.



Waiting for Lu Wenxing to walk away, Gu Yanshen retrieved his sight, “Why aren’t you saying anything”


Qin Yu: “… I haven’t seen him for too long.

I missed him so much.”


“Is that your place” Gu Yanshen raised his eyebrows.


“No, not at all.” Qin Yu immediately waved his hand, “It seems that you haven’t caught the little friend”



“Qin Yu.”


” Here.”



“He has a name, don’t call him little friend.”



“Why, isn’t this more affectionate ……” Meeting Gu Yanshen’s dark eyes, Qin Yu quickly changed his response, “Okay.

Then I’ll call him Wenxing.”



Gu Yanshen didn’t speak, Qin Yu’s went wide, he was in a state of disbelief.

“Many people call him that, you’re not jealous of even that, right”



“I’m not trying to chase him.” Gu Yanshen paused for a moment, “The crew is full of people, don’t talk nonsense.”



Qin Yu froze for a second because of Gu Yanshen’s sudden seriousness, and then shook his head and smiled.


“OK OK OK, I promise not to talk nonsense.”


“Go in.”



Gu Yanshen walked towards the conference room, Qin Yu followed him.



Qin Yu felt as if he had discovered something remarkable, Gu Yanshen, who had been labeled as a high-cold male god, seemed to be unaware that his attention to Lu Wenxing had long exceeded the boundaries of friendship.


The corner of Qin Yu’s mouth curved, “Interesting.”


[Last bet doesn’t count, let’s start over.]



[Gu Yanshen, a pure hearted made, You overestimated him when you said three months.

I bet he can’t catch up with him for a year.]


A friend on the other side of WeChat: [ 】



Lu Wenxing and the artists in the conference room had known each other for a while, and they also know the role that each other would play.


But there was still the second male lead.



“The second male lead hasn’t come yet” Wen Miao, who played the female lead, was stunned.

“After I read the script, Lu Feixue is my favorite.”



Another actress in the same group echoed with surprise.



“Me too! Just looking at the script will give me a picture.

The Fengming Pavilion Leader, who looks different, acts casually, and doesn’t care about the world, ah! It’s too offensive.”


“Beauty can attack me!!”



Lu Wenxing: “…”



Although this was a same sex drama, but the attack and suffer hadn’t been clarified.

Why were they so sure


[TN: Attack — Top, Suffer —- Bottom]



Gu Yanshen and Qin Yu walked in, and the artists who had been chatting together sat back in their positions.


“Director Qin, Brother Shen.”


“Good evening.”


“Good evening.”


Qin Yu sat in the front seat, “Everyone is here, so let’s start.”


“There is still one artist who has not arrived.” The one who spoke was Wen Miao, “Lu Fexue, who plays the second male lead.”


Qin Yu looked at Gu Yanshen, “Speak for yourself.”


The “Power and Strategy” crew had no official announcement to set the role, even the artists in the crew only just chatted to know what role the others were playing, but no one claimed the role of Lu Feixue.


“Lu Feixue is me.”



Gu Yanshen’s tone was calm, but in the ears of the artists present, it was like a thunderstorm.




Gu Yanshen was playing the second male lead


They all knew that Gu Yanshen was also the assistant director, and Gu Yanshen was originally an artist, he wanted to act, the crowd wouldn’t feel strange, the problem was that Gu Yanshen wanted to act in a same-sex drama!


When Lu Wenxing got the role of the male lead, the crowd wasn’t particularly surprised.



Wen Miao half-jokingly said to Lu Wenxing, “Brother Shen said on Weibo that he was looking forward to the next cooperation, I thought I would have to wait for a while, but I didn’t expect you to cooperate again so soon.”


As a first-tier actress, Wen Miao’s expression management was still in place, she was extremely shocked but she could also maintain a calm look on the surface, and at the moment her heart activity was: The CP is real!!!!!


The other artists thought that Gu Yanshen was really promoting Lu Wenxing.



“If there is no problem, we will start.” Qin Yu’s words made all the people present come back to their senses.



The story was about the death of the late emperor, his brother Feng Sheng tampered with the decree, and made himself the new emperor, Crown Prince Feng Yue was placed on ‘house arrest’.


When King Xiao came back from victory, the new emperor Feng promoted him to celebrate his success.

He ostensibly liked Feng Xiao, but deliberately let people release false rumors that he wanted to abolish the crown prince and make his brother Feng Xiao the crown prince.

In fact, it was intended to provoke the two brothers to fight each other.


The drama opened with the return of King Xiao, played by Lu Wenxing, from a victorious battle, and the people rushing to the city gates to greet him, praising him as the god of war.


The new emperor, Feng Sheng, was afraid of him because he held the military power and had the hearts of the people.

He used the feast as a reason to keep King Xiao in the imperial city, and gave him stores and mansions, gold and silver jewels in boxes.



The first was to make the courtiers think that he saw Feng Xiao, but also to make people with different intentions to turn the spearhead on Feng Xiao first.

The second was that he was afraid of the military power in the hands of Feng Xiao and he felt uneasy when Feng Xiao was outside, he worried that he would collude with the rebel party to usurp the throne.


After introducing the background, Qin Yu looked at Lu Wenxing who played the role of King Xiao.


“What’s your opinion”



“King Xiao has been living in the military since he was twelve years old, and his ambition isn’t in the court.

But the new emperor he recognized was not Feng Sheng, who seized the throne, but his prince brother, Feng Yue.”


Even if he suspected that Feng Sheng had the late emperor’s legacy in his hands, he could only secretly check.



“He pretended to be unaware of the new emperor’s intentions and obediently stayed in the imperial city to enjoy a life of peace and quiet, but in reality he was secretly investigating the reasons for the late emperor’s death and the authenticity of the legacy edict.”



Qin Yu talked about the script without smiling, quite serious.



“The new emperor promised Prince Feng Yue’s love interest to King Xiao, in order to also provoke the fight between brothers.”


Prince Feng Yue’s young plum was the heroine Xue Qingruo, who was the daughter of the great general.

In order to prevent the General from thinking about his family, the late Emperor took his only daughter into the palace and gave her a title, so that the general could fight in peace.




Xue Qingruo and the crown prince Feng Yue, who had lived in the palace since childhood, had been courting each other.

Xue Qingruo waited for her father to return from the war so she’d marry the new emperor.


No one expected that the great general stationed in the south had not returned yet.

The first one to return was Feng Xiao from the northern border.

Feng Sheng pretended to not understand what was happening in the palace.

At the King Xiao’s celebration dinner, he directly gave the female lead Xue Qingruo to marry King Xiao.



Since ancient times, brothers had become enemies for women, and there were not few cases of big fights.

Feng Sheng’s intention was also here.


But King Xiao had no intention of being affectionate.

He secretly looked for Fengming Pavilion, which was indifferent to the world affairs.



Rumor had it that the Feng Ming Pavilion didn’t appear easily in the world, they were the descendants of the gods and could foretell the world’s affairs.

They had only appeared twice in a hundred years, once to save the world and once to destroy it.



Xiao Wang needed the help of the Fengming Pavilion, he had the token of the Pavilion, his ancestors had a pact with the Fengming Pavilion, if he met the descendants of someone with the token of the Pavilion, then no matter when and where, not asking the right or wrong, the Fengming Pavilion must help.


But there was only one chance.


So King Xiao had been looking for the owner of Fengming Pavilion, but what he didn’t know was that the owner of the Pavilion was a sick young man who was saved accidentally on his way back to Beijing and couldn’t be driven away.

He followed King Xiao back to Beijing and lived in his mansion.





“Today’s round reading will end here, we’ll take the promotion photos tomorrow morning, at nine o’clock, a car will transport us to the film city.”



“Everyone go to bed early.”


Lu Wenxing took notes seriously a second ago, but just as Qin Yu’s voice dropped.

Lu Wenxing yawned with sleepiness all over his face.



Fortunately, the conference room of the hotel was rented by the Reading Club.

At one o’clock in the morning, everyone dragged their tired bodies back to their rooms.



“So sleepy” Gu Yanshen looked at Lu Wenxing who was leaning his head on his assistant.



Lu Wenxing’s beautiful eyes were covered by the drooping eyelashes, as if he could fall asleep in the next second.





The assistant held Lu Wenxing’s head with one hand, a little helpless.


“Yesterday I advised you to go to bed early, you insisted on playing a few more games, you felt like you could win and what happened Five consecutive fails.”



Lu Wenxing: “……”



Gu Yanshen had never seen Lu Wenxing play games.

Before, he wondered if Lu Wenxing had no addiction to games, it seemed he just didn’t play games in front of him.


Out of the elevator, Gu Yanshen admonished him again.



“Don’t play when you go back to your room, you still have to take the photos tomorrow, so be in good spirits.”


Lu Wenxing was too lazy to speak and nodded to show that he had listened.

After going to his room and washing up, he set an alarm clock for himself and went to bed.



The next day, the artists arrived at the shooting site and started to change their clothes and makeup.


Lu Wenxing wasn’t the first one to come out, but as soon as he did, everyone in the room froze.

Those who have seen “The Hundred Ghosts” know that Lu Wenxing looked very good in an old-fashioned costume, but they never thought it could be even better!


Lu Wenxing had a sense of youth in Ghosts, but it was totally different from the current feeling.



In “The Hundred Ghosts”, Lu Wenxing was a naive teenager, while in “Power and Strategy”, Lu Wenxing was a king who could write poetry and kill the enemy.


He was dressed in a purple fancy hanfu with an extraordinary air.



Lu Wenxing’s look took a lot of effort, his makeup artist deepened the makeup effect of his eyebrows and eyes.

The delicate makeup clearly outlined his jaw line, highlighting the beautiful features.



Lu Wenxing just standing there, without acting, was already able to make countless noble girls in the capital fall for him.



“How wonderful!”


Wen Miao directly stood up from the chair, “Good A ah! I’m going to jump the wall.”


[TN: Jump the wall —– Cheat]



The male artist who played Prince Feng Yue also joked.

“It’s okay for you to jump.”


Qin Yu said to Lu Wenxing, “When Gu Yanshen comes out, take another picture with him.”



Gu Yanshen played the owner of Fengming Pavilion.

He was a character who was reckless, seductive and wild.

He had two disguises in the drama.


The fair sickly young man who first met the King when he was abducted by robbers.

In the dazzling king’s residence, Lu Feixue had been in this disguise to deceive people.



Fengming Pavilion Leader in a red costume was ruthless and murderous.



Gu Yanshen changed into white clothes, the makeup artist specially made him look sickly, when the two people stood together, the contrast was very strong.


“Now it’s time for the single shots.”


Lu Wenxing pointed the sword in his hand straight at the camera, the other hand held Gu Yanshen in a protective pose.



This was the stills of King Xiao saving Lu Feixue from the robbers.


Wen Miao and the others quietly chatted.


“The cold-faced prince’s petite wife”



“Seems like it would work.”


Each actor had more than one photo, and after shooting, they had to take more for publicity as needed.


Lu Wenxing had more than one fixed makeup photo.

He also had other appearances, which were the light and powerful clothes when he was away from the court.

The props team also equipped him with a dagger.


After the single photo, at Qin Yu’s request, the make-up artist added a bloodstain to Lu Wenxing’s side face.



Gu Yanshen had changed into a red dress, and the upward eyeliner was more seductive.


When he came out, everyone’s eyes lit up.



Gu Yan Shen has done a lot of scenes, most of them were deep and calm, or a wise and resourceful image of stability.

This was the first time Gu Yanshen tried a role like this one that the character acted unconventionally and was full of flirty talk.



“Beauty attack!!!”



“There’s nothing happier than being on a paid CP hunt! It’s up close and personal.”



Qin Yu didn’t say it, but in his heart he couldn’t help but sigh in praise: a perfect match!



“Imagine that.” Qin Yu stroked his chin, “Dashing King was besieged and injured, and Lu Feixue was a heroic rescue at a critical moment.”


After trying a few moves, Qin Yu had a new idea.


“Yanshen, put your hand on Wenxing’s waist.

Focus on highlighting the rescue of the beauty, you can get a little closer.”


Lu Wenxing: “……”


Gu Yanshen: “……”



“Woo-woo!” Several female artists excitedly held each other’s hands, their eyes shining.



Wen Miao wiped the non-existent nosebleed.



“Crap, is this something I can watch”




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