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11 Going For A Walk

Selma Paynes POV:

Two weeks had passed, and Id completely recovered.

This was all thanks to my physique. I would have already chosen a grave for myself if I were still a human.

However, my body was undergoing drastic changes because I was already eighteen years old, and my wolf was gradually waking up. That was why I was only seriously injured when I jumped off the cliff, and it only took me two weeks to recover.

This was also proof that I was not an ordinary human. Id been an ordinary human for eighteen years, suddenly discovering I was a werewolf. I didnt know how to face all of this, but no matter what, I had to continue living. I rarely think about Bensons rejection that night because the year of turning eighteen was of great importance to me. I had to make many preparations for the transformation to become a werewolf.

Fortunately, my parents were always with me, especially my mother. She treated me like a baby and gave me all kinds of knowledge. In fact, I was a grown-up and had already obtained this knowledge, but I didnt say anything. I enjoyed the days with my parents, and we both wanted to do our best to make up for the lack of time.

They took out a lot of free time daily, and even my maidservants were busier than them. Moreover, they were always smiling and didnt have any self-consciousness at all. I hoped to see how my father was in front of others.

Fortunately, I had finished my high school curriculum long ago and didnt fall behind on too much knowledge that needed to be supplemented. So the most that my mother and I did every day was to sit together and read books and listen to some stories of the past.

I completed all of the long lectures on royal etiquette with great progress. My mother kept praising me for being a Lycan and that I learned everything much faster than the others.

Although the credibility of this compliment was questionable, I was still very happy to receive my mothers encouragement.

I could only remember cheering loudly when I was finally allowed to go for a walk or something. Staying in a small room for a few weeks was the most boring thing in the world. It was as dull as reciting the long and stinky royal code.

After I left, my mother accompanied me on an adventure in the huge palace. This palace was not much different from what I had imagined. The huge curved roof was decorated with golden lines, and the huge windows were covered with dark red curtains. The furniture was also very exquisite, and there were many beautiful decorations. For example, there were colorful vases with flowers of various colors. Many people came and went, and when they saw my mother and me, they stopped to bow respectfully.

I held back my exclamation. As a princess, I couldnt just shout and wrangle. That would be too foolish. I wouldnt allow myself to do such a thing.

After familiarizing myself with the palace, we changed the place we strolled to the streets of thepack. When people saw my parents, they would always bow to us enthusiastically. From this, I could see my parents contributions to this country and the respect the people had for them.

However, my identity hadnt been disclosed to the public for the time being. Except for a few people in the palace, no one else knew anything about my identity. They did this because they had many considerations. I was still too weak and couldnt protect myself at all. Many years ago, some people wanted to snatch my fathers throne, and many years later, there would still be people who wanted to use the same method to kidnap me.

“Your training class will start as soon as possible. Ive already found a teacher for you.” My mother said gently, “Its not that easy to become an heir to the throne.”

“Yes, especially when youre a girl.” My father rubbed my head.

“Why Girls can be outstanding too!”

“But there will always be people who dont think so. Thats why you need to prove it to them. Give those who look down on you a hard punch.”

My fathers words filled me with determination. I clenched my fist and swore I would never let anyone look down on me. I had enough of the feeling of being inferior to others! I had to be stronger than everyone else and be more qualified to be the Queen Regent.

My father and mother did not know about the fighting spirit that had been ignited in my heart. My mother only sighed in relief. “Its been a long time since Ive felt so relaxed and happy,”

“Thats all thanks to our treasure.” My father held my hand as if he was holding a treasure. “She will become the greatest rulers in history, the kind who is greater than me.”

The mother glanced at us reproachfully. “Dont drag our daughter down with you. Shes not as shameless as you, giving yourself such a title.”

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My father grinned, put his arm around my mothers waist, and kissed her hard on the lips. “Dont you like me like this”

Being the third wheel didnt feel good. I slowed my steps, but my father and mother didnt mind. They sat down on the bench. My father even waved at me like he was chasing a dog away, telling me not to go over to them.



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