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12 Sir Aldrich

Selma Paynes POV:

I found a grass patch not far from them and laid down. The people around me were talking and laughing, and many of my peers were telling meaningless jokes. It was a very ordinary scene, but I felt I was about to cry.

I was so happy. I didnt have to be repeatedly tortured by my inner pain. I wont drag anyone down. I was even lying not far from the palace now. If only my parents and Rhode knew about this. I wondered if they would be sad when they found out I was missing. I was too impulsive. At least I should have left some messages for them to be at ease.

“I want to finish training as soon as possible and go back to see them with a new attitude, as well as everyone in the pack and Benson. I did it on impulse, but it was not because of his rejection. On the contrary, the thinking Id done during this time made me completely clear that my impulsive action was primarily because of his provocation. It made my fragile mind waver, and in the end, I did something that everyone would regret.

This time, I must become stronger before I go back. I must be a hundred times stronger than him. I wanted to see how he would treat me then. How would he dare to judge my value based on my background During this time in the pack, I learned that all species were equal. If anyone were to hurt someone intentionally, they would be punished.

I looked at the bench my parents were sitting on. They were still shamelessly whispering sweet nothings to each other, completely forgetting about their precious child. Sigh, this must be the world of adults.

A man suddenly appeared in my field of vision. He had a great figure, and every muscle on his body seemed perfectly arranged. His silver-gray eyes and hair glowed under the sun, and he had a perfect smile. He walked straight toward me.

Perhaps I was overthinking, but I kept feeling that he was looking at me, making me uncomfortable. Finally, I sat up, and he stopped in front of me.

“Beautiful lady, I wonder if youd do me the honor of going on a date with me”

I couldnt help but cover my mouth and snicker. I thought he was one of those playboys who would play around. I didnt expect him to be a rash and straightforward person. Who would directly ask a lady theyd just met to go out on a date

“Youre good at joking, sir. ”

He looked at me with a sly smile that I couldnt understand. Then, he suddenly took out a bright red rose from nowhere, but it looked even more ridiculous. It was a good conversation starter, but he acted like a third-rate magician, clumsily winning the audiences favor and cheers.

“Sir, if you want to invite someone, one flower is not enough.” I graciously accepted the flower, even looking forward to what his next move would be.

A mysterious smile played at the corner of his mouth. “Of course, its far more than that. However, some little tricks must be used to add slowly to a surprise, right, beautiful lady ”

I looked at him. My eyes widened in surprise. My impression of him had suddenly changed from a rash playboy to a mysterious one.

“Who are you” I asked. He seemed to have an extraordinary identity.

He mysteriously smiled at me but didnt reply. On the other hand, my father and mother, still acting sweet just a moment ago, walked over one after another. Their expressions had completely changed. They looked dignified and solemn, causing me to quiet down and listen to their arrangements involuntarily.

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“Welcome, Sir Aldrich.” My fathers mouth drooped, his eyebrows raised, and his face tensed up as he shook hands with Sir Aldrich.

I didnt understand why Sir Aldrich was toying with me like this before meeting my parents. Did he want to enjoy my surprised expression I tried to keep a straight face, so I wouldnt look out of place.

“Thank you for your invitation.” Sir Aldrich did not have the lively expression he had when speaking to me. Instead, he saluted my parents with a serious expression.

“It looks like youve already spoken. This is Miss Selma,” my mother introduced me.

Knowing me as Selma in public was a consensus we reached together. It was good to be cautious and hide my identity to avoid some tragedies that might happen because I was not strong enough. It is never bad to be too careful.

“Of course, madam.” A very unruly young man. Now he was bowing, looking very elegant. Unfortunately, when I thought of his performance earlier, I felt it was funny.

My father turned to look at me. But, as there were outsiders, he did not seem as gentle as usual. “Lady Selma, this is Sir Aldrich, the most talented general Ive ever met.”

My father seemed to be trying to make him look tall and mighty, but his identity surprised me.

“In the following time, you will learn from him. He will be responsible for your training and assessment. You can also learn many things from him that are not available in books.”

It sounded like a very powerful identity, but I was not surprised at all. On the contrary, it made me a little worried about my future. Would learning from him be effective



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