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14 The Start Of Training

Selma Paynes POV:

I looked at my mothers face. We were really similar, and I couldnt help but sigh at the importance of blood relations. I would look like my mother when I was old, but unfortunately, I probably wouldnt be as gentle and elegant as my mother.

My mother sat in the room and chatted with me for a while. This was what she always did after I was found. I knew she was always trying to make up for our lost time. I was very touched and enjoyed the feeling of being valued.

“Alright, you should go to sleep. You need to rest well and face tomorrow with plenty of energy.” My mother finally told me to rest when I yawned for the twelfth time.

I needed to sleep to force myself to forget what I was going to face tomorrow temporarily.

Perhaps it was the effect of the medicine, but I slept deeply and got up early the next day.

I washed up, tied my hair up high, changed into sports underwear and loose sports pants, and finally put on a black coat. If the person I had to face wasnt Aldrich, I could have been happy all day.

My mother had been waiting at the table for a long time. We had breakfast together. Todays breakfast was particularly sumptuous and delicious. It was a pity that my father had something to deal with and couldnt have breakfast with us. My class was in two hours, so I wasnt in a hurry at all. I followed my mother for a walk in the garden.

She and I sat on a long bench where we could bask in the sun. “You have unknowingly become a big girl. Its time for class to start.”

“Mom ...” I held her hand. I could understand her discomfort. Before I recovered, I was with my mother almost every day. Now that I have to go to class, she must miss me very much.

“Its okay, honey. Youll grow up eventually. Are you ready to go to class”

Aldrichs face appeared in my mind, and my face turned cold. I snorted. “I probably wont be ready for his class in this life.”

“Haha, dont be so resistant to him. He is our bravest warrior. I think its not wrong to praise him no matter what. He is such an outstanding person.”

The more my mother praised him, the more I couldnt help but want to ridicule him. But, whatever it was, I just couldnt stand seeing his face.

“Youve forgotten about what he did yesterday!” I couldnt help but refute it.

My mother looked at me indulgently, as if I was just an unreasonable little brat. “Sweetheart, youre so beautiful. Of course, someone would want to go on a date with you. At least he has good taste.”

I didnt expect my mother to say that. I couldnt help but widen my eyes. “Mother!”

“Hahaha! Alright, alright! Its all my fault. Hes just a glib-tongued person. Do you think hes handsome” she asked me in a low voice.

“Mother!” I turned my head gloomily.

“Dont be so resistant. Youve grown up and have to find a mate you like.” My mother winked at me cheekily, took my hand, and sent me to the training ground.

My father had just arrived at the training ground, and many people were around him. He frowned as he spoke to Sir Aldrich. Both of them were very serious. Who would have thought that they had extremely different faces in private

After they finished the discussion, my father left them where they were and walked toward us. He gave me a big hug.

“Im so proud of you, sweetheart. Ive already told him this is your first time in class. ”

His mother sighed as well. “I didnt know I would be so heavy-hearted. Of course, I could visit her at any time, but I would always feel like something is missing.”

My father held my mothers hand. Then, seeing they were about to start whispering sweet nothings to each other again, I left their side and went to find that damned Sir Aldrich not to hurt my fragile heart.

“Miss Selma, you look very energetic today.” Aldrich stood next to the huge and magnificent training ground and greeted me with a serious face. Why was he pretending to be serious I could see the smile in his eyes.

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“If you werent putting on an act, I would have been more energetic.”

He couldnt help but laugh out loud. “Youre so cute. My invitation from yesterday is still valid.”

I really couldnt stand him. I turned my head to look for my parents, only to see their backs as they left in an embrace.

Aldrich seemed to know what I wanted to do. “The Lycan King and Her Majesty the Queen have important things to deal with. So they wont be here all the time.”

“I was not looking for them!” I retorted.

“Okay, okay, strong and independent young lady. Since Ive agreed to your fathers suggestions, I wont go easy on you just because of your beauty. Lets start training, starting with your physical training.”

I followed him to the training ground. When I walked into it, I realized that the training ground was much bigger than I had imagined. All kinds of equipment were neatly arranged, and there was a beautiful running track.

“Alright, miss. Lets start with the simplest running.” Then, he paused and teased, “Do you need me to start teaching you how to run”

I rolled my eyes and started running after him.



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