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Selma Paynes POV:

“Alright, alright! Im the only fool here. So then, beautiful lady, do I have the honor of inviting you for a walk” He bowed to me, showing his row of white teeth and his gray eyes shining. I suddenly felt my face heat up, probably just my imagination.

“Call me Selma.”

“Alright, Selma. What do you think”

I glanced at him and shrugged. “Do I have any other choice”

He ran to the garage smiling, and I followed him slowly, hoping that time would pass faster. He was indeed very handsome, but he was also annoying. He only knew how to say some pretty words to win the favor of young girls. If I had other choices, I would not go out with him. But, again, I only hoped time would pass quickly.

“Where do you want to go” he asked me from the drivers seat.

“Anything is fine. Anywhere is fine.” My mind wasnt on this at all.

“Then, lets go to my house” He winked at me playfully.

I snorted angrily. His frivolous words made me feel uncomfortable. Even though I knew it was a joke, my face felt hot. How dare he talk to me like that

I didnt speak for a long time, so he smiled apologetically. “Alright, alright. Its all my fault. Ill show you around. Get in the car, okay”

I stared at him. “You promise you wont say such nonsense to me again”

“I promise,”

Only then did I get into the black Mercedes passenger seat. He started the engine and drove away slowly. I didnt talk to him but stared at the scenery that flitted by. This pack was very, very lively. Green plants and flowers surrounded it, and everyone was always smiling.

I didnt know why, but I suddenly recalled everything from the past. The past was so far away, and I knew everyone. My friends who played with me, my loving adoptive parents, and Rhode, and Bensons cold rejection. Fortunately, I had escaped from all of this, from the hands of a man who despised me.

I didnt understand why I was destined to be tied to a man from the beginning. I could understand his rejection and supported his determination to find his true love, but why did he humiliate my existence like this, throw me into the dust, and treat me like a dog wagging its tail for sympathy I didnt need a man to bring me happiness. True love could only be found within me, and I wanted to become the Queen Regent, fighting for happiness for myself and the whole country.

The cars gradually came to a stop. Finally, we arrived at our destination.

This time, the place he chose was not bad. The green trees were arranged like waves, the air was fresh, and there were few people. Occasionally, a few butterflies could be seen flying around in the flowers.

“Are you still unhappy about what happened just now” He turned his head and asked me.

I realized that the melancholy of the entire journey had made the driver feel very uneasy, but at the same time, I felt that he wasnt that bad. So I tidied my hair and smiled at him. “No, I just ... Have something else on my mind.”

“Maybe you need someone who can listen to you Im happy to help.” His gaze was firm, but it didnt make me feel ill at ease. Instead, I felt encouraged. Perhaps I could tell him about my past, the nightmares that kept me trapped I wasnt sure. I must be out of my mind. I was angry with him, but now I was thinking about telling him the truth.

“No... Nothing major. Did you stop here because youve reached our destination” I turned my head and stiffly changed the topic.

Anyone sensible would know that this was a sign I didnt want to continue the conversation, but he wasnt such a person. Instead, he looked at me worriedly as if I was going to die the next second because of my worries.

“Tell me. You look like youre in a bad mood. I guarantee that this is a secret only the two of us know.” He blinked. He was surprisingly reliable at this time.

Id been trying to stop thinking about my terrible past, the bright bonfire, and the cold night, but now I couldnt help but go back to that night. Benson looked at me with coldness and disgust in his eyes. My nightmare had appeared again. Id become a weak person again, a burden to everyone.

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“That was the worst day of my life ...” I started dryly, but I didnt know how to continue. Aldrich didnt say anything but quietly waited for me to continue. I turned my head to the other side.

“That night, I ... And a man ... In any case, that was the darkest night of my life.” I couldnt go on. I didnt want to bring up the scars of the past. So I pretended to be relaxed and leaned back in my seat. “But its all in the past. We have to look forward.”

“Im sorry, I didnt know youve been through so much.” His gray eyes looked very sad, but he didnt say anything. He hugged me gently. “Its okay. Ill be with you.”

At this moment, he was not as annoying as before.



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