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22 Enrolment

Selma Paynes POV:

When I returned to my room, they tied my hair with a dark green hairband. Then, I looked at myself in the mirror. Although I was a little narcissistic, I had to admit that the person in the mirror was quite cute.

I walked out of the room. My mother was waiting at the door. When she saw me, she said with a smile, “Youre so beautiful. When you were a baby, I always thought you were the cutest of all the children.”

I was acting coquettishly with my mother when I saw someone walking toward us from the corridor.

The familiar figure and outfit, it was Aldrich! I could smell a fresh lemon scent on him. Although, compared to the smell of lemon juice, the scent on his body was more like crushed lemon peel, with a bit of bitterness.

I turned to look at my mother. She smiled like a sly fox. “The King and I wanted to send you to school, but we were busy, so we had to ask Sir Aldrich for help.”

Aldrich bowed respectfully to my mother. “It is my honor, Your Majesty.”

My mother left quickly, leaving us to look at each other.

“I didnt expect to have the honor of sending you to school on your first day.” Aldrich looked at me.

“Its my honor...” I mimicked his words.

He laughed loudly and stopped. He looked into my eyes and suddenly said, “But youre really beautiful today.”

“Thank you for your appreciation. Lets go. I dont want to be late on the first day.” But, I had to say, it was really good to suddenly see Aldrich, especially when he would be sending me to an unfamiliar campus. It gave me much comfort.

“Yes, my beautiful lady.” He winked at me playfully.

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We talked and laughed along the way and soon arrived at a building very close to the palace. We went straight to the office.

Aldrich asked the receptionist directly, “Perhaps the King has already sent someone to inform you”

“Yes, Sir Aldrich. Is this the girl who will be enrolled here” The receptionist sized me up carefully, and even her gaze was gentle.

Aldrich nodded, and the receptionist asked me kindly, “Can you tell me your name”

“I am Selma Payne. It is a pleasure to meet you.”

“Its my honor.” The receptionist stood up and said, “Please follow me.”

Aldrich waved at me. “Looks like I have to leave! Bye!”

I followed the lady through the bright and clean corridors of the school. From time to time, students would pass by and stop to say hello to the lady. They would also look at me curiously.

I didnt dislike this sizing up, but at the same time, I felt my heart beating fast.

She brought me to a class with about ten girls around my age. A female teacher stood at the front.

The receptionist said a few words to the teacher, led me in, and left.

“This is Selma Payne, our new classmate. Everyone can give her a round of applause.” The teacher stood on the podium and announced.

The gazes and whispers from below the stage made me feel at a loss. I even felt a warm sensation spread on my cheeks.

“Hello, Im Miss Horace, and Ill be teaching this class this semester. If everything goes well, Ill accompany you throughout your academic career. Please take a seat. Were going to start the class.”

I nodded and walked to the only empty seat in the class.

Walking to my seat, I heard many discussions, which made me feel a little overwhelmed. Id never been the center of attention, let alone in school.

“Alright, ladies, be quiet.” As soon as Miss Horace spoke, the entire classroom returned to silence.

I sat in my seat, trying my best not to appear so flustered.

This was going to be the longest day Id ever have, but at the same time, I was secretly looking forward to it. I might be able to make new friends here and start a new adventure.

Miss Horaces class was very interesting. She was teaching us how werewolves slowly wake up from their deep sleep.

“I now know the order of their awakening. Their senses are the most important, including taste, smell, and hearing. After that, their senses will become more sensitive as time passes. Then, they will wake up and communicate with us in our minds. Finally, we will become friends who trust each other.

I thought of the lemon scent I smelled this morning. I had to admit that the scent on him was as likable as him. This might be a sign that my werewolf senses were recovering, but unfortunately, I couldnt smell my father and mother because my senses werent yet developed. I hoped that this could happen faster. I wanted to become stronger.

“Alright, ladies, please focus your attention. What he was about to say next was very important! When the werewolves in your bodies are resurrected, you must establish a close connection with them. This way, when you transform, it will be smooth and not be so painful.”

How amazing it would be to have a good friend to whom I could talk about everything!



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