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23 Making Friends

Selma Paynes POV:

The people around me already had their wolves; even Aldrich had his werewolf, but Id never seen it before. My parents seemed afraid of hurting my feelings, so they never let their werewolves appear. It was because of this that I was always surrounded by people with werewolves, but Id never seen one, not even once. Today, I should go back and act cute with them to convince them to let me see their werewolves.

Miss Horace added, “The first transformation is the most painful and the easiest to fail. The only trick is to let everything happen naturally. Dont force anything to happen. Once the first transformation is completed, there will be no more difficulties, and you will successfully become a werewolf who can transform at will.”

She used a lot of research and case studies to help explain, telling us how important this step was for every werewolf. The class was very quiet, listening attentively to Miss Horaces explanation. Although she was strict, she was an excellent teacher, and we couldnt move away from her class for even a minute.

Time flew by, and the class was over. There was a break between the two classes.

During the break, I also received my class schedule. I wrote it in fine black ink on paper with the schools emblem. I studied it carefully. The class started at noon, and it was the same every week. We had three classes for physical training. Miss Horace said that good physical fitness was ideal for the transformation of werewolves. I thought I needed this because Id never been prepared for the transformation since I was young like others.

Maybe I could convince my father to let Aldrich give me more training every morning, just that... It would be very beneficial to my transformation.

As I was thinking, two girls walked toward me.

“Hi, nice to meet you.” One of the girls with black hair and eyes greeted me first. She was a passionate girl with light brown skin, and her curly hair was wrapped around her chest.

“Hello,” I greeted them.

“Im Mara, and shes Avril.” She pointed at the blonde girl that she had dragged over.

Avril and Mara were completely different girls. She had a round face and blue eyes, like a doll in a display window.

“Im Selma. Im so happy to be able to chat with you.”

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I shook hands with both of them. I was delighted to make friends on the first day.

“Have you chosen the club you want to join” Mara asked me.

“What club” I was confused.

“Didnt your parents tell you before You can ask them. Your parents would be informed of specific types of clubs on the first day. There are many different clubs in the school. After you join them, youll be able to learn specialized knowledge and make friends with similar interests. Whats even better is that the club will regularly invite more experienced people to guide you.”

Well, it seemed that my parents were too busy and forgot about it. I had to ask them about it when I got back.

“So, what club did you choose” I asked curiously.

I was interested in opera, so I joined the opera club,” Mara said. I wasnt surprised at all. She looked like a natural performer.

What surprised me was Avril. Although she looked as cute as a doll, she was in a boxing club.

I didnt like either of these clubs and wouldnt join them. I hoped there was a club here that could teach me how to become a queen or something like that. It could help me, and I wouldnt be so flustered.

We continued to chat about a few irrelevant topics until Mara finally couldnt hold back.

“By the way, are you not from this place Ive never seen you before. I have a good memory, but Ive never seen you before.”

“Yes, I just arrived a few weeks ago.” I arrived through the river, I added in my heart.

Mara nodded in understanding. “No wonder Ive never seen you before. No wonder.”

“You and...”

Mara seemed to want to ask something important, but Avil kept tugging at her arm.

“Its fine. Ill try my best to answer any questions you have. ”

“Whats your relationship with Her Majesty” Mara asked.

I recited my pre-set identity and said, “Were related by blood, and Ive been living abroad all this time. Ive only returned recently, you know. So Im preparing for a change.”

“Wow! Youre so cool!” Mara and Avil said in unison.

“Which country were you in before Was it nice Whats the difference between that place and here”

“I didnt stay in a specific country, but I think this is the most beautiful place,” I told them.

“Can you imagine that the person in front of us is a relative of the Queen” Mara said to Avril.

“I thought you would be training in the palace,” Avril said softly.

I smiled at them and explained, “Well... Her Majesty thinks itll be helpful for me to integrate into a new place and make new friends.”



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