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24 After Class

Selma Paynes POV:

Their eyes lit up. “Can we be your friends”

“Of course.” I smiled at them.

I had never imagined that I would be able to make friends so quickly. I had always been the most unpopular person in the class. Although I had some friends, the relationship was more like that of a protector and a protected person. I was thrilled to have their help, but this kind of relationship always made me feel I lacked a little reciprocity between friends. I was always protected and the receiver.

My new friends were very interested in me and asked me many questions.

“Who is the Queen to you You two look quite alike.”

“Where do you usually live The Imperial Palace”

“Do you have a mate”

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In the face of such violent enthusiasm, I was at a loss. Fortunately, Miss Horace walked into the classroom and saved me.

“Alright, its time for class. I hope you can still focus on the class.”

This class was about war, the history of war, and war techniques. In fact, Miss Horaces lecture was very interesting, but the people in the class had two different attitudes.

One of them was led by Mara and the others. They werent interested in the class and even secretly made faces at me when I turned around. My deskmate and I led the other group, who were completely engrossed in the class.

Speaking of my deskmate, she was also a very strange person. She seemed to be out of place in this classroom. She didnt move during the break, and no one talked to her. She didnt seem to care. She just lowered her head and continued to read.

However, I didnt pay too much attention to any of the people in the classroom because I had to concentrate on everything related to war. I had never been involved, but one day, I would become the Queen, and one day, I would fight for the safety of my pack. Without a doubt, any failure was unacceptable to my pack. Any injury or death would mean the loss of one family after another.

With my full concentration, time flew by. Finally, after a few hours of class, Miss Horace dismissed the class.

“Hey, my name is Selma. Whats your name” I smiled and greeted my deskmate, who was tidying up.

She was stunned for a moment before she whispered to me, “Hello, my name is Dorothy.”

After she finished speaking, she left as if she was running for her life without waiting for my reply.

“Dont mind her. Shes just kind of strange.” Mara shrugged.

But her choice of words made me uncomfortable. “Has she always been like this”

“Yeah, she never shares, and she never interacts with others.”

I wanted to continue talking about my deskmate, but Mara wasnt too interested, so she quickly changed the topic.

“Do you live in the Imperial Palace Will people from the royal guards be coming to pick you up later”

I scratched my head helplessly. “Thanks to the Queen, I do live in the palace, but the royal guards... Its impossible.”

“Thats very cool! What does it feel like to live in the palace Do you see His Majesty often Are there many handsome men in the palace”

“Theres nothing special about living in the palace.” I tried my best not to sound like I was showing off.

But Mara and Avrils attention was no longer on me.

“Look! There! Its there! Did you see that” They looked in the same direction and screamed in excitement.

I leaned over in confusion, but I didnt see anything. “Whats up”

A bitter lemon fragrance filled my nostrils. It seemed that someone couldnt escape the fate of picking me up after class this afternoon.

“Sir Aldrich is here!” Mara told me excitedly. “Hes the most handsome man Ive ever seen, and his personality is amazing!”

Aldrich appeared at the end of the corridor and waved at me.

Mara and Avil turned to look at me simultaneously. “Hes here for you!”

“You guys cant be...”

“No!” I interrupted their thoughts. “Have you ever thought he might have been forced to accept this mission Hes my friend, and I heard he likes someone already.”

They wailed in low voices.

“I cant believe my heart is broken so quickly.” Maras expression made me giggle.

“Im not like you. I never expected him to be single forever. As long as I can see his handsome face, Ill die without regrets.”

Their exaggerated performance was very interesting. I wanted to rush to Aldrich and share it with him, but he was probably used to it. Being pursued by everyone was the common fate of handsome men all over the world.

“Cant you have some ambition!” Mara said in exasperation.

“Rather than thinking about how to marry him, why dont you think about finding your mate” asked Avril.

I waved goodbye to them while they were still arguing. Then, I walked toward Aldrich, who was still standing there. He was like the moon high in the sky. The whole world wanted to take him down, but he would only take the initiative to run toward his true love. Although that lucky girl didnt appreciate it, it was enough to make people envious.



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