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27 Teresa

Benson Waltons POV:

I talked to the Alpha of the Silver Moon Pack. He looked a lot more aggressive than the first time we met, which was expected. His precious daughter was going to follow a young werewolf to another pack after just one night. No one would be happy.

After that, he had a long conversation with Daniel. Rhode and I waited for him in the corridor. He was a lucky kid. He found his mate so quickly. At least we wouldnt be bringing back nothing this time.

As long as one of us found a mate, my parents wouldnt have an excuse to kick me out of our pack. I hope they wouldnt.

Daniel and the Alpha with the Silver Moon Pack came out smiling. It was apparent that Daniel was lucky enough to be able to hold a beauty today.

We stayed here for a day and rushed back to our pack. Daniel and his mate were talking happily, Rhode sat in the drivers seat, and I sat in the passengers seat. We tacitly left the backseat for the sweet couple. As soon as they got into the car, they began to go at each other, hugging each other and exchanging sweet nothings.

I didnt want to hear it, but Rhode and I had nowhere else to go.

Rhode looked a lot more relaxed. He gently hummed a light-hearted tune, which was in sharp contrast to me, who was sitting on pins and needles. If it was before, I might have teased this couple, but after becoming an Alpha, I felt that this was too unstable, and I was rarely satisfied with anything. Everything could have been more perfect, but things always slipped in the direction of not being too good. After I took over my fathers job, I always felt powerless.

This sense of powerlessness gradually evolved into a more strict and serious me. My sense of humor and joy were slowly being stripped away from me. Yet, in the face of such a beautiful scene, all I could think about was how to further cooperate with the Silver Moon Pack.

“Welcome to the Dark Shadow Pack. Im Rhode. Whats your name” Rhode broke the silence between us.

The girl smiled in embarrassment. Her soft brown hair was braided and hung down to her chest. Her beige dress made her glow, at least in Daniels eyes. He couldnt move his gaze away from the girl and stared at her unmovingly. If we werent in the car, they would probably be kissing.

“Thank you! Im Teresa. Im pleased to meet you guys.”

Daniel finally struggled out of the passionate love and seriously introduced Teresa. “This is our Alpha Benson and our Beta Rhode. Im the head of the guards responsible for their safety.”

Teresa was filled with curiosity about our pack and asked a lot of strange questions along the way. She was talkative and interesting, sharing many interesting things about her with us. Although I didnt feel anything, Rhode and Daniel laughed loudly. I sat beside them and tried my best to smile in agreement.

Everyones face was filled with a warm smile. Rhode smiled and said, “This time, at least one of us has found his mate. However, I am unsure if your father will continue to make you leave the pack to find yours.”

I thought of my parents. They had always hoped that I could find my mate. To be honest, I was also looking forward to it, but it wasnt so easy.

“Well see... “I shrugged.

“Wow, youre so handsome and still havent found your mate I thought you guys were here for a business exchange with the Silver Moon Pack!” Teresa said with an exaggerated expression. Her mate Daniel was amused by her and laughed like a silly dog.

“They havent found theirs yet. Finding a mate was the purpose of our trip.”

“Do you still want to continue looking What happened” Teresa asked curiously.

I shook my head. “Perhaps my fate hasnt arrived yet.”

“I... Im not in the mood... ” Rhode said dejectedly as he thought of something.

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Teresa noticed that Rhodes mood was off, so she didnt continue to prod. Instead, she asked Daniel in a low voice. But how could her whispers escape the ears of an outstanding warrior

Rhode answered the question graciously, “Its alright, Miss Teresa. Its not a big deal. My sister Selma accidentally fell off a cliff some time ago, so we recently held her funeral.”

“Im sorry... “There was sympathy and helplessness in Teresas eyes.

When I heard Selmas name again, I didnt react in time. Instead, I was stunned on the spot for a long time. I didnt know why my life was constantly filled with her ghost of her. She was a weak and willful human. But, I also gradually realized that her position in my heart was gradually changing.

Selma was like a curse. She easily terrorized me. If the secret Id buried deep in my heart was discovered, my peaceful life would be instantly shattered.

“Im fine. I just... Suddenly miss her. I somehow feel shes still alive, and I hope she can witness my happiness... But its okay. Ill move on someday... “Rhode pretended to smile casually.

The atmosphere in the car was extremely depressing.



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