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29 The Training Ground

Selma Paynes POV:

A month had passed, and I almost couldnt feel the passing of time because my life was too interesting. I felt like I had fallen into a rabbit hole and could start a new adventure anytime. Undoubtedly, I loved adventures, and other than going out with Aldrich, adventure was my second favorite thing.

It was really interesting to hang out with him. He was the kind of person who had a sense of humor and knew a lot of strange but interesting things. We had endless things to talk about, but he wouldnt tell me what the girl he liked looked like. I guess he must have been very sad back then, so he couldnt face that girl now.

I was different. Id already moved on from the hurt that Benson caused me. We didnt even have the chance to start a beautiful relationship before he ruthlessly ended us. Although his humiliating words would still come to my mind from time to time in the quiet night, I was no longer afraid. Everyone around me affirmed me and told me how important I was. I know that they said this mostly because they loved me.

It was because of this that I had to overcome the dark past. I had to recover from the pain to love them 100%. Only then could I deserve the love and comfort they gave me. I was not useless in this world. I had many friends and family who loved me.

I felt that I had grown a lot recently, physically. The werewolf in my body was constantly awakening. I could now clearly smell everyones scent. My vision was improving, and my physical training class performance was not inferior at all.

Psychologically, I gradually realized how ridiculous I was in the past. For an unrelated person, I ruthlessly hurt my brother and my adoptive parents, who loved me. Although this incident allowed me to find my birth parents, the damage to them was never going to be reduced. I could imagine how hot my adoptive mothers tears were.

But I was not ready to go back and face all of this. It was true that I didnt care about Benson as much anymore because of everyones love and concern here, but when I thought about that night, I really couldnt bring myself to face them. I still needed to devote myself to the preparations for the transformation. But it was almost over. I was about to face them with a new me.

As the days went by, I got used to the training schedule with almost no personal space. This was a concession I made to become stronger. With Aldrichs company, I looked forward to it every day. He was not only a good friend but also a good teacher.

He was usually very serious in class, and after class, he would always make strange faces at me. Our weekend dates never stopped. Thanks to him, I now had a clearer understanding of the city I was about to protect.

The only problem was that I had yet to see my parents wolves. They were too busy. Even though they would always find a way to meet me out of love, it was usually before I went to bed. I completely understood them. Governing a country was not easy. They needed a lot of energy to do it. I was proud of them.

That was why seeing my parents wolves was delayed indefinitely because of their time. However, I was not in a hurry. That would happen one day.

It was a Friday, and I was thrilled, not only because I could go out with Aldrich but also because I had physical training today. I liked it very much. Although the teachers teaching was not as perfect as Aldrichs, this course always made me understand that I was not as weak as I was before.

“Hey, guys!” I waved excitedly at Mara and Avril. We had become very good friends. They had helped me a lot in school, and because of them, I was looking forward to going to school. Being with friends was the happiest thing I had ever had felt.

“I thought you would be late,” Avril said slowly.

Mara pursed her lips. “The probability of her being late is like an eclipse. Although there is a chance, its pitifully low. You might as well guess when Ill skip class.”

The conversation between them made me giggle, but they were right. I liked physical training and combat skills classes because I knew that these would come in handy one day, and that day wasnt far away, so I was always more active than usual.

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“Lets go, or well be late for real. I dont mind being punished to do a few more sets of training.”

As soon as I finished speaking, they immediately stopped bickering and dragged me hurriedly to the training ground.

There were already a few people at the training ground, but my gaze was completely focused on the figure at the front of the team. His silver-gray eyes and hair, as well as his strong body, were so familiar. Even the bitter lemon scent on his body that I liked so much was so familiar and nice.

He was frowning as he flipped through some paper documents. The coach beside him was pointing at them, saying something.



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