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9 Stop The Search

Benson Waltons POV:

Id been waiting for news on Selma with my heart in my mouth, but from the bottom of my heart, I thought that she couldnt be like the magician, who would suddenly jump out under the illumination of the lights and tell everyone that it was just a prank.

The pack searched along the stream. We found many items, such as a beautiful high heel, a broken bracelet, and a piece of bloody rag. This was also why I thought she couldnt possibly show up again. A human falling from such a high cliff and was wounded. Even if we couldnt find her body, there was no hope of her survival.

My father was comforting Mrs. And Mr. Payne, who insisted on waiting until the end. Rhode also joined the search team. My father comforted them softly, and sweat dripped down his chin. He had just come over from the river bank. I didnt join too enthusiastically; they were all blinded by the empty hope. It had been three hours. For a weak and stupid human, she might have already chosen a grave for herself.

Ha, it was funny just thinking about it. Everyone knew this, but no one dared to mention it. Wasnt it because they wanted to treat every species equally Also, it was a crime to bully the weak. How ridiculous was that We were a great species, but we had to lower our heads for a weak human.

I didnt do anything wrong, or it could be said that rejecting Selma may be the most successful thing Id ever done. Although there was a little accident, it was better than her staying by my side and dragging me down. I was a great Alpha. I didnt need a weak mate to drag me down. Fortunately, she accepted my rejection. Otherwise, if my father knew we were mates, he would ask me to accept it.

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If Selma were not my mate, I wouldnt have minded treating her with the so-calledrespectful attitude, but I couldnt accept that she wanted to be my mate. I didnt want to serve a fragile girl every day, especially when she was a human without special abilities and was far behind others in training.

Her clothes were stained with blood, so she was probably dead. But after searching for so long, they still couldnt find her body. If she had drowned, she couldnt have gotten far. Even if she had been carried to the forest by a beast, her father had sent a team to search for her in the nearby forest, afraid they would miss the opportunity to save this noble lady.

After searching for three hours without any results, anyone with a brain would know it was time to give up. My fathers gaze was fixed on the cliff, deep in thoughts. He didnt ask the people in the pack to stop. How long did we have to do this useless search

Everyone was very tired, so why waste this beautiful night on a corpse It was just a corpse. It would be the same even if they looked for it tomorrow. Even if they could not find it, it would not affect anything. Everyones tears at the moment would have disappeared by the time the sun rose the following day. Other than her parents, no one cared about Selma that much.

“Father, let everyone go back and rest,” I pulled my father to the side and said.

My fathers face was filled with heavy regret. He was very responsible, but I did not wish for him to feel apologetic over such a small matter. He did not do anything wrong. On the contrary, it was already a great gift for Mr. and Mrs. Payne that my father agreed to adopt Selma back then.


“Everyone is tired, Father. We cant stop today forever. Shes just a human. I cant guarantee that Id be alive after falling from such a high place, let alone her. Theres no need to lie to yourself, Father.”

My father let out a heavy sigh. His shoulders seemed to collapse, and his face was full of sadness and exhaustion. Since he became an Alpha, he had always been firm and confident, but seeing him look so defeated after losing a human made me realize that my father was old. His shoulders could no longer bear so many responsibilities.

However, my fathers silence made me hate Selma even more. She was such a fragile human. Did she think the whole world would revolve around her just because her parents doted on her This was just a single rejection. She would be rejected countless times in the future. Was she going to use her life to force the other person to agree

How could such a weak person deserve to be searched by the entire pack in the middle of the night

“I think we need to let everyone rest.” My father clenched his fists and hesitated for a long time, but he still walked toward the couple.

“Sorry, Jim, its really late. Everyones tired ...”

Mrs. Payne kept wiping the tears from the corner of her eyes and forced a smile. “Its alright. We can all understand. Selma is probably...”

She didnt finish her sentence, and everyone knew what she wanted to say.

His father had sent out the mind-link to the people he had sent out to look for her, letting them know that it was time to get out of the cold stream and the dark forest, return to a warm room, make a cup of tea for themselves, lie in bed and watch TV, and not waste the rest of the night for a willful human girl.

We walked back side by side, and the atmosphere was heavy.



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