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Blacksmith of the Apocalypse Chapter 551: Reunion

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Chapter 551: Reunion

After Python breached through the masses of monsters she breathed a cloud of vampires at the city below. Or in other words, the vampires alighted from her body through her mouth. With Vlad at their helm, they charged into the dome to hunt the monsters that had gotten in.

The vampire had insisted on going in first, as he and other the vampires were faster and more numerous. Although Seth did not necessarily agree, he didnt refuse Vlads request to jump into the danger.

“I will also go ahead and make sure her Highness Leana is safe,” Idyllin informed them, before flying off into the city.

The group around Seth stayed on Pythons back and entered the city with her. With those two gone, they were left with dealing with the aftermath.

Looking up ahead he was forced to face the present reality again. Although they had hurried here, it had still come to this. Corpses, injured people, and blood filled the streets. Some of the defenders were barely standing and looking at the giant snake in fear.

Moans of pain, cries of sorrow, and cries of panic from inside the buildings where the vampires had missed some of the beasts echoed through the now almost lifeless streets. Seth sighed. The vampires were strong but they did only kill in a rush.

“I guess we should get to work” he concluded and started giving everyone instructions.

Their kind-off priests including him stayed back while the others and Seths team of Golem Knights went to get rid of the remnant beasts that were still killing people somewhere in the building in the vicinity.

Bulko, Yvette, Seth, Tatzel, and Fin started treating the injured in the vicinity. The blacksmith did not summon Puffles. Despite being a powerful healer, as he would not have been helpful image-wise.

It already took them some effort to convince the injured defenders that they were here to help, thanks to the menacing-looking snake behind them. Although the Ivicer was grumpy, he understood why he had to hide for now.

Even though they managed to show their good intentions, people were not optimistic at first and it was quite clear why. Many of the wounds had a strange energy dwelling within them as if they were cursed.

It took the skills given by the Golden Fleece to treat these wounds. Tatzel who could mimic the skills after a while also joined Seth with these patients. The morale improved a lot when people saw that they could actually heal them and the people they healed also joined them in helping.

They also informed them of the current situation. Most of the people still in the vicinity were what was left of Sigmas adventurers. They were all ranging between lv.20 and 50, with most of them somewhere in the 30s.

But there were still other civilians as the barrier broke quicker than people could evacuate. Whatever remnants of the defenders Seth and the other managed to save would go around to rally the other survivors to search for more injured to bring them back to the healers, if possible.

Bulko, Fin, and Yvette were in charge of most healing, while Seth and Tatzel would purify the weird curses from affected people. All the while Seth couldnt help but doubt the situation.

Did people die Yes. Was it bad Sure. But he couldnt help but suspect that this was the calm before the storm. Some actors hat not yet entered the stage, the supposed rulers of this world. Despite wreaking havoc in their home, nobody had come to admonish them with a serious look and a threateningly raised index finger.

Were these Ethnarchs maybe some suckers for drama Why did he feel like they would wait for the very last moment to thwart their plan and feast upon their despair, or something along that line

The blacksmith kept thinking about what to do in that case while they were treating the people. Slowly they build up quite a crowd and the flow of new bloody, injured bodies waned. Their team and the golems also returned after getting rid of all the monsters they could find.

“I think you can deal with the rest on your own.” Seth finally concluded, speaking to the contemporary leader of the people they had saved.

The team assembled and got on the shuttle to go to the police HQ. Following Cades instructions, they aimed for the headquarters. Seth finally felt that they had some time on their hand.

With Idyllin out of the picture and no pending emergency afoot, the blacksmith could finally bring up a matter that was close to his heart.

“Yvette, Its time,” he whispered to her seriously after taking the saintess to the side.

“Time” she asked a little confused before her expression brightened in understanding.

“Right, put them in here,” he instructed her and brought out the small golden chest he had received from Apollo.

It even came with instructions for usage, sort of. The process was quite simple, he had to put the cursed dragon scales into the box and the divine power within it would slowly offset the curse. In the end, the chest would lose its power in exchange for dispelling the curse.

“Just putting them in here will do the trick” the saintess asked unsurely.

“I dont think a god like Apollo needs to lie to me,” he answered certainly.

Yvette nodded and put out the sealed dragon scales into the chest he was holding up. Once he closed the lid, the golden chest started turning black, starting from the middle of the lid. The process would be over once it completely changed color.

“What were you two whispering” Mina asked curiously.

“We just finished an overdue business,” Seth answered with a smile.

The chest was safely stored in his inventory. He felt a lot calmer now and quite excited at the thought that he now not only had the legendary scales, but also the special carapace of Scorpio. But he had to remind himself that this wasnt the time to be distracted.

They would reach the HQ soon.

–Some hours before–

“Your highness!” Idyllin cried out as he rushed into the building through the hole in the facade.

He had seen the explosions from the incendiary bombs from afar. He knew they were part of Leanas self-defense arsenal. Shortly after he witnessed the blast of the Lightning needle.

“Urgh, you took way too long!” he was greeted by a pissed Leana.

She was panting heavily and covered in sweat. Her clothes were in tatters and covered in dust. Her hands were bleeding, and bruised from wielding the sword she was holding. The lady beside her did not look much better, with her worn dane axe in her hands.

They were surrounded by a room of mutilated monster corpses. The only one looking relatively fine in this scene was the young boy hiding behind the row of weapon racks.

He felt a little embarrassed for only showing up right after the action had already ended.

“I-Im sorry for my lateness, your highness.” he apologized belatedly.

Leana huffed but didnt pursue the topic.

“Lets go to Selene.” she simply stated and led the way.

She didnt look or talk directly at him. She passed by Idyllin with the lady and her son following, giving him apologetic looks. He had never been so embarrassed in all of his career. He felt guilty that his inability had forced the princess to exert herself to this extent.

Even though she tried to hide it, Idyllin could easily that she was close to collapsing and his heart ached looking at her like this. However, there was nothing he could say or do to fix this, for now.

The mage could only trudge along behind the two women and the young boy who descended back down toward the ground floor. When he heard the snarls of beasts in the lobby below he hardened his resolve.

This was his chance. He would do it right and protect the princess before she even got into danger. With his skill he could already scan the lobby and the presence within. The magician readied a space cutter spell that would end all of them when a man burst through the door.

The battle sound could be heard all the way up to the stairs. Wielding a long sword and accompanied by several people they slaughtered the monsters in the lobby.

Idyllins thunder was stolen.

“Elisabeta!” the leader of the men cried out when their group entered the lobby.

“Vlad!” the woman beside exclaimed and dashed into the mans embrace.-

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