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Villainous Poor Student (34)

Song Xu Yi recognised them at once, as they looked no different from a few years ago.


Then, she saw the red moles behind Song Xu Yi’s ears and in her elbows.

What has her poor daughter been through all these years…

“It’s my fault! If I had kept a closer eye on you that day you wouldn’t have suffered so much all these years…”

Song Xu Yi’s mother cried her heart out as she wrapped her arms around her, and probably because of the residual emotions of the original owner, tears flowed from Song Xu Yi’s eyes as well…

“Today is a day of reunion everyone, don’t cry.

Xu Yi is very smart and has always remembered her family’s address and her parents’ names over the years that’s why she found you guys…”

“At the same time, we would also like to thank little Xu Yi,” a police officer who accompanied them to Huacheng squatted in front of Song Xu Yi, he was a forty or fifty year old police officer, coincidentally also surnamed He smiled extremely kindly at Song Xu Yi, “Xu Yi’s parents originally wanted to come over immediately when they heard the news, but because of the evidence Xu Yi provided, there was a key breakthrough in the human trafficking case we had been investigating… In order not to alert the snake, the bureau delayed for two days before rushing over after arresting the criminals…”

“Soon more children will be returned to their homes because of Xu Yi’s help…”


With the people around her, Song’s mother stopped crying and a group of people gathered around Song Xu Yi to ask her how she was doing, hoping to make up for all that they owed Song Xu Yi over the years.


It’s an atmosphere that she can’t get into at all.

He Siyu stood silently watching all this.

…So this is the original family of the little girl from the city

And the little girl will follow them away and may never be seen again…

He Siyu originally thought she wouldn’t care.

A life of too much fear and anxiety has made her realise long ago that the only person she can rely on is herself.

However, when she looked at Song Xu Yi, who was surrounded by people, she thought that no one would ever again come over to touch her head, hold her hand and say they would protect her, quietly look over her shoulder in the middle of the night with wet eyes to see if she was asleep, and gleefully praise herself for her “good work”…

He Siyu could not say exactly what kind of feeling it was, only that it was like being strangled by something invisible, and suddenly she could not breathe…

Yet clearly surrounded by so many people and about to return to a happy life, Song Xu Yi in the middle of the crowd lifted her head and looked precisely towards He Siyu.

Meeting Song Xu Yi’s gaze, He Siyu’s heart suddenly choked.

“Mom and Dad, I want to take Sister home.”

Song Xu Yi’s words were spoken in a dialect, and she was speaking to He Siyu on purpose.

For a moment He Siyu thought she had misheard, yet looking at the insistence in the girl’s eyes, He Siyu bit her lower lip and suddenly found herself unable to say no…

Song Xu Yi saw that He Siyu did not object before she turned and told her parents this in Mandarin, adding, “Don’t worry Mom and Dad, when I grow up a bit, I’ll adopt sister myself…”

Song father and mother were stunned and woke up from the joy of finding their daughter, glancing at each other with a somewhat complicated look on their faces…

“Where else would you get to raise this sister,” Song father laughed bitterly, pulling his daughter aside and squatting down to carefully explain to Song Xu Yi, “Here’s the thing, after we couldn’t find you back then, mom and dad were devastated, so mom and dad went to the orphanage and adopted a sister who had lost her family, hoping that you could also meet a kind person to adopt you and not suffer…”

At this point, Song father’s voice choked up as he looked at the skinny Song Xu Yi, “It’s not that mom and dad don’t want to bring this sister of yours along, but the law states that a family can only adopt a maximum of one child, and since we adopted your sister Song Han, we can’t adopt this sister as well…”

Song Xu Yi pursed her lips, she hadn’t thought of this, the law states that a family can only adopt one child, the Song family adopted the female lead, Song Han, so they can’t adopt He Siyu too.

But if He Siyu is left at the orphanage without her own supervision, Song Xu Yi fears that He Siyu will become unscrupulous again, just like in the plot.

Moreover, He Siyu’s Mandarin is only just beginning, and no one but herself can understand her dialect, so Song Xu Yi doesn’t want her to stay here alone…

“Can’t you think of something” Song Xu Yi grabbed Song father’s arm and begged, “Sister is the only person who has been good to me all these years!”

Song father could not help but feel saddened again when he heard this.

He could not bear to refuse any of his daughter’s requests at this moment, however, his family could not adopt another child…

“We’ll be staying over here for a few days,” Song father stroked Song Xu Yi’s head with tears in his eyes, “Dad will help you think of a way to get this sister to come back to Huacheng with us in the next few days…”

If the family is unable to adopt the child, perhaps they could ask friends and relatives if they would like to adopt her, and then the family could pay for her expenses…

Knowing that her father was in a difficult position, Song Xu Yi nodded her head in a good manner.

In her mind, she began to think about whether she could possibly find a way to stay in the city with He Siyu if she could not take her with her…

No one noticed that the old policeman from Huacheng on the side glanced at He Siyu and widened his eyes slightly after seeing the red mole at the corner of He Siyu’s eyes.


Because Song parents had already adopted a child, in order to take Song Xu Yi home from the orphanage, it was necessary to prove that Song Xu Yi was the Song family’s child, and as a precaution, Song Xu Yi stayed at the orphanage for a few more days until the results of the paternity test, which Song parents had paid a high price for, came back, and Song parents had permission to take Song Xu Yi home.

Song Xu Yi’s parents had long since confirmed that Song Xu Yi was their daughter and were heartbroken to see the orphanage environment, buying Song Xu Yi a lot of food, clothes and toys before the report came back, and whatever she bought, Song Xu Yi would buy one for He Siyu, while Song Xu Yi also kept a quiet note in her mind, intending to return it to the Song family when she earned money in the future…

Song mother, who had a fashionable eye and picked clothes that fit perfectly, saw that Song Xuyi bought for He Siyu every time, and while she was glad that her daughter had a friend to keep her company in difficult times, she couldn’t help but tease her, “My Xu Yi knows how to care for people too! I’m raising Xu Yi, and Xu Yi is raising Siyu…”

Song Xu Yi stopped moving and smiled a little embarrassed as she looked down.

Song mother was just joking around, but she didn’t know that Song Xu Yi was really raising He Siyu like her child.

During this time, He Siyu has undergone a drastic change from before.

She’s changed into new clothes, cleaned her face and already the little boys from the orphanage are red-faced and giving her lollipops!

When Song Xu Yi looked at this scene she even couldn’t help but show her aunt’s smile…

These days He Siyu has also become more cheerful and has actively started to learn Mandarin from Song Xu Yi.

After a few days, He Siyu is still stumbling over other words, but her “Xu Yi” has become very smooth, and her voice has gradually stopped being hoarse and has gradually regained the clarity and beauty of a young girl.

Everything is moving in a good direction.

A few days later, news arrived from the neighbouring city that the police had taken a forensic pathologist over the mountains and concluded through an autopsy that He Siyu’s mother had died of trauma and that He Biao had been found guilty of intentional homicide.

He Biao returns to the village, cursing after searching for He Siyu in the city, only to be greeted with cold shackles and an imminent death sentence…

Six months after the death of He Siyu’s mother, overdue justice has finally arrived!

“Siyu, you no longer have to worry about He Biao coming to get you…”

After Song Xu Yi relayed everything to He Siyu, she hugged her excitedly.

He Siyu, however, did not speak.

She blinked and tilted her head to avoid Song Xu Yi’s glance, her eyes turning a little red, big tears rolling down from her clear black and white eyes…

He Siyu has no idea what’s gotten into her.

In He Siyu’s perception, crying was a sign of incompetence.

She didn’t want to cry, and she didn’t want to cry in front of Song Xu Yi, but when she was held by Song Xu Yi and felt the warmth of the girl’s body, He Siyu’s tears flowed down unconsciously…

Song Xu Yi froze in place.

He Siyu’s crying is the kind of crying that is silent, teardrops like dew falling on He Siyu’s slender butterfly-winged eyelashes, against her sharpened chin, pale cheeks and tightly bitten red lips, looking incomparably poignant…

Looking at He Siyu, who was in tears, Song Xu Yi’s heart completely seized up, and suddenly she remembered a saying: children will cry because they can feel that others care through crying; but for those who do not care, even crying out is a luxury.


Song Xu Yi had never imagined that a child could cry so poignantly and heartbreakingly.

“I will definitely be treating her twice as well in the future!”

Knowing that He Siyu needed to vent, Song Xu Yi quietly held He Siyu without saying anything, but in her mind she told the system, “I really care for her too much…”

The system wanted to say something but stopped, looking at the red mole under the corner of He Siyu’s eyes, inexplicably there was some worry in its heart, thinking that He Siyu was still just a child, not yet blackened like the villains in the previous two worlds, and He Siyu did cry too pitifully, so it echoed Song Xu Yi’s words, “She will definitely be touched by you…”

The next day, Song father told Song Xu Yi that Officer He, who had come with him, had decided to adopt He Siyu, and that He Siyu herself had agreed.

Officer He originally had a daughter in his family, who had accidentally drowned some time ago due to a mental disability, and his wife’s health was deteriorating because she couldn’t cope with the shock, and she was depressed all day long, it just so happened that his daughter had a red mole under her eye before she was born, and when he saw He Siyu, Officer He also had the thought of adopting her.

Song Xu Yi was overjoyed: Officer He was the perfect candidate! He Siyu will not turn out to be as ruthless as she was in the plot after being brought up in a police home!

Once the dust had settled, several people boarded the train to Huacheng together.

The train leaves the scenery behind quickly, like a painful memory that has become a thing of the past.

“Sister Siyu, you’re amazing, you can already write so much…” Seeing He Siyu’s persistence in writing her homework on the train, Song Xu Yi admired this little girl’s resilient character beyond measure: “We’ll go to school together and take the university entrance exams together, I’ll raise you with Officer He…”

How is it that you are good at it

It’s clear that she’s the greatest one: running away from the village with her, escaping He Biao’s trail, learning so fast, everyone loves her…

He Siyu curled her lips, listening to Song Xu Yi’s rambling and planning for the future, and suddenly her heart felt a little happy too.

She didn’t know why she was happy, as if seeing Song Xu Yi was happiness itself.

Her life was already rotting and foul, yet Song Xu Yi brought her out of the sludge, as if a little light had suddenly penetrated into a dark and closed space, and her vision suddenly became incomparably brighter.

And a new life begins to unfold with the ‘clang’ of the train…


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