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Villainous Poor Student (36)

The passing of the New Year also means that both Song Xu Yi and He Siyu will be a year older.

It is not popular to give out large red envelopes at Huacheng for New Year’s Eve, but Song parents gave Song Xu Yi a large one-off red envelope for the reason that they had missed several years of Song Xu Yi’s red envelopes and wanted to make it up to her.

Song brother and Song Han were not jealous and even secretly gave half of their New Year’s money to Song Xu Yi.

During this period of time, everyone has discovered that Song Xu Yi has lost her childhood desire for exclusivity and tantrums and has become cute, smart and considerate, but the only thing that is slightly bad is that Song Xu Yi seems to have transformed into a little money-obsessed person who talks about earning her first bucket of money all day long.

The Song family is not short of money, thinking that this may be the aftermath of Song Xu Yi’s fear of poverty in the village over the years, the family became more compassionate towards her, and the amount of pocket money given to Song Xu Yi on a regular basis was the most of the three siblings.

As for Song Xu Yi’s words of wanting to start her own business and become a member of the rich generation, the family thought it was just a joke and did not take it seriously.

After all, a young girl who had just escaped from a mountain village and had no knowledge of this era, what kind of a storm could she create by starting her own business

In March, Song Xu Yi’s website’s appearance began to be set up.

However, Song Xu Yi could not come up with a good name even after half a day’s thought, and after scratching several names on the draft paper, she finally collapsed on He Siyu’s shoulder: “Sister Siyu, I want to create a platform where I can buy things from all over the country as long as I pay an extra postage fee, which is convenient and fast, saving time and effort… Can you think of a name for me”

Song Xu Yi originally believed that He Siyu wouldn’t be able to think of anything, she also asked casually, however, she underestimated her position in He Siyu’s heart.

He Siyu saw Song Xu Yi’s discontented look and felt extremely uncomfortable in her heart, even though she knew that her level was not enough and she only had fourth grade knowledge, she still managed to answer Song Xu Yi: “I learned a poem some time ago, it’s called ‘There is a friend in the sea, the sky is like a neighbor’, since your platform wants to involve all the people in the world…”

He Siyu quietly glanced up at Song Xu Yi: “Then how about calling it ‘Online Supermarket Neighborhood’”


Song Xu Yi glanced at He Siyu in silence.

However, before He Siyu could finish her sentence, Song Xu Yi hugged her excitedly, “Siyu, that’s a good name, let’s call it “Online Supermarket Neighborhood”…”

Song Xu Yi did think it was a good name, and she loved the way He Siyu was looking out for her, which gave her a great sense of achievement.

“System, see SiYu will definitely grow up to be a good girl with all-round development of moral, intellectual, physical and aesthetic qualities!” Song Xu Yi looked at He Siyu at this moment and was incomparably proud.

The system glanced at the red mole under He Siyu’s eyes with a puzzled expression, feeling somehow strange in its heart, but not wanting to splash cold water when Song Xu Yi was happy, it replied vaguely, “Yes na…”

Song Xu Yi did not pick up on the system’s ambiguity and kept complimenting He Siyu.

Smelling the fragrant and soft smell of peach coming from the girl’s body and listening to her soft and sticky voice, He Siyu pursed her lips and glanced at Song Xu Yi, her ears slowly reddening.

Being able to help Xu Yi was the happiest thing in the world for her.

After the website was set up, Song Xu Yi had to sell her goods on it, she didn’t have a team now, and the courier industry was not as developed as it was in the future, so after thinking about it, Song Xu Yi started from the same city.

At this time, the Internet has just started, new things can not be trusted, when the site started to burn money, Song Xu Yi sold things on the site priced 20% lower than the cost, and hit the opening of the first single package shipping gimmick, and began to hand out flyers in the streets…

Song Xu Yi’s website is really getting better these days, but there are more losses, especially when some people are greedy for cheap and deliberately create after-sales problems, making people defensive and distraught…

At the beginning, Song Xu Yi hired two people to deliver the courier and pick the goods, and finally after the business expanded, Song Xu Yi decided to occasionally participate in the delivery of courier leaflets herself in order to save costs.

At times like this, Song Xu Yi could only beg He Siyu to help cooperate.

Having He Siyu to attract the attention of the tutors, Song Xu Yi then sneaks out through the side door to take the bus to deliver the order and returns in the afternoon.

Of course He Siyu knew that this was not a good idea, and that she would probably be disliked by Song parents if the matter was exposed, but He Siyu could not refuse any of Song Xu Yi’s requests, especially when Song Xu Yi was softening her voice and acting all pampered, He Siyu felt that she could even give her heart to Song Xu Yi, let alone just help her escape from home.

Song Xu Yi also didn’t expect that her parents would find out about her website.

Song father has a big client and asks the other party to go to a cafe to discuss business, but he never expects to see his daughter outside the cafe sweating like a dog handing out flyers…

Shouldn’t my daughter be at home tutoring at this time of day Why is she out on the street


Song father was horrified, remembering his daughter’s previous abduction, and couldn’t care less about the big client in front of him as he rushed out of the cafe.

After hearing that Song Xu Yi was again talking about her ‘business venture’, Song’s father rubbed his temples and made a rare face at Song Xu Yi: “Xu Yi, no matter what, dad will not lose you again.

Mom and dad can support you and don’t need you to earn money.

You’re a girl, mum and dad just want you to study happily, grow up, find a secure job, get married and fall in love, and have a safe and prosperous life…”

Song Xu Yi knows that this is what Song father really feels, and that this is the most simple wish of most parents.

Song Xu Yi did not want to argue with Song father.

Because at this age, even if one speaks one’s mind, most adults would not approve of their children going down a new path, especially traditional businessmen like Song father, who are even more cautious.

Song Xu Yi bowed her head and did not say a word, just like He Siyu, she put on a good face, this trick really worked for Song father, Song father looked at Song Xu Yi’s face and thought that Song Xu Yi had realized her mistake, but suddenly realized that his tone was a bit heavy, if Xu Yi went back to complain, he would definitely be nagged by his wife, so he could not help but dryly cough twice to soften his voice: “I will let the driver uncle take you home later…”

Song Xu Yi thought that Song father was also scared, so she did not want to act too rebellious for the time being, so she could only nod her head.

The client had been looking at the flyer in Song Xu Yi’s hand with great interest, and only then did he look at Song Xu Yi with a smile on his face: “Little friend, is this the website you designed What is the main purpose of the website Are you going to keep losing money in the future…”

“Of course not…”

Song Xu Yi shook her head and gave a general overview of her plans: in the future, she would sell all kinds of things and charge vendors different commission points according to product categories…

Song father could not have imagined that he and his client would end up back in the café, yet this time the people talking became the client and Song Xu Yi.

This client is considered a local business tycoon, and everyone calls him Mr.

Zhao, and Song father was only able to make this connection after being introduced to him, but now Mr.

Zhao’s full attention seems to be on Song Xu Yi——

During the time when Song Xu Yi went to the toilet, Song father talked about Song Xu Yi’s experience of being trafficked in her early years and politely stated to Mr.

Zhao that he only wanted Song Xu Yi to go to school properly and did not want her to get involved in the business world.


Zhao raised his eyes to look at Song father and nodded: “I am also a parent, I understand your thoughts, but children nowadays are much more free than our generation, the more they are controlled and not allowed to do something, they will insist on doing it, I think it’s better to discourage them than to restrict them, children always do things in three degrees of enthusiasm, it will be better once she has passed the momentum, I happen to have a business startup incubation project under me, why not let her come and try it out…”

Song father’s eyes widened, he didn’t expect Mr.

Zhao to take such a liking to Song Xu Yi, after all, Mr.

Zhao’s family was so big that his own assets were not significant enough in front of him, if he didn’t take a liking to Song Xu Yi, Mr.

Zhao wouldn’t have to go through this trouble at all——


Zhao glanced at Song father, narrowed his eyes again and smiled, “It’s not that I have taken a liking to your daughter, it’s just that I’ve long heard that Mr.

Song has a good reputation for honesty and integrity over the years, so I’ve always wanted to make a friend…”

After being presented with several high titles by the business tycoon, Song father, who was calm and composed, was a little fluttery and no longer doubted the reason for Mr Zhao’s change in attitude, but simply assumed that Mr Zhao really wanted to work with him.

By the time Song Xu Yi returned, Song father had already settled everything with Mr Zhao, and Mr Zhao was surprisingly good at talking, and Song father’s project, which he was not very sure about, was accepted by him.

After Song father came home and questioned Song Xu Yi’s activities during this period, he was shocked to learn that Song Xu Yi was often absent from class and sternly told the tutors that Song Xu Yi must not be allowed to go out in the future and that she could only be allowed to go to Mr.

Zhao’s project for a day of internship on Fridays every week.

As for He Siyu, she turned into a victim who didn’t know everything under Song Xu Yi’s protection, and didn’t arouse any suspicion from Song parents.

However, when Song Xu Yi arrived at Mr.

Zhao’s office on Friday, it was Mr.

Zhao himself who was waiting there.


Zhao read the proposal that Song Xu Yi had stayed up all night secretly writing down, and opened the discussion to explain his willingness to invest in Song Xu Yi’s project, but there was a disagreement over the distribution of benefits, eventually Mr.

Zhao slowly sipped his tea, “More work, more pay, as long as you can find a way to devote more time to the project every week, I will share 10% more with you…”

Song Xu Yi froze for a moment.

She knew that Mr.

Zhao was pressuring the price, and now that Song father was extremely wary of her, it would be extremely difficult to go out in the open… but what if there was someone to pick up the pieces

Song Xu Yi blinked and blossomed into a smile, “Deal!”


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