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This group of people thought that their plan was flawless.

Unexpectedly, Gu Qiqi removed the eyeball and bowed to the corpse.

She turned around and quickly walked back to her operating theater.

Immediately after, she asked Uncle Yun to move away from the operating table so that she could personally perform a transplant on the patient!

Matching tests, hemolytic experiments, transplants… Everything was done methodically.

Uncle Yun was stunned.

“Young Master Ye, youre actually… an ophthalmologist”

Gu Qiqi hurriedly shook her head.

“Not really.

However… I have experience treating a chronic illness.”

In her previous life, she had put in a lot of effort for Xiaobeis eye disease and studied ophthalmology the most.

She had also thought of changing Xiaobeis eyes.

However, she later discovered that Xiao Beis eye disease could not be resolved with just a change of eyes.

His condition was much more complicated.

However, she was already very familiar with eyeball transplants.

It was not an exaggeration to say that he had become a doctor after a long illness.

Uncle Yun clicked his tongue.

This Young Master Ye was really… unfathomable.

He had thought that he had already seen his divine skills in the tavern and the thorny terrain.

Now that he was in the operating theater and watched him perform the surgery with ease, he realized that he still had many tricks up his sleeve.

Uncle Yun stood behind him, watching without blinking and trying to learn something from him.

In the end, he realized in despair that he could not learn it at all!

Gu Qiqis technique was really too fast.

It was so fast that it exceeded ordinary people.

Even if he could understand her operation, he couldnt do it as fast as her hand speed.

Her method of cutting the patients skin without bleeding… He couldnt do it with his technique.

Not to mention her suturing technique was so perfect that the surgical line could not be seen…

At this moment, the four people in the fourth team were in despair like Uncle Yun!

They watched as Gu Qiqi increased the difficulty for herself and added an eyeball transplant surgery.

They thought that this was their chance to turn the tables and win.

Unexpectedly, Gu Qiqi completed such a huge surgery in less than half an hour!

They werent even halfway through their amputations.

Later on, they no longer had the mood to perform the surgery properly.

They anesthetized the patients one by one and ran over to watch Gu Qiqis operation through the glass wall.

Like Uncle Yun, they tried to learn something from Gu Qiqi.

But like Uncle Yun, they suffered a blow of despair.

They were afraid that they would never be able to learn this divine skill in their entire lives… It turned out that there were really people who were born to do this job.

Their hand speed was heaven-defying… They were useless…

Since Young Master Ye was born, why were they born!

Half an hour passed.

The dust settled.

Gu Qiqis team PK was successful!

Not only had she completed four surgeries, but she had also performed a perfect eyeball transplant on one of the patients who was destined to be blind.

The great pharmacist, who cared about poor children, could continue his medical charity for the rest of his life.

When the news of Gu Qiqis teams victory came through the walkie-talkie, The Nineteenth Witch, who was sitting in the lounge, was actually even happier than when she won the PK.

She couldnt help but jump up from the sofa.

“Young Master Ye won! He won! He won!”

The other three witch doctors on the team looked at her as if she were crazy.

Only then did The Nineteenth Witch sit down obediently and smile awkwardly.

“Ahem, ahem, ahem, I mean, I hope that we will meet an opponent who is on par with us in the future.

That way, it will be satisfying enough for us to win, right Everyone knows that only Young Master Yes team is comparable to us… Im happy about this, really!”

She blinked, but it was impossible to tell if she was telling the truth.

The team couldnt help but remind her, “Your Highness, your Eldest Senior Brother and Master have given you a death order for this competition.

If you cant get first place…”


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