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Chapter 1152: Kun Yu

Liu Ming was about to say something more.

At this moment, there were loud footsteps, which attracted the attention of most people in the hall.

Liu Ming swallowed the words that came to his lips, then he saw 3 people coming into the hall.

The first who came in had the same costume as Liu Ming, which showed that he was also an esoteric disciple.

He looked about 30 years old and had a very tall figure.

He was a head taller than Liu Ming, but his body looked somewhat thin, and his skin was also brown as if he was suffering from some kind of disease.

After Liu Ming released Divine Thought, his pupils shrank slightly.

This persons spiritual pressure was around the Real Pellet State later stage.

His body looked withered, but there was a very strange aura faintly exuding from the depths of his body as if all the essence was gathered in the depths of his bone marrow.

This feeling was somewhat similar to his physique after practicing Hell Bone Secret.

The man with a yellow face was followed by 2 people.

It was a bronze-skinned burly man and a girl in a green shirt.

The girl wore a blue headband and had a red mole on her forehead, exuding an exotic style.

They were the famous Taiqings Mystic Sky Peaks Real Pellet State dual cultivators, Shangguan Yanyu and Ling Yiyi.

They seemed to be quite familiar with the man with a yellow face, but they were a little in awe of him,

Liu Ming hadnt been in the sect all year round, so he didnt know the 3 of them, but judging from the clothes, the man in front seemed to be an esoteric disciple.

He also heard someone called him Senior Fellow Apprentice Kun.

He has just joined the ranks of esoteric disciples, and he only knew 2 other esoteric disciples.

One was Jin Tianci, who was now a Celestial State State, and the other was Qiu Longzi.

This esoteric disciple surnamed Kun was unheard of.

The man with a yellow face had a cold expression, turning a blind eye to the gazes of other disciples around him.

The 3 walked toward Immortal Tian Ge and bowed, “Greetings to Sect Master.”

“Okay, everyone is here.” Immortal Tian Ge nodded to the man with a yellow face and stood up.

Seeing this, everyone in the hall immediately shut their mouths and looked at Immortal Tian Ge.

“Time is short, so I will make a long story short.

Youre summoned here today because there is actually an urgent mission.

This morning, a vassal family of our sect, the Ye Family in the Mountain Qingsang sent people to ask for help.

There are a lot of Hellish-Insects around the Mountain Qingsang.

Their target should be the spiritual veins there.

After discussing with several elders, we decided to send you to Mountain Qingsang to assist the Ye Family to eliminate these Hellish-Insects.

The spiritual veins and mines there are very important to our sect.

Once it is lost, the loss will be immeasurable, so no mistake is allowed.” Immortal Tian Ge glanced at the people present and said slowly.

“As Sect Master commands!”

Hearing this, everyone present agreed in unison.

“According to the information that the Ye Family has investigated so far, the high rank Celestial State Hellish-Insect has not been found in this batch of Hellish-Insects, but you should not be too careless.” Immortal Tian Ge said solemnly.

“Yes!” Everyone nodded in agreement.

Immortal Tian Ge nodded, then he glanced at Liu Ming and the man with a yellow face respectively before saying,

“This mission will be led by you 2.

Remember to discuss with each other in case of trouble.

Be sure to eliminate this batch of Hellish-Insect Clan!”

Hearing this, the man with a yellow face glanced at Liu Ming who was not far away, and a trace of surprise flashed in his eyes.

Liu Ming had been standing by the side silently, so the man with a yellow face didnt notice that there was another esoteric disciple in the hall.

After making eye contact, they bowed to Immortal Tian Ge at the same time.

The bronze-skinned burly man behind the man with a yellow face looked Liu Ming up and down with his eyes flickering.

In the following time, Immortal Tian Ge briefly explained some key points of the mission, then he immediately commanded them to set off.

“Only these disciples, isnt it a bit risky Mountain Qingsang is only tens of thousands of miles away from Ghost Cry Canyon.

Although the space tunnel in Ghost Cry Canyon has been temporarily sealed by Haoran Academy, I heard that high rank Hellish-Insects still escaped into the Mountain Qingsang from the Ghost Cry Canyon.

If there are Celestial State existences, wouldnt they be in danger Although Kun Yu isnt weak, his injury still hasnt recovered since the previous battle.” The Celestial State elder next to him said with a worried look.

“I did think of that, but if you are dispatched to the front line, there is really no manpower in our sect, so we can only send these people.

But dont worry, with Liu Ming, even if they encounter the Celestial State Hellish-Insect, they should still be fine.” Immortal Tian Ge said with a sigh.

“Oh That ordinary-looking esoteric disciple just now is Liu Ming who made great contributions in the battle of Sunset Peak” The Celestial State elder was startled, then he slowly nodded.

On the square outside the main peak hall, Liu Ming and his party were making preparations before departure.

Liu Ming and the man with a yellow face, Kun Yu, introduced each other before planning the arrangement of this mission.

Although there were 2 people leading the team, Kun Yu arranged most of the matters alone.

He seemed to be very keen on this kind of thing.

Liu Ming didnt bother about it, so he just stood quietly by himself.

At this moment, there were footsteps coming from behind.

Liu Ming turned his head and saw the man and woman who had followed behind Kun Yu.

“Sir must be Liu Ming who has been widely rumored in the inner disciples recently Im Shangguan Yanyu from the Mystic Sky Peak.” Shangguan Yanyu glanced at Liu Ming, then a gloomy look flashed in his eyes.

“So its seniors from the Mystic Sky Peak.

Do you have anything for me” Liu Ming saw the gloominess in the other party, and he said lightly.

“I heard that Sir sealed the space tunnel of the Hellish-Insect Clan army in the battle of Sunset Peak a few days ago and made great contributions to the sect.

Thus, you are promoted to esoteric disciple” Shangguan Yanyu squinted and said with a questionable tone.

“Oh, what about that” Liu Ming frowned and replied.

The tone of the person in front of him was obviously a bit unfriendly, so he naturally replied impolitely.

“Senior Fellow Apprentice Liu misunderstood.

We are just here to greet you and nothing else.” Just when Shangguan Yanyu was about to speak, Ling Yiyi took a step forward, blocked in front of Shangguan Yanyu and said softly to Liu Ming.

Shangguan Yanyus eyes flashed coldly.

He glanced at Ling Yiyi, snorted and walked away on his own.

Ling Yiyi smiled apologetically at Liu Ming, then she quickly followed Shangguan Yanyu and walked toward Kun Yu.

Liu Ming felt a little baffled.

It has only been a few days since I returned to Taiqing Sect.

I didnt seem to offend them right Could it be because of Luo Tiancheng

He thought carefully, but he couldnt figure out the reason, so he just ignored it.

He didnt bother to think about these trivials.

Shangguan Yanyu and Ling Yiyi stood in the open space not far from Kunyu.

“Yanyu, you are too impulsive.” Ling Yiyi glanced at Shangguan Yanyu and said with a sigh.

“Hmph! I just cant take it.

Uncle has already helped me win the opportunity for the infiltration mission, and he also greeted Sect Master Tian Ge, but this Liu Ming suddenly stepped in.

If it wasnt for this, I would have become an esoteric disciple at this moment.” Shangguan Yanyu said a little angrily.

“At this point, whats the use of going to him again There will be opportunities in the future.

Taking a step back, this person can complete the infiltration mission, his strength must not be underestimated.

You cant offend an esoteric disciple just for this.” Ling Yiyi shook her head and comforted him.

Shangguan Yanyu still looked gloomy upon hearing this.

“Okay, Ive already said what I want to say.

After arriving at Mountain Qingsang, everything will be done according to my instructions.

Lets set off now!” At the same time, Kun Yu quickly arranged the people, then he gave an order while releasing a yellow shuttle-shaped flying boat.

He took the lead in jumping up.

Seeing this, Liu Ming and other inner disciples jumped onto the boat one after another.

“Lets hurry over there too, Senior Fellow Apprentice Kun is waiting for us.” Ling Yiyi glanced at the flying boat not far away and said softly to Shangguan Yanyu.

Hearing this, Shangguan Yanyu took a look at Liu Ming who was already standing at the tail of the flying boat, nodded, put one arm around Ling Yiyi and jumped onto the flying boat with a flick.

When Kun Yu saw that everyone had boarded the boat, he made a gesture.

A layer of yellow light curtain wrapped the entire jade boat, then it charged thousands of miles away.

The distance from Thousands Spirit Mountain Range to Mountain Qingsang was quite far.

There was no teleportation array in between, so it took several days of non-stop flying to reach there.

Fortunately, the size of this yellow flying boat was not small.

There was a three-story building above it with many independent rooms for rest.

After Liu Ming heard about the mission arrangement from Kun Yu, he walked toward his room.

Halfway through the walk, his eyes stopped on a door on the second floor.

With a move of his heart, he walked to the door and knocked lightly twice.

After a while, the door opened slightly.

The person inside was Jia Lan.

She glanced at Liu Ming, but she did not speak.

She just turned her body sideways to make way for him.

Liu Ming rubbed his nose and walked in.

This room was not big, only about 30 meters or so in size.

There was a bed, a table, a chair, and nothing else.

There was a red clay tea stove on the table, steaming hotly and emitting a burst of tea fragrance.

Jia Lan seemed to be making tea.

TL: Maybe Jia Lan just needs Liu Ming to explain to her in person

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