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Demons Diary Chapter 15 - Awakening (Part One)

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Chapter 15 – Awakening (Part One)

“The Aphrodite Body has unimaginable powers against opponents of the same level. Thus, as long as the child successfully awakens, even if her training talent is slow, we would use spirit medicines to push her level up.” The Barbarian Ghost Sect Leader said resolutely.

“Yes. This child will be very important to our sect in the future and will possibly become one of our pillars. However, besides Lei Zhen, theres nothing special about the rest of the kids from the clans. Even if some of them can barely become Spirit Apostles, they probably wont have more than a Three Spiritual Pulse. That is the lowest type of talent and have no hope of becoming Spirit Masters. If the three Loose Practitioners cannot complete the Awakening Ceremony and theres no talent among the practitioners from the clans, Im afraid Senior Gui will have to return disappointed.” Junior Lin said after pondering the crowd.

“From past years, Loose Practitioners have at least a one-third chance of becoming Spirit Apostles. However, when you say the other Practitioners are useless, I do not agree.” The Sect Leader mused for a bit, and spoke as he shook his head.

“What Did I miss someone Are there more good talents within the family disciples No, even if I miss them, how could Senior Gui also miss them” Junior Lin said, startled.

“As for the others I do not know but this kid is a bit interesting.” The Sect Leader smiled slightly. Suddenly, he lifted his finger and pointed it in midair before he drew a circle that lingered in air. Suddenly, a green light flashed and the circle turned into a mirror that was clear as water, revealing a youth dressed in a bright robe.

The youth, who was looking up at the Spirit Masters without blinking, was Liu Ming.

“This kid He doesnt seem very special. Does he have one of the mythical hidden Spiritual Bodies” Junior Lin looked at Liu Ming through the lens for a while before asking slowly.

“I dont know whether or not he has a hidden Spiritual Body, but his mental energy is probably a lot higher than the average person.” The Sect Leader replied patiently.

“Oh How does Sect Leader Senior know” Junior Lin heard this and was naturally curious.

“Very simple. Earlier when Jia Lans Aphrodite body accidentally leaked out, only this kid was not affected at all, and he could actually force himself to look away from Jia Lan. Just this self control is already worth complimenting.” The Sect Leader replied with a smile.

“So its like that. Then, this kid really is worth looking forward to.” Junior Lin said.

Liu Ming naturally did not know that due to the charming girl from earlier, he had become known in the eyes of two Spirit Masters.

Currently he was spending all his focus feeling the energy the magical formation on the stage was giving off. The surroundings now had many different abnormalities.

As he ran through his nameless technique, the Yuan Li in his body started to run one and a half times faster than before. As he raised his arm, he could clearly feel a sluggishness. Although it was weak enough that it could be ignored, it definitely existed.

Liu Mings face showed his surprised and he looked at the silver formation with a hint of anticipation.

If such a startling affect could be felt outside the formation, once he entered, the results would be even more amazing.

“Time is up, instill the Spirit Drops.” The Lei Spirit Master commanded.

As the sound fell, dozens of Spirit Apostles flew from the tall platforms around.

These Barbarian Ghost Sect Spirit Apostles were all wearing black robes while holding light green bottles. As they arrived close to the edge of the formation, they simultaneous smacked the bottoms of the bottles.

“Puff, puff!”

A milky white substance poured from each bottle, forming dozens of white lines that shot toward the top of the formation. Then, the milky white light started to fall from the air.

“Practitioners of our sect, enter the formation!” The Junior Lei in the air commanded with a shout.

The Barbarian Ghost Sect Practitioners heard this and instantly sprinted onto the stage. They chose a seat to sit down on which were positioned a set distance from each other.


As soon as the formation reached a hundred people, the Spirit Master in the air spoke again and waved his arm downward.

The Barbarian Ghost Sect Practitioners that had still wanted to enter after his command instantly felt an invisible wall and were pushed back.

These Practitioners felt a bit disappointed and stood waiting outside.

Liu Ming and the other clan youths, without any orders, could only keep their eyes open as they stood in place without moving.

They didnt have much anger in their hearts. This Opening Spirit Ceremony was originally intended for the disciples of the Barbarian Ghost Sect. That meant they had nothing to complain about by being placed last.

Some would actually use this chance to watch how the Barbarian Ghost Sect Practitioners open their Spiritual Seas.

Even though the elders of their respective families had explained the process countless times, being able to see it with their own eyes was a completely different story. They may gain something by seeing it, allowing them to obtain a small advantage during their own awakening.

Liu Ming especially could not give up this chance to see the Opening Ceremony first hand, and he stared at a select few that he had noticed before.

At this point, the Spirit Masters in the air saw that all the Practitioners had sat down and finished making their preparations. With a flash they all moved to their respective positions and started their own chants, letting out a horrifying spiritual pressure.

The Practitioners outside the formation quickly rushed back as they felt the pressure. Several useless and weak Practitioners grew pale and fell down without strength.

However, the Practitioners within the formation seemed to be protected in some way and could not feel the horrifying pressure. Some Practitioners even peeked at the Spirit Masters in the air out of curiosity.

Lei Spirit Masters aura, under his chant, grew stronger and stronger. He lifted one of his arms and pointed out one of his fingers.

With a soft hum, a drop of silver liquid left his finger and went into the white light created by the spirit drops.

At that moment, an amazing scene appeared.

The white light, as if gaining a mind of its own, shot toward the silver liquid and quickly merged together with it.

In a moment, a man-sized white circle formed soundlessly in mid air.


Spirit Master Leis hand pointed toward the white light.

Under Leis control, the white light sank like a meteor, shooting accurately at a Barbarian Ghost Sect Practitioner that was sitting down.

This Practitioner was only around thirteen to fourteen years old and had a handsome face. As the white light touched him, he fell flat on the ground with his four limbs spread out.

It was as if the white light was an incredibly heavy weight.

Even more strange, as the white light pressed against the youth, it did not disappear instantly. Instead, under Lei Spirit Masters control, it moved around a bit and wrapped completely around the youth.

The silver drop at the center of the light also merged into the youths body and disappeared without a trace.

The youth on the floor let loose a deep breath and crawled back up from the floor with a roar. After a struggle, he once again sat down in lotus position, and circulated his inner energy with his eyes closed.

This same scene was happening all around him.

The other spirit masters also let loose a silver liquid and let the large white light fall onto the Practitioners below.

Most Practitioners reacted similar to the first youth and were instantly pressed to the ground without being able to move. Only a few with particularly strong bodies could sit and withstand the pressure. They watched the light being absorbed by their body.

The Spirit Masters saw this and nodded secretly while noting each of these Practitioners locations and faces.

The Spirit Masters cast their spell very quickly and rapidly gathered a hundred silver drops to let each disciple be enveloped by the light.

At this time, Lei Spirit Master reached into his sleeve and pulled out a green token. Without a word, he waved it at a light formation below.

With a muffled sound, a finger-sized green light shot from the face of the token and into a crystal in the center of the formation.


With a flash, the white light around the entire formation became bright and many white light pillars started to rise into the air.

The remaining white light in the air grew blurry and started to fall down like rain.

Even outside the formation, Liu Ming could feel the change in his surroundings and unconsciously started to squint.

At this time, Lei Spirit Master said while in the air, “Under the power of the formation, we have caused the energy in the air to grow to its maximum concentration. At the same time, we imparted a bit of our own energy onto your body to increase your chances. What you need to do now is use this outside strength to awaken the spirit energy in your body and create your Spiritual Sea in your dantian in one breath. This will cause unimaginable pain, as if a thousand blades were cutting into you. Whether you end up with life or death, become an immortal or mortal, is all up to you. Now, I will use some mantra in order to guide you through the awakening process.”

After Lei Spirit Master said this, he looked at the other Spirit Masters. Then, he willingly took out a golden scroll and threw it in front of him.


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